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Pseudónimo utilizadoSara Garcia
Url / Sitio web
Contenido de la estafaarnaque à la location d'appartements en Espagne
Su Comentario / Explicación> Faux contrat locatif
> Demande de paiement anticipé moyennant remise
> Biens luxueux à tarifs ultra compétitifs (bien en dessous du marché)
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  • lucalbe el 17/04/2019 en 17:01

    They don't exist. The telephone number on the web site doesn't exist, the registration number of the agency is similar to the one of a real spanish travel agency called Dream Travel Barcelona but the last digit is wrong (a 5 instead of a 4). They also have another web site and another e-mail: /
    I've rented a flat, transferred the money and lost it.

  • Silvio el 17/04/2019 en 20:50

    We arrived at Ibiza with a reservation fully paid, but nobody come to pick us up at the airport.
    We went to the address on the contract and the building corresponded to the one we saw on the internet during reservation, but apartment number 21 didn't exist.

    The telephone number does not work...

    We lost 1.600€

    • alladael 18/04/2019 en 16:28

      Scusa ma dopo il pagamento effettuato vi hanno comunicato la conferma che il denaro fosse stato ricevuto dal proprietario ? Hanno risposto alla vs comunicazione degli orari d'arrivo o non avete più ricevuto notizie da dopo il pagamento ? Ve lo chiedo perché dopo il bonifico di qualche gg fa noi non abbiamo più ricevuto notizie. Grazie

    • DavideDDel 27/07/2019 en 06:33

      Ciao, stessa storia anche con me. Lara Hernandez super disponibile, mail super professionali. Bonifico di 1810 euro e
      poi è sparita nel nulla.

  • lucalbe el 18/04/2019 en 17:08

    @allada. Hanno scritto e risposto fino a quando ho chiesto un numero di telefono e informazioni su chi sarebbe andato in aeroporto ad accogliere mio figlio e i suoi amici. Da quel momento in poi il nulla. nel frattempo mio figlio è arrivato a Barcellona ed alloggia in un altro appartamento che abbiamo prenotato il giorno prima della partenza! ;-(

  • lucalbe el 18/04/2019 en 17:35

    @allada. Corri in banca e chiedi di stornare il bonifico. Forse sei ancora in tempo!

  • Reambua el 20/04/2019 en 08:47

    I'm sure this is a scam. They offer you 10 % discount i you pay the apartment within 24 hours. Before paying they send you an "agreement" for the rental. After returning this signed by you they mail you the account where you should transfer the money. The account does not belong to the company but to a privat person. In every mail they tell you how important it is to pay within 24 hours - to get the 10 % and because they have to tell the owner if the money is already on the account. They don't have a facebook account. I was very close before transferring the money, but than i found - thank god - this site.

  • paulio el 22/04/2019 en 15:29

    It is a scam - I transferred £1,000 and then cancelled my reservation as they had booked the wrong apartment on the 'contract'. I have asked for my full 100% refund - and have heard nothing from them since. I am now trying to pursue legal action - so angry!

  • Germany el 06/05/2019 en 22:41

    transfered 1250 € to this stupid shit to a bank in Madrid. Nobody answer my Mails since a week and the homepage is not available. i did a report at the police today with all informations and hope i can call the money back - my bank account manager will try his best tomorrow .. i will search the company till im dead and i swear i will find them and cut off their necks !!!

  • darren el 10/05/2019 en 09:43

    good morning all who have commented, i have transferred £1100 to this company, via bank transfer [ as they requested ] and tried to show a family member last night where we would all be staying in barcelona, obviously alarmed when the site is no longer available. has anybody had any contact with the company recently, my last dealing with them was on 17th April. Contacting my bank, but not holding out much hope .so annoyed i fell for it.

  • darrent el 15/05/2019 en 20:30

    Hi, has anyone else had any contact with this site? . I now know I've lost £1100 to this scam site. My bank won't help, this has left me in financial trouble.any information about them would be greatly appreciated.thank you

  • Reambua el 15/05/2019 en 20:55

    I'm sorry, but my last contact with them was on 24th of April, so I'm no help for you. Good luck to you!

    • darrentel 16/05/2019 en 09:15

      good morning Reambua, thank you for your reply, have you lost money to this site too?. hope you manage to sort it out, good luck.

  • darrent el 22/05/2019 en 07:47

    Dream travel Barcelona, are they linked to this fake site?. They have a Facebook site as a travel agent. Messaged them to ask if they were linked, but they obviously said no.i have now passed my case to a site called action fraud in the UK, but dont hold out hope.

  • Reambua el 22/05/2019 en 22:16

    Hello Darrent, no, i haven't lost money to this site, i didn't transfer the money, i was only very short before transfering. Then i realized, that it is a scam.

  • darrent el 27/05/2019 en 10:49

    Please all be aware , this site is the latest scam as visit Spain and exclusive Spain tour. Exactly the same layout and apartment. Want to contact them and ask where my €1.2k is.want advice as to what to do?

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