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Contenido de la estafaI had ordered a product just for Rs. 72 as that was the price given on site. But when the payment is made through Master card, Rs. 4667.69/- is been deducted.
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónI had ordered a product just for Rs. 72 as that was the price given on site. But when the payment is made through Master card, Rs. 4667.69/- is been deducted.
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33 comentarios

  • Jean el 18/11/2019 en 17:45

    I ordered a Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ + ECTO -1 car, #75827 from this website.
    I received an email from this site saying that they had received the payment successfully and my order was on its way. However, what I got was a cheap pair of sunglasses. When I tried to contact this merchant, I was totally unsuccessful! And, unable to send an email for resolution because it DOES NOT EXIST. I got SCAMED! DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE DISHONEST!

  • Jaymie Williamson el 28/11/2019 en 11:23

    I got scammed 4 items on Facebook flash sales. I thought because it being on Facebook i didn't have to worry. Im not sure what to do. Don't know how to contact Facebook? Please help?

  • Bon el 30/11/2019 en 01:44

    I got scammed through the only email they send is

    There is no telephone number. They have taken off more.than R5000 for.a R1125 SALE and there is nothing I can do. They pose as addidas official website.

  • julia el 02/12/2019 en 12:10

    oh shit
    I just ordered bags and I just realised that was scam.
    I bought from Face book advertising and the Website was looks real so I thought I got really good deals but that was scam and the Website is disappear I tried to contact to the service center which is also doesn't exist.
    be careful

    the website was ORONTOOUTLET.COM
    and email addresse is
    they are scam and just don't believe if you think very cheap.
    I can't believe it this is happen to me.
    I won't never believe the online sale.

  • Mostafa el 08/12/2019 en 00:17

    this is the scam partner

    Xiaojiao, Tel: 18022211183
    and the money goes to TIAN MAO LLC DUBAI ARE

  • Martina el 12/12/2019 en 03:12

    I got scammed buying Dr. Martens

  • Salima el 13/12/2019 en 06:19

    J’ai le même problème , on m’a volé mon argent . Je n’arrive même pas à les contacter

  • InstaVictim el 13/12/2019 en 14:29

    I was hit for $62 ordering LED wall lights with my PayPal debit card, which I found via an ad on Instagram. The lights were unbelievably discounted, which should have been enough warning, but I fell for it. When I filed a dispute with PayPal, they rejected it, saying NINGPOYANCHU BEIGING was a seller with known difficulty in getting items shipped to the US in a timely manner, so I should just shut up and wait. Well, that was on August 8, and it's now December 13. It would have arrived if it were coming. And of course PayPal makes it near impossible to file a dispute on a previously disputed transaction. Circles and Circles and Circles. GRRRR!


  • westpaulie el 01/01/2020 en 20:10

    boots, very low price , same thing scam all the way

  • KD el 05/01/2020 en 13:10

    I cant contact their said customer service. Fcking scam.

  • TLA el 09/01/2020 en 17:49

    I was scammed on boots, too. But they sent me a crappy fake Burberry scarf! Ugh!

  • Thieves el 30/01/2020 en 20:30

    ******SCAM******SCAM******SCAM****** is a fake website & those slant eyed bastards will scam you outta every dime, dollar, penny, & quarter they can... They will pay!!!

  • Steven el 03/02/2020 en 01:09


  • CC el 07/04/2020 en 15:41

    Ordered $110 worth of boots and realized it was a scam. Have tried cancelling my order with no luck.

  • dmjalund el 08/04/2020 en 01:02

    associated with which is a recent website

  • TractorTR el 20/04/2020 en 21:04

    just got nailed by this myself --$60/boots trying to cancel no luck

  • Mal el 08/05/2020 en 22:33

    Ordered $75 worth of designer shoes and got a confirmation email from this address, but all I got was a face mask and the website was deleted. Scam!!!!!!

  • Veal el 12/05/2020 en 17:12

    Received face masks instead of Lego I ordered. Feeling rather stupid but also very p***ed off.

  • jaspis el 15/05/2020 en 22:07

    Ordered 32.$ shoes and got a confirmation emal from this adressm but all

    I got was a face mask and the website was deleted . Scam!!!!

  • Lawanda el 19/05/2020 en 09:09

    Ordered polo shirts off pok ralph in april no response

  • Pete el 08/06/2020 en 15:16

    Ordered 3 Lego sets..... a pair of subglasses arrived.... God job i did it on Credit card and can claim it back!

  • Linda el 12/06/2020 en 21:06

    I got scammed on a website for Ariat cowboy boots.

    Never got the boots, but they got my money on my credit card. Seller Website is Buyer beware they are not Ariat they are scammers in China adveristing on Facebook Marketplace.

  • kel el 20/06/2020 en 15:05

    I ve recently been scammed by these people,ordered some bits for my daughter birthday ,web site looked legit so wasn't worried, the parcel turned up with a baseball cap in it! Web site now deleted and the email they were messaging me on don't work

  • Jacklyn Logston el 22/06/2020 en 21:13

    I ordered a versa 2 waited 3 weeks received a fake ass Versace baseball cap. Website: Jo longer exists. It's bullshit that Facebook is essentially promoting them and then letting them rip people off.

  • B el 10/08/2020 en 16:24

    I have ordered an kayak and now it seems I been scammed, I've phoned up my bank and they said where its on behalf of me I need to ring them in 15 days to see if the item turns up.

  • Pushya el 14/09/2020 en 14:56

    There was a ted baker London sale for 3rd and 4th Sept. Saw an adv on facebook. Ordered worth 67£of clothes. Was surprised if ted baker was sooo cheap. Then received a mail from the saying that they have received the order. N now I get a mail saying the package has been shipped with a shipping number. It says it's being shipped from China. Now the website is also not working... Looks like I got scammed.surprisingly, Facebook is also allowing them to advertise and it looks sooo real.🙄 Raising for a charge back.

  • Mary el 28/09/2020 en 14:49

    I got scam too, came across this web thought I hit bargain, only realised when received confirmation email with conversion $, sent email straight away to cancel order but unsuccessful as email doesn’t exist.

  • Geet el 29/09/2020 en 22:17

    @Pushya- same happened with me they sent me pair of fucking socks instead of the shoes which i paid 65euros..
    Total scam

  • Sucker Fish Never Again el 05/10/2020 en 20:37

    I am definitely nervous. I paid $67 for a Little Tikes Playground set which they said was 90 % off. (If it sounds too good to be true, it probably IS too good to be true.) That was over a month ago. Just wanted to check on the status of the order. But from all you guys, it sounds like I got taken for a ride, since I can't contact them. DON'T ORDER THINGS FROM ANY FACE BOOK ADS. THEY'RE ALL SCAMS. Don't be a sucker fish like me.

  • Nagen el 12/10/2020 en 12:02

    I had ordered a bicycle from online shop but that was unsuccessful at that time but when I checked another day my money was deducted so I email them to refund. They said that will be refund within 2 weeks and now it's been more than a month and no refund at all. All of their emails are unworkable now. I have copied and pasted order details and their email reply below for more details.
    The order details are as follows:

    Order No.: 2494

    Seller website:

    Payment Date&Time: 2020-08-12 21:43:05.0

    Amount: 64.22 GBP

    Payment No.: PS2008122143046751

    Due to the foreign exchange rate, the amount displayed on your statement might be a little bit different from the real price.... Lee mas

  • Oh Crap el 13/10/2020 en 00:24

    Scammed as well and got cheap sunglasses. Tried to reply to emails and rejected.

  • Meriem el 02/11/2020 en 09:39

    I scammed too I payed 188 $ for the shoes and I received cheap sunglasses 😤

  • Joao el 20/11/2020 en 13:02

    já fui no conto.............. uma bicicleta e menos 64€



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