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Contenido de la estafaDear customer,

Your order has been successfully paid. We had received your order.

We will process your order as soon as possible.

It usually takes 3-7 business days to process, please wait patiently.

The information of the payment is below:

Payment No.:PS1901140543296135

Credit Card type:master

We will ship your goods as soon as possible. If the logistics company give us the tracking number, we will email you immediately.

Please wait a few days patiently.

If you have some problems please reply this email.


Best regards!

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Su Comentario / ExplicaciónThey were to send me boots (for my wife) and they accepted the money and they did not send shoes only a handkerchief. And they only sent the above email content
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38 comentarios

  • Mullion el 28/03/2019 en 10:01

    I have also been scammed by this company. I ordered a pair of Nike trainers for my son via . I received a fake VL fake scarf .
    This is the response

    Dear customer,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    We checked it, the logistics company attached your address on the wrong parcel , our managers got very angry.

    And we checked our warehouse and found that the item you ordered is out of stock now.

    By the way, it's too complicated to return it. Maybe,you will wait months.

    Would you please consider to keep the package,and we give you the max refund.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    • Sevànel 03/04/2019 en 20:11

      Did they give you any refund ? (We might already know the answer !)

  • Coral el 01/04/2019 en 09:05

    I have had a similar experience. Firstly the amount deducted from my credit card was incorrect. (It was more) And then the tracking number tells me its been delivered, although it hasn't. Don't use this site.

  • Herr Otto el 03/04/2019 en 21:06

    Haben 16 Teegläser bestellt an die 135€ bezahlt
    aber Louis-Vitton-Schal Imitat zugesandt bekommen

  • Joachim el 05/04/2019 en 17:32

    i have just been scammed by this people. i ordered pairs of shoes for 56.11usd and they charged my card 160usd. i noticed the excess charge on my card days later. They sent me a tracking number for the package. The package arrived 14days later but surprisingly it was a RING that I found in the package, then i realized i have been scammed.

    • EENZel 23/07/2019 en 13:24

      Same thing happened to me, I ordered a rhythmic gymnastics leotards for $62, I even got charged twice on my credit card, then they sent me a cheap ring. I sent numerous emails and didn't get a reply. Lesson learned, if it's too cheap, it might be a scam. I didn't realise that I was ordering from China.

  • MrR el 18/04/2019 en 11:15

    Absolutely a scam

  • Michael B el 26/04/2019 en 10:49

    Also scammed. Ordered three heat spreaders for my barbecue, but I received fake RayBan sun glasses and a cheap bracelet.

  • Bar el 28/04/2019 en 18:23

    I ordered a pair of shoes and they sent me a jockey's hat!

  • Cristina el 06/05/2019 en 14:22

    Site falso ñ recebi a mercadoria

  • Daggers el 09/05/2019 en 01:38

    I ordered a guitar and received a ring - not happy at all. I should have investigated further before omitting to spend and yes I was over charged. There's a lot more I'd like to say here about this, but won't!

  • Raul el 09/05/2019 en 18:58

    compre una cafetera, me cobraron mas de lo acordado y luego enviaron un anillo. es un fraude. envié algunos correos sin recibir respuesta.

    I bought a cofee maker machine and they charged more than we agreed, then I received a ring wich doesn't cost more than 2 dollars. I sent some emails but I don't receive any anwer.

  • Wolfgang el 22/05/2019 en 12:09

    We were attracted by a bargain Price compared to the same article on ebay, so we placed an order and the Money (92,09 USD) was debited to our account. Then we received 2 emails, containing a tracking number and the advice to be Patient, because shipping would need some time. On the tracking site it was mentioned that our shipment would be on the way from Guangzhou, China to Germany; but to my great surprise yesterday 1 small package containing 1 Gucci sunglasses arrived under this same tracking no. at the given address. I never ordered a Gucci sunglasses (which, coming from China, will most prabably be a fake which usually will be confiscated by our customs

    officers). I sent an E-Mail to the consignor/contact cs5@customercenterhome.,asking when we can expect the parts we ordered, but, as expected, didn`t receive a reply until now. Unfortunately only yesterday, after the Gucci sunglasses arrived, I found this website, and now I am also sure that this is a highly criminal website ! So don not order any parts on this website ! And, in case you paid with your credit Card, contact your bank immediately, asking to withdraw the payment you made and then you will most probably get a credit of the same amount you paid. My bank informed that that this is possible, there4 I will use this way because I am very sure that the ordered articles will never arrive.... Lee mas

  • Choon el 25/05/2019 en 14:22

    I can vouch for all those commented here. I clicked a link on instagram which directed me to one site on watches. I proceeded with payment and once confirmed, i noticed that the amount charged to my credit card was 5 times higher than the amount stated. Sent an inquiry but receive no reply from them. Two days later receive emails from them saying that my order has been approved and pending for shipment. I am now waiting for the parcel to arrive and see what item that i got. At the same time, my credit card company called me after 2 days of the purchase and inform me that i authorized reccuring transaction through facebook ads which i did not perform it myself. Once checked, i notice all my credit limit was gone. Proceed to freeze and cancel... Lee mas

  • lordva el 02/06/2019 en 00:32

    they are also here.

  • Cris el 06/06/2019 en 03:52

    They took much more money from my bank account than the bag price, twice!!!
    The bag never arrived.

  • Gayle el 16/06/2019 en 01:08

    I have also been scammed by this f***ing company, in my case it was supposed to be designer radley handbags, what I got was a fake Gucci scarf. I have received the same emails that you all have had, the company used was

  • Maizieres Stéphane el 27/06/2019 en 18:58

    hello I ordered a cap on the sit NFL bassball and the contact address was .... I see that other person had the same problem .... cons I have not never received an answer to my mails .... the site of purchase is inaccessible and seems to be under a condemnation ..... how to get reimbursed. ??????? thank you in advance..

  • saadi el 01/07/2019 en 11:55

    ce site arnaque savez vous si il a moyen de se faire rembourser merci

  • Patricia el 02/07/2019 en 13:55

    I am another victim. After lot of e-mails they answered: p>Dear customer,Sorry for the late reply.We investigated this issue.The result is that the logistics company attached your address on the other parcel, our managers got very angry.And we checked our warehouse and found that the item you ordered is out of stock now.Generally, it will take much money and time to return the parcel because of the expensive international shipment. We didn’t recommend that.Could you please consider to keep the package,and we try to apply the max refund of the order value for you?Looking forward to your reply.Sincerely

    I will wait to see. But if not. I will keep my fight until the China Government

  • big b el 24/07/2019 en 01:44

    another site that has just appeared by the same criminals is


  • Emma el 26/07/2019 en 23:08

    Same thing happened to me. Total scam: random fake gucci scarf, charged 100 quid more than I was billed from site I thought was UK based. Avoid ""

  • Erik el 31/07/2019 en 08:53

    be aware of, they use the same e-mail (i.e.!

  • Hetty el 08/08/2019 en 16:10

    I have bn racking my brain trying to wonder at what point and why will I ever need to order a fake Gucci scarf and here I was thinking royal mail was at fault. Ur mails have made me realise that the scarf was what I got instead of my order for Nike trainers.

  • Benoît Pellet el 09/08/2019 en 13:28

    Yet another victim here of this scam. I ordered a pair of shoes for my wife ostensibly from the German website and instead received an obviously fake pair of "Gucci" sunglasses directly from an address in China. I was debited a different amount than the listed price, too.
    Interestingly, and for reasons I do not yet understand, when I contacted my bank I was told that the credit card payment was made to a company called "Curvysense", which is apparently a legitimate manufacturer and retailer of "plus-size" clothing for women ( However, the amount was paid to a UK account, while the real Curvysense company is located in Los Angeles, California.

    These people are obviously sophisticated scammers who somehow create "mirror sites" of genuine companies and then divert you to their addresses.... Lee mas

  • LM el 23/08/2019 en 15:20

    Also been scammed - should have been receiving Radley bags. Feel a complete fool and so outraged. Continual emails from them telling me not to worry and please be patient as the parcel never arrived even though it had a tracking number. Next step was to ask for a refund which they offered 40% of...not acceptable but it was never received anyway.

    Completely at the end of my patience and will have to give in.

    I don't know if it's even possible to report them to anywhere official?

  • Benoît Pellet el 28/08/2019 en 17:01

    Hello again. See my comment above on 9th August.

    I have now sent emails twice to Curvysense USA to explain the situation.

    I pointed out to them that I was not asking them to reimburse me for the amount paid to the scammers but that I thought it was in their own interest to acknowledge my communication and address the issue of fraudsters who were using the goodwill of their company name to defraud customers.
    Surprisingly...I have had no response whatsoever from Curvysense, which is both disappointing and somewhat unsettling!
    If anyone has any ideas as to how deal with this situation, please post them here!

  • Nino el 29/08/2019 en 02:04

    I have ordered a Patio set back on July 22, l2019 and my credit card was charged immediately. I can not track my item and the website is down. I will be disputing the charge. and write to Facebook as that was an Ad that was presented to me on Facebook page

  • dodine el 02/09/2019 en 14:19

    I have also been scammed. I ordered shoes and I got a scarf. I got answers to my complaint mails. They suggest you to keep the scarf and get a big discount on the scarf. if I want to return the scarf and get my money back, I would have to pay the shipping fee, which I won't do naturally. Here one of the mails:
    Dear customer,Sorry for that.You need to pay for the returning shipping fee because you did not pay for the freight insurance when placing the order.If you don't want to pay for the returning shipping fee,please consider to keep the item you received.We understand that you are so disappointed because the mistake made by the logistics company.So we will continue to apply the max 43% refund of the order value for you if you keep the item you received.If you accept the suggestion,you can not only get partial refund,but also the item you received,then you can save the loss.Is that OK?Looking forward to your reply.Best regards!... Lee mas

  • Tuong el 04/09/2019 en 11:03

    I have been scammed by this one, too.
    Suprisingly VISA could not help.

  • Golf el 07/09/2019 en 16:32

    I am also a victim of this fraud. The Golfbag I ordered and payd


    arrived. I got a fake Gucciscarf. The result of my E-Mails was the ‚offer‘
    to return the scarf at my expence. Then I will get my money back. As an alternative they ‚offered‘ 39% of the amount I payd. Of course I die not agree and involved the

    Creditcard Company.

  • Lindy el 10/09/2019 en 08:49

    Absolute SCAM - I too bought shoes now all of a sudden my "parcel" is lost and they will give me a partial refund because it's their loss too...How - they are scammers - I also got tracking numbers giving false hope - may they flees off a thousand camels infect their crotch!!!

  • Till el 10/09/2019 en 15:01
    Also a fake website from them!

  • Bogdan el 20/09/2019 en 08:50

    These are vile scammers! These are they.

  • Krystyna el 25/09/2019 en 12:56

    Zamówiłam dozownik do pasty do zębów wraz ze sterylizatorem. Otrzymałam po 33 dniach apaszkę "niby" Gucci. Totalni oszuści.

  • Scam el 26/09/2019 en 10:06

    Also a scam

  • Reddie el 28/09/2019 en 13:34

    Orderd a toy for my daughter on for her birthday but we recived fake gucci socks after 12 days. They also took money from our account twice and a higher amount than the product we thought we bought.

  • LouLou el 29/09/2019 en 22:06

    Ordered backpack via, received fake sunglasses, offered a 35% refund.

    Emails addresses used are:


  • Maor el 02/10/2019 en 10:32

    ordered an educational robot, got fake sunglasses. from the website:, the email address was:

  • jackdaws33 el 01/11/2019 en 08:32

    ordered a porcelain tea strainer back in May - Scammed!!!

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