Engaño o fraude de donación : hepzibah@theliontriumphs.com 2028168884 Revivalist Hepzibah Nanna


Email fraudulentohepzibah@theliontriumphs.com
Pseudónimo utilizado Revivalist Hepzibah Nanna
Url / Sitio web https://www.facebook.com/pg/Loveified/about/?ref=page_internal
Contenido de la estafahepzibah@theliontriumphs.com RestorationofHopeMin Been scamming for several years under various pseudonyms, Aurora In The desert, GemJean Caitlyn Jean Nanna is her given name, legally changed to Hepzibah when she became known on Social Media as Cait the Con. She uses $$ to travel to London, Paris, Turks & Caicos, Canada, Iceland, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Austin Texas, claims she;s a street minister & shows videos of herself praying at Rocks or Ocean Waves. Claims she's also working for the FBI as a consultant, she has no job, lives with her parents at 29yrs old, travels all over by claiming it's ministry related. Check her Facebook photos, it's pretty narcissistic & lots of tourist pics and herself in costumes. They target elderly, Disabled Veterans and Nurses cause they also ask for narcotics.
Su Comentario / Explicaciónhttps://offthereservationweb.wordpress.com/2017/09/16/hepzibah-nanna-is-a-fraud/
https://sjlcouncilsblog.wordpress.com/ this is their blog which has nothing to do with religion but they also claim they're saving kids at border, they're not. Review her FB or Twitter https://twitter.com/sjlguardians?lang=en
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  • Twitter post asking for $$ for Caribbean
  • always post's bible verses when asking for money
  • more posts asking for money, they also claim they're victims & use this to gain sympathy, use guilt and shame to get donations.
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  • Jean A Poeschl el 18/09/2019 en 18:57

    yes and they continue to ask for money and post photos on their revivalist website of them in fancy hotels, restaurants and shopping all on money donated to keep them safe or minister to people

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