Engaño sentimental : +447562610124 Smith Eng Chu


Pseudónimo utilizadoSmith Eng Chu
Url / Sitio web www.tinder.com
Teléfono+44 7562 610124 (ou 00447562610124) (Más información)
Contenido de la estafaHe sent me a box of parcel from France as a gift. When the parcel arrived in Hong Kong, there’s a delivery guy contacted me about overweighted charges charged by Hong Kong Custom. Unfortunately, I paid! Then, the delivery guy contacted me again by saying Hong Kong custom found some notes (pounds) inside the parcel and I need to declare money laundering. And I need to pay for that.
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónI contacted Hong Kong custom and they made it clear that they don’t charge any fee regarding to the above issues.
Otras referenciashttps://www.signal-arnaques.com/es/scam/view/203922 (1 comentario)
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  • +44 7562 610124

2 comentarios

  • Bon el 25/08/2019 en 05:13

    He stopped texting me after I said I had made a call to confirm there’s no such thing.

  • Chevy el 29/09/2019 en 00:04

    Omg! Thank god I Google his number and found this.. I also knew him through tinder.. I was getting suspicious because of the way he text and the way he phrases his sentences seems a liitle off.. Phew..but i just chatted with him so he show no signs of scam as yet.. Thank you so much!



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