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Email fraudulentoparceldeliveryservice11@gmail.com
Url / Sitio web http://parceldelivery-service.nut.cc/en
Contenido de la estafawe have received all the needed requirement for this delivery of your package. Today we also commence with the registration of your package, with the listed information you have send to us. Bellow is the registration information of your package, you are also required to track your package for more information and update, with this website:http://parceldelivery-service.nut.cc/en Tracking Number BBEE4923958

Please be informed that the charges of delivering must be paid as stated by the Law of Our Courier company, before we can commence with this delivery of your PACKAGE to your home xxxxxx

Use the below information and send the payment via Western Union direct to Offices Thailand.

Receiver Address : 433 Soi Anamai Ngnamcharoen 25, Bangkhunthian.
Country : Thailand
Amount : $295

Senders Name:....................
Senders Address:..................

Waiting to hear from you.
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónImpersonating a royal from Dubai. Allegedly from Fazza aka Prince Hamdan: So i will forward you the parcel company email which you will contact told them you are sent from the royal family let them send you the princess dress invitation card and ring also some other things princess make use off okay babe once you receive this package I will start coming before than you most put on the princess dress for everyone to see that is why we are sending you the package hope you understand me
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