Sitio web fraudulento : +447520648911


Pseudónimo utilizadocloudmine247
Url / Sitio web
Teléfono+44 7520 648911 (ou 00447520648911) (Más información)
Contenido de la estafaOfrecen paquetes pero sl momento de pagar no dan el quedan con los btc
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónOfrecen paquetes a grandes beneficios y reciben el dinero en bitcoin y luego no pagan ni los beneficios ni la inversio
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Análisis del número de teléfono +44 7520 648911

Tipo de NúmeroNúmero de teléfono móvil
Formato internacional
  • +44 7520 648911

8 comentarios

  • el 05/06/2020 en 20:35

    Do Not Recommend

    Joined over two weeks ago, and the withdrawal request is pending ever since (almost 20 days ago). I'm willing to edit this review or submit another review to update if their site improves.

    Basically, after you make your initial deposit and submit the withdrawal 24 hours later (or 48 hours later if you began with a more advanced plan), you do legitimately receive your funds with the profit to your bitcoin address that first deposit but after you make another deposit and try to withdraw again, you never receive a withdrawal again. It seems as if the site may be designed to only grant you one withdrawal but steal your money after that and/or use that withdrawal to make them seem legit to deposit even more money and then that's the scam. It's a trap, essentially.... Lee mas

  • Gulam el 10/06/2020 en 09:09

    Withdrawals request are pending forever and they don't reply to your questions once you have made withdrawals request, so This is totally a scam, don't fall for this trap.

  • octavio93 el 15/06/2020 en 17:14

    This isn't a good investment I did the first investment when I was about to withdrawal it been pending I contacted the support they told me to invest more 20 $ for SSL to make account fast after that I didn't see chance I contacted one more time they told me to do one more investment of 45$. I didn't until now my withdrawal is pending.

  • Victory el 25/06/2020 en 16:10

    My withdrawal is still pending and they are not replying

  • Octavio el 25/06/2020 en 22:20

    My withdrawal is pending.I did the investment they told me to do one more for SSL and it could make the withdrawal fast but it didn't happened. Now they don't answer me no more.all my money is there pending

  • Kevin el 02/07/2020 en 08:49

    Scam for sure. They need to be taken down. Got scammed this morning with the same SSL socket sob story. Worked for 3 days.

  • Polina el 03/08/2020 en 10:51

    My investment is pending, I chat with all agents and told me to wait, I keep waiting and now when I message them they never reply to me.. I message them with a friend account but they went mute when I told them my issue, and it seems that they have blocked my chat because every time I inbox them no agent replies
    I mail them but never mail me back

    I will rate them 5 star only if they process my pending withdrawal

  • Kps el 13/08/2020 en 23:32

    It’s a scam!!!



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