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Contenido de la estafaI wasnt scammed but i came across this fraudulent shop on google. DO NOT give these thieves a single dime. They will steal your credit card information and possibly your identity as well. Their store address is actually a single family home in Missouri. VERY SUSPECT. And they have a SE BIKES BMX bike worth over $300 bucks on their site listed for $95 in an attempt to lure unsuspecting victims into handing over their credit card information. Ive contacted proper authority and they are now investigating the fraud activity.
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  • ravinder brar el 13/06/2019 en 07:39

    i was scammed by this website today. 06/12/19 good thing my credit company blocked the transaction. they are selling a 10000 BTU Window AC for 89.00 bucks & 4.99 for shipping total 94.99 bucks.but the actual charge was fora stock market company for a larger amount this transaction never existed. these things are going for over 300 everywhere else i thought i was getting a good deal. we all should take some Action and get them off the web before some one else gets scammed & ripped off . i am reporting this FTC and better business bureau.lets all stand against this

    • Hicham Rxoel 17/06/2019 en 12:52

      well done !

  • ravinder el 13/06/2019 en 07:42

    yes100% this ia a scam

  • shiv el 13/06/2019 en 21:21

    I too was scammed for a bike at 94.99$ with shipping of $4.99. Kindly suggest what is the next course of action as i have already been duped.

  • Ere el 13/06/2019 en 23:45

    I almost bought a 50 inch smart tv for $94 lol
    I'm so glad I google the site before making the purchase.

  • Jeremiahfontenot el 14/06/2019 en 06:16

    I bought a covered bike trailer on for $40 and I thought I was getting a good deal! I wish I had researched the website before I got scammed!

  • Hicham Rxo el 14/06/2019 en 12:12

    do you see what they send now ??? Incredible !!!

    Moroccan ceramique !!! In the same scam webstore ! crazy !!!

  • Conrad el 14/06/2019 en 17:58

    I purchased a freestyle rocker camp chair in my bank account it’s under a different name and the amount is $10 more but my bank says because I did a verified password and email it’s unlikely it’s a scam so they won’t cancel my card

  • Steve el 14/06/2019 en 21:45

    Defiantly a front store that advertises low cost items from us based company location that then charges overseas transaction fee and bills greater that amount stated. Don't expect any email response either or any goods just avoid the company ZAFFD entirely as this is a scam 100%

  • Easterner el 16/06/2019 en 01:56

    I placed an order with them on 6/11/19. That was four days ago, and I have not gotten any kind of e-mail that my order has been received, or is shipping, or anything. My credit card got charged in Malaysian money.

  • Mi el 20/06/2019 en 15:44

    I ordered a marrado lamp for 11.99 the total came to be 16.97 and my card was charged 19.53
    Sent several emails and got no relpy back

    • Hicham Rxoel 21/06/2019 en 11:04

      Mi, if you're overcharged, contact your bank, that must protect you from this frauluent way to do (of crooks)

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