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Contenido de la estafashed 15x8 for $177.00
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónI believe I've been scammed.
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16 comentarios

  • David Hubanks el 13/08/2019 en 01:59

    I don't think the price of $177.00 is correct for the 15x8 garden shed is right. Can anyone confirm this proce?

  • CK el 13/08/2019 en 02:02

    Scam, Scam, Scam. They charged my credit card and never received anything! Biggest scam ever! Fake phone number, email, etc. good luck people, they suck!

  • jane el 15/08/2019 en 22:41

    if it seems like a too good to be is a scam

  • Kisha el 16/08/2019 en 13:19

    I got the same scam. 129.99 for a wicker sectional daybed but the link to the website and tracking is no longer valid. I thought I was getting a great deal.

  • C el 16/08/2019 en 19:57

    Scammed cancel your card or they will take your money again!!!!

  • mick el 19/08/2019 en 16:43

    the site is no longer valid the tracking number is no longer you guessed you guessed it valid reported as fraud

  • SF el 20/08/2019 en 00:25

    Please refund my money as I don't think this is a valid company. I believe I've been scammed. I have not received the product that I paid for.

  • Elizabeth el 28/08/2019 en 16:06

    I have been scammed also bought a fire pit.. 132$ usd
    he actually emailed back said sorry for delay order will come soon which i doubt its been almost a month what can we do??

    Can we get reimbursed from credit card???

    Do we change numbers??

    Block them

  • Raymond el 31/08/2019 en 12:10 I've ordered the 8x 15 shed even paid extra for 3-5 business days & still haven't received. I've emailed these ppl multiple times & still no replay, the wesite is down & this is absolutely bulshit.

  • DORSILFIN el 01/09/2019 en 15:55

    I got SUCKERED TOO!! Just like the REST of you. Problem is, my Credit Card company says they see it as a VALID ORDER!! NO RECOURSE!!
    MONEY LOST!!!!

  • June el 02/09/2019 en 20:10

    We ordered the sheds for 177.00 each looked at the website ad discovered they were not real I immediately called my band and my card. emailed the scammers and the answered stating they would refund my card. we received a package in the mail about a week later it contained 6 walhooks.. what a joke. we did get our money back.

  • karlyn el 14/09/2019 en 03:04

    I got the same story.....MONEY LOST!!! Lesson learned..

  • Lneal el 18/09/2019 en 13:24

    bought a cabinet, almost a month ago..nothing I just emailed them. Told them if they didn't send my product or refund my money(145.00) I would be reporting them to ViSA's fraud department as well as reporting them in Canada, I believe this is where they are from. If I lost the money, oh well.... tough lesson. But I am worried about them trying to grab more money from my card so, I'll be calling VISA anyway. I hate scammers.... I should of been more careful...ugh

  • mystique651952 el 31/10/2019 en 22:56

    i ordered the grill for $119 on july 28, 2919 and i found out its coming from china by the confirmation i got. but i ordered other things and got the same type of confirmation page but i got them a month later and they were posted on facebook as well as i used the tracking number and seen where it was coming from and where it was at and all tracking showed coming from china, gone thru hong kong to the usa and have got all except the grill which was ordered 1st.

  • Amanda el 06/11/2019 en 00:20

    I bought a tool box for $178. And have gone to the Facebook link several times....and each time the is different. Contact email and phone number is different. I am pissed!!!! I used a gift card amd I camt get that money back.

  • dix el 07/11/2019 en 17:37

    Cancel your card, right away. Report is as a "fraud". As I just did. This way I "may" git my money refunded. My bank was very helpful. They gave me 'fraud" phone number. I am to keep an eye on my E-mail for up dates.

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