Fraude página web de anuncios : Chen jian gzswl


Pseudónimo utilizadoChen jian gzswl
Url / Sitio web
Contenido de la estafaCompré por internet una chaqueta la cual me cobraron 35'71euros y en cambio me han mandado una bufanda cutre que valoran en 8 dollares segun el pedido.
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27 comentarios

  • Elvia el 15/02/2019 en 15:05

    Ricevuto un portacarte di Luiswitton mai ordinato pagato contrassegno di euro 13,30....mai ordinato!!!!

  • Kanella el 18/02/2019 en 21:20

    Website, and the following addresses are acting on behalf of it:
    It is a fake website. I ordered a pair of Michael Kors shoes and they delivered to me a pair of chinese shoes of a very low cost price. It was delivered from the address: chen jian gzswl
    Sgj-yd no.3 yunxiao road GuangZhouShi Guangdong
    They are refusing full refund. They are offering 10% refund for compensation and to keep the item, explaining difficulties in the custom.

  • rita el 21/02/2019 en 11:36

    i order boots and shoes 120

    e and i deliver a luiswitton monkey neckerchief . what i must do to go to local police?

  • Guti el 09/04/2019 en 19:54

    I ordered at the 22.01.19 a pair of safety boots from the website and received a other cheaper Chinese shoes at 06.04.19 from Chen Jian GZSWL GUANGDONG China
    Waited more then 2 months to receive the wrong and unwanted item

  • Tiago el 23/04/2019 en 22:48

    ordered a playhouse for kids from (mijugueteria) and received a fake Gucci belt from chen jian gzswl

  • Dianne el 26/04/2019 en 03:29

    I ordered R M Williams boots & received fake Gucci scarf nowhere the value of the boots paid for. Have emailed them received answer that they had been delivered but told them only received scarf which I did not order so where are my boots. NO REPLY YET ASKED FOR REFUND???????

  • Hicham Rxo el 26/04/2019 en 12:39

    Chinese website, as detected by Scamdoc :

    and the website is down, now

    Some help below :

  • willo el 28/04/2019 en 17:44

    Ordered Clarks shoes, received a Cartier ???? ring. Which is actually a gold coloured metal ring-obviously fake. But why send anything ???

  • Wendy el 02/05/2019 en 10:15

    I ordered RM Williams Boots and Received a Fake Gucci Belt, emailed but no answer as yet.

  • Angela Mackintosh el 08/05/2019 en 08:16

    I ordered 3 pairs of skechers sports shoes. Waited almost a month. Instead I got a tshirt. How the hell do you mistaken 3 pairs of shoes . The sender was
    I've been emailing the customer support. But no reply. Ripped off... I cancelled my credit card . Thank god.

    • Hicham Rxoel 08/05/2019 en 12:57

      this customer support never exists...
      you did well with your credit card..

    • Shirliefel 04/06/2019 en 19:05

      I have ordered shies from got a fake Gucci scarf from Chen jian ..customer support never answer.
      I am trying to cancel the payment now.

  • Brendan el 08/05/2019 en 11:33

    I have not ordered anything from chen jian, - but I am expecting a model car from a company in France ( I have now received a pair of fake RayBan sunglasses. No responses from, so it looks like a scam to me.

    • Hicham Rxoel 08/05/2019 en 12:59

      yes, it's a fake, and already down...
      And this company was not in France, not at all, but in USA.
      try to protect your bank accounts, now

  • Momo el 11/05/2019 en 19:19

    I ordered Keen shoes, received “Gucci” sunglasses

  • MAURICIO el 14/05/2019 en 20:38

    I ordered a moonpod and receive a Scarf!!!! The told me to contact the website... but the Website is out of order. I thought it was an official website in the United States, but when they sent to me a tracklog ... I realized it was a scam: CN

  • Sandi el 19/05/2019 en 05:08

    I also ordered RM Williams boots and got a fake hermes scarf!!! What should i do now? I was sent a tracking number. The website for the boots looked very authentic

  • JOYTHAY el 22/05/2019 en 16:32

    I ordered a telephone xiaomi redmi note 7 on the website and I received a Fake Gucci Belt from Chen jian gzswl

    • Hicham Rxoel 23/05/2019 en 18:52

      a name that comes up in dozens of reports, that of a pure crook !!!!!

  • Olga el 23/05/2019 en 15:38

    Ho ordinato dei prodotti mac ( scontati che non mi sono arrivati fino adesso) e dovevano arrivare dalla China, e mi e arrivato un anello cartier fake...come mai? Come faccio ad recuperare cio che ho pagato?

    • Hicham Rxoel 23/05/2019 en 18:52

      you must see with your bank. Lost for the first payment, but useful to protect your bank accounts for future unwished attempts.

  • Bruna el 24/05/2019 en 04:27

    Same thing happened to me. I bought a camera for 0,01 dollar through an advertisement in Instagram and they charged me 49 dollars. I immediately realized it was a scam and call my bank to cancel the credit card. Today I received a fake Cartier ring. I’m going to warn the authorities, I don’t know who , but I’m going to try and find it out.

  • Barb el 28/05/2019 en 09:50

    Barb I ordered 2 x r m Williams boots and received a scarf.. what a scam want my boots.

    Where are they.. what are the authorities doing about the company doing the scam. Canceled my credit card.

    • Hicham Rxoel 28/05/2019 en 12:51

      you did well... sharing your anger

  • Marie81 el 07/06/2019 en 17:05

    I ordered a pair of trainers for £60 from and today I have received a fake Hermes scarf ! It’s the same Chen Jian and address as you have all put. I’ve contacted my bank who are going to refund me and I have changed my card.

  • Geewizzpip el 08/06/2019 en 08:33

    I completed the application form a pair of Russell and Bromley boots (from a Facebook ad) - but then realised it was a scam and deleted the order but they took the money and my bank alerted me to it. I received confirmation emails etc. but still haven't received anything.

    But today I received a fake Hermes scarf - but the date on the order doesn't correspond with the date I originally thought about placing the order for the boots. The tracking site says the 'boots' are still in transit.

  • Lesley anne el 10/06/2019 en 22:29

    I ordered Russell and Bromley shoes via Facebook too, thought it was genuine because it was on Facebook, just received a “Hermes” scarf, with an enclosed invoice for nearly £900
    fortunately my credit card company picked up on it and cancelled the payment

  • jj el 06/07/2019 en 00:51

    100% a SCAM. I ordered a pair of Vans and they sent me a fake pair of GUCCI sunglasses. The website I used was AVOID AT ALL COSTS

  • Yvonne el 23/08/2019 en 19:03

    I paid £70 for handbags and received a pair of sunglasses.

  • Zulma Yoder el 01/09/2019 en 09:08
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  • Tina el 25/09/2019 en 13:39

    Hi. I ordered 5 Kipling Bags from a website titled Kipling Live.Light. Read on it that they ship from London. Looked authentic. Received an email from them with a tracking number. The email looked encrypted. That should have been my first clue then tracked the package and said it was coming from China. Tried to contact them right away but no answer. After awhile of try I finally said I have not received my order and tracking says it’s going to totally different state. I ask form my bags or a refund. The offered Nike bags or 30% back because they had no more Kipling bags. I kept messaging them insisting on 100% refund and asking if your out of All Kipling bags why is your website still running. No response on that answer. Finally after 2 m... Lee mas

  • Janine el 08/11/2019 en 14:22

    I order a North Face jacket and got a bracelet instead and then my credit card was hacked day after ordering.

    Chen Jian / SGJ-YD No. 3 Yunxiao road GuangZhou Shi Guangd ONG 510000 China is a scam.

  • Christa el 15/11/2019 en 19:50

    Yep I also ordered 2 north face coats waited weeks and recieved cheap Rayban sunglasses. From Chen Jian SGJ-YD No. 3 Yunxiao Road, GuangZhouShi, GUANGO. WEBSITE IS FORBIDDEN. PHONE NUMBER ON PACKAGE WONT WORK.

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