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Contenido de la estafaInternet Payment Transaction Declaration
Transaction details as below:
Transaction Date: 04-25-2018
Transaction Order ID: zhu201618106-1037-20180424
Transaction Amount: 69.10(EUR)
Card Number: 460332XXXXXX7444

NOTE: 1. We hereby confirm your order is successful. The Merchant name will be on your bank bills.
2. According to the foreign exchange rate of the bank, the amount showing on your statement will be a bit difference from the price on seller's website.
3. This email is sent automatically by our system. Please do not reply to this email. Emails sent to this address will not be answered. Thanks for your support and understanding.
4. Any questions please feel free to contact the website instantly.

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Su Comentario / ExplicaciónDear customer:

Thank you for your purchase, Your item had been shipped, If you have questions, Please contact us by

The shipment information as below:
Tracking No.: LZ289428460
Tracking website:

Order No.: zhu201618106-1037-20180424
Product Information: Descuento de la compra 【Fantascy】 Hombres Nike Shox R4 Dull Rojo en linea mas barato M22Xu6,150487 034;

NOTE: This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply to this email. Regards!
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11 comentarios

  • Aden el 30/07/2018 en 18:23

    Fk I’ve been scammed ! Haiz pls refund

    • Beatael 13/08/2018 en 10:46

      Hi, did you get your money refund?

  • RA999 el 09/08/2018 en 03:58

    I was scammed by which is set up to look like an online shoe store selling a wide variety of name brand shoes. The confirmation emails came from:
    The charge appeared on my credit card from Appreciate Online Shop Beijing CN.
    I acted quickly to alert my credit card company and had the charges disputed and reversed within a week.
    They also send a fake dispatch email with phony tracking no. to use at a shipping aggregator site called in China. Needless to say the tracking no. is invalid and meant to delay you reporting the site.

  • naomi el 13/08/2018 en 13:30

    ive been scamed....

  • James el 17/08/2018 en 15:12

    I've had nothing but pain an discomfort while dealing with this company they have ignored my request to cancel my order an give me a full refund they add charges that I found after checking on this company while call checking on my WALMART debit card to cancel payment they are useless and will not help because there help number puts you to some answering service in a Middle East Country really hope they are not part of this scam they refused to cancel payment !
    I believe this company must one of those sights that is set up for funding some Middle East Terrorist Group like ISIS or Elcita or it's being run by the Chines mob ether way they should be checked on by the Federal Government because of there misleading of people an over charging of them its been allowed to continue business way to damn long

  • Jean Thibaut el 18/08/2018 en 17:04

    Hmm arnaque? Comment être remboursé dans ce cas la

  • martin el 26/08/2018 en 18:20

    Allo Jean,

    Si après 4 à 5 semaines, tu n'as toujours rien reçu; appelle le service à la clientèle de ta carte de crédit et demande la rétrofacturation. Tu dois dire que tu as tenté de rejoindre le service à la clientèle de ceux-ci et que ton courriel n'a pas eu de réponse... Voilà!
    Prof d'éducation financière

  • paulette el 27/08/2018 en 00:02

    think this is a scam
    have received no contact after a month
    and they do not reply to emails

  • Ruby el 02/09/2018 en 20:53

    Also pretty sure this is a scam. Once I received email acted quickly contacted card provider. Card cancelled. Will be able to dispute in 30 days. Don’t expect ordered goods to arrive. Ruby

  • gilles el 06/09/2018 en 02:46

    j ai commande le 7 aout.Ils sesont payes quelques 117 dollars plutôt que 80 et je n ai pas de nouvelles j attends mon releve master le mois prochain et si je n ai pas recu ma commande, je ferai une plainte a master card

  • Jesús el 20/09/2018 en 13:31

    Hi, if it's a scam !! I made an inquiry and they entered the purchase, I never heard from and more than a month ago I was admitted to the operation.

  • Marc el 23/01/2019 en 18:06

    This is a SCAM! What a joke! Ordered glasses online and never received anything. They are not returning emails.

    Contact your credit card company within 90 days of purchase, and they will reverse the charges. How can these sites keep operating and stealing our hard earned money?

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