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Pseudónimo utilizadoLucky Malls HCM VN
Url / Sitio web
Contenido de la estafaCompras, no te envían nada, no responden a consultas de estado del envío
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónNO COMPREN
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4 comentarios

  • KickTurner el 19/10/2019 en 17:53

    big time scam!

    jumped on a price that was to good to be true and luckily canceled my debit card b4 the scammers got to follow thru w/ any transactions!

  • Julie el 30/11/2019 en 20:58

    They took three weeks to send me an ugly ring instead of the shirts I ordered. I contacted them about receiving the wrong order and they said they would look into it. I checked back with them after hearing nothing for another week and they said they ring they sent me was great and wouldn't I just be satisfied with that instead!!

  • Bruce el 05/12/2019 en 01:32

    Got me for $97 . Fake company !!!

  • Mike el 19/12/2019 en 14:03

    Placed order on Credit card charged. One month later, nothing had arrived. Sent multiple messages via their website with no response. Found an email address in order email they originally sent. Email response was in broken English offering to refund half of my money. Called my credit card company for full credit.

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