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Contenido de la estafaScam google shop claiming to sell night vision baby monitors for $14 to lure you into giving your credit card details. They will steal your money and wont send product. Dont give these criminals a dime!
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5 comentarios

  • LaKesha el 20/09/2019 en 23:45

    They do not accept any form of payment that can result in a dispute credit card only, and you will never get what you ordered.

  • Lei el 22/09/2019 en 04:42

    I have been trying and trying to put a prepaid card in for payment and it will not take it. So now I know why...That makes me sick and when you call the #number. It quickly says amazon and you get clicked off. Thank goodness I was trying with a prepaid card not having over 50.00 on yes people this confirms it....Thank you for posting this...

  • Shoppfhaz scammed el 04/10/2019 en 02:34

    I found this after researching because my son ordered through there as well. It has been two weeks and the order still shows “getting ready” and Not shipped. No response via email.

  • Bobby el 07/10/2019 en 20:20

    I put a prepaid card I'm and accepted it but r y'all sure it's a scam

  • KELLI el 11/11/2019 en 21:50

    I ordered a baby doll that never came. This really ticks me off. Is there no recourse

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