Fraude de préstamo : +18005019809 Legion Finance Trade Limited


Pseudónimo utilizadoLegion Finance Trade Limited
Url / Sitio web
Teléfono+1 800-501-9809 (ou 0018005019809) (Más información)
Contenido de la estafaFees !!! before receiving money
Su Comentario / Explicaciónfees, 90% is a fraudulent move, In this situation, fraudsters use a very good site, and the approach to the client is really professional in private lending.Briefly on the site, all customer reviews are taken from a real bank, and have no relation to this company, the site team, all photos are online photos of ordinary people or any models. There is a company under the registration number, but according to its indicators it is active but does not conduct activities. This means it is a clone, the FCA does not control this company, respectively, they are not entitled to engage in financial activities.Another point is all the articles in the Internet about the activities of the company linden, because the articles are made on news sites where you can post any information yourself. Therefore, based on this, it is a fake company. Do not pay any fees, well, in general, these fees look obsurd.
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Tipo de NúmeroNúmero de teléfono gratuito
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  • +1 800-501-9809

2 comentarios

  • Walter Durango el 16/04/2019 en 15:26

    This company is not a scam I have worked with this company and we received our service. You need to stop tarnishing the Image of a company. I advise you delete this post.

    • Ernst Gerard Francisel 17/04/2019 en 12:10

      I advise you to get out and not fool people.

  • June el 14/07/2019 en 22:22

    3.99% legal fee is mentioned on the contract they send, and that,of course, must be paid before you get the loan. Don't ever take a loan if they ask money upfront.

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