Fraude página web de anuncios : Chen jian gzswl


Pseudónimo utilizadoChen jian gzswl
Url / Sitio web
Contenido de la estafaCompré por internet una chaqueta la cual me cobraron 35'71euros y en cambio me han mandado una bufanda cutre que valoran en 8 dollares segun el pedido.
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónDonde puedo hacer un seguimiento de lo que sucede con el caso?
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24 comentarios

  • Elvia el 15/02/2019 en 15:05

    Ricevuto un portacarte di Luiswitton mai ordinato pagato contrassegno di euro 13,30....mai ordinato!!!!

  • Kanella el 18/02/2019 en 21:20

    Website, and the following addresses are acting on behalf of it:
    It is a fake website. I ordered a pair of Michael Kors shoes and they delivered to me a pair of chinese shoes of a very low cost price. It was delivered from the address: chen jian gzswl
    Sgj-yd no.3 yunxiao road GuangZhouShi Guangdong
    They are refusing full refund. They are offering 10% refund for compensation and to keep the item, explaining difficulties in the custom.

  • rita el 21/02/2019 en 11:36

    i order boots and shoes 120

    e and i deliver a luiswitton monkey neckerchief . what i must do to go to local police?

  • Guti el 09/04/2019 en 19:54

    I ordered at the 22.01.19 a pair of safety boots from the website and received a other cheaper Chinese shoes at 06.04.19 from Chen Jian GZSWL GUANGDONG China
    Waited more then 2 months to receive the wrong and unwanted item

  • Tiago el 23/04/2019 en 22:48

    ordered a playhouse for kids from (mijugueteria) and received a fake Gucci belt from chen jian gzswl

  • Dianne el 26/04/2019 en 03:29

    I ordered R M Williams boots & received fake Gucci scarf nowhere the value of the boots paid for. Have emailed them received answer that they had been delivered but told them only received scarf which I did not order so where are my boots. NO REPLY YET ASKED FOR REFUND???????

  • Hicham Rxo el 26/04/2019 en 12:39

    Chinese website, as detected by Scamdoc :

    and the website is down, now

    Some help below :

  • willo el 28/04/2019 en 17:44

    Ordered Clarks shoes, received a Cartier ???? ring. Which is actually a gold coloured metal ring-obviously fake. But why send anything ???

  • Wendy el 02/05/2019 en 10:15

    I ordered RM Williams Boots and Received a Fake Gucci Belt, emailed but no answer as yet.

  • Angela Mackintosh el 08/05/2019 en 08:16

    I ordered 3 pairs of skechers sports shoes. Waited almost a month. Instead I got a tshirt. How the hell do you mistaken 3 pairs of shoes . The sender was
    I've been emailing the customer support. But no reply. Ripped off... I cancelled my credit card . Thank god.

    • Hicham Rxoel 08/05/2019 en 12:57

      this customer support never exists...
      you did well with your credit card..

    • Shirliefel 04/06/2019 en 19:05

      I have ordered shies from got a fake Gucci scarf from Chen jian ..customer support never answer.
      I am trying to cancel the payment now.

  • Brendan el 08/05/2019 en 11:33

    I have not ordered anything from chen jian, - but I am expecting a model car from a company in France ( I have now received a pair of fake RayBan sunglasses. No responses from, so it looks like a scam to me.

    • Hicham Rxoel 08/05/2019 en 12:59

      yes, it's a fake, and already down...
      And this company was not in France, not at all, but in USA.
      try to protect your bank accounts, now

  • Momo el 11/05/2019 en 19:19

    I ordered Keen shoes, received “Gucci” sunglasses

  • MAURICIO el 14/05/2019 en 20:38

    I ordered a moonpod and receive a Scarf!!!! The told me to contact the website... but the Website is out of order. I thought it was an official website in the United States, but when they sent to me a tracklog ... I realized it was a scam: CN

  • Sandi el 19/05/2019 en 05:08

    I also ordered RM Williams boots and got a fake hermes scarf!!! What should i do now? I was sent a tracking number. The website for the boots looked very authentic

  • JOYTHAY el 22/05/2019 en 16:32

    I ordered a telephone xiaomi redmi note 7 on the website and I received a Fake Gucci Belt from Chen jian gzswl

    • Hicham Rxoel 23/05/2019 en 18:52

      a name that comes up in dozens of reports, that of a pure crook !!!!!

  • Olga el 23/05/2019 en 15:38

    Ho ordinato dei prodotti mac ( scontati che non mi sono arrivati fino adesso) e dovevano arrivare dalla China, e mi e arrivato un anello cartier fake...come mai? Come faccio ad recuperare cio che ho pagato?

    • Hicham Rxoel 23/05/2019 en 18:52

      you must see with your bank. Lost for the first payment, but useful to protect your bank accounts for future unwished attempts.

  • Bruna el 24/05/2019 en 04:27

    Same thing happened to me. I bought a camera for 0,01 dollar through an advertisement in Instagram and they charged me 49 dollars. I immediately realized it was a scam and call my bank to cancel the credit card. Today I received a fake Cartier ring. I’m going to warn the authorities, I don’t know who , but I’m going to try and find it out.

  • Barb el 28/05/2019 en 09:50

    Barb I ordered 2 x r m Williams boots and received a scarf.. what a scam want my boots.

    Where are they.. what are the authorities doing about the company doing the scam. Canceled my credit card.

    • Hicham Rxoel 28/05/2019 en 12:51

      you did well... sharing your anger

  • Marie81 el 07/06/2019 en 17:05

    I ordered a pair of trainers for £60 from and today I have received a fake Hermes scarf ! It’s the same Chen Jian and address as you have all put. I’ve contacted my bank who are going to refund me and I have changed my card.

  • Geewizzpip el 08/06/2019 en 08:33

    I completed the application form a pair of Russell and Bromley boots (from a Facebook ad) - but then realised it was a scam and deleted the order but they took the money and my bank alerted me to it. I received confirmation emails etc. but still haven't received anything.

    But today I received a fake Hermes scarf - but the date on the order doesn't correspond with the date I originally thought about placing the order for the boots. The tracking site says the 'boots' are still in transit.

  • Lesley anne el 10/06/2019 en 22:29

    I ordered Russell and Bromley shoes via Facebook too, thought it was genuine because it was on Facebook, just received a “Hermes” scarf, with an enclosed invoice for nearly £900
    fortunately my credit card company picked up on it and cancelled the payment

  • jj el 06/07/2019 en 00:51

    100% a SCAM. I ordered a pair of Vans and they sent me a fake pair of GUCCI sunglasses. The website I used was AVOID AT ALL COSTS

  • Yvonne el 23/08/2019 en 19:03

    I paid £70 for handbags and received a pair of sunglasses.

  • Zulma Yoder el 01/09/2019 en 09:08
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