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Pseudónimo utilizadokuajingtong
Teléfono+852 5388 5997 (ou 0085253885997) (Más información)
Contenido de la estafai ordered a 2 in 1 flat iron and curling iron twice. one was for $23.00 and the other was for $24.99.
Su Comentario / Explicacióni ordered a 2 in 1 flat iron and curling iron twice. they sent me a 1 inch flat iron which is nothing like what i ordered or that was advertised on facebook. i'm pissed because i can't get a hold of anyone to return them and get my money back. a giant waste of 50 dollars. this is the url on the box they sent me. HA81847789516ZBUV
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Análisis del número de teléfono +852 5388 5997

Tipo de NúmeroNúmero de teléfono móvil
Formato internacional
  • +852 5388 5997
PaísR.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong
TerritorioR.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong

1 comentario

  • Sandy el 11/06/2019 en 05:08

    This company is definitely not a reputable company. I've sent 10 messages trying to just get an address to return an item I received that wasn't what the type I wanted and just exchange it for the correct one.

    All they will tell me it's in China and would cost to much to send back. That should be my option.

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