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Pseudónimo utilizadoNanchang Etron Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd
Contenido de la estafaselling foldable light
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  • Tori el 18/07/2020 en 17:03

    The same thing has happened to me. I have requested my money back and they keep offering me 1/3 of the cost and then telling me to pay $30 to ship back the wrong item. No way! This is ridiculous.

  • Rae el 28/07/2020 en 23:35

    Wow! The same exact thing happened to me back in May with this FRAUDULENT company except I refuse to send back the crappy product that they sent me. I opened up a dispute against them via PayPal but PayPal has been absolutely no help. It's taken MONTHS for this to get resolved just for PayPal to tell me that the only way I can get a refund is if I return the crappy product....$46 dollars down the drain. DO NOT BUY FROM Nanchang Etron Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd!!!!

  • Max el 29/07/2020 en 19:45

    DO NOT BUY FROM Nanchang Etron Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd!!!! They promised deliver in a week then it didn't show for 4 weeks. When I tried to return it to the address it came from in the US, that address was non-existent ! then they said it would cost me $120 to ship it back to China. I filed a claim with PayPal and after 2 months with them they denied because the Nanchang said that they delivered it on time. Stay the hell away from PayPal and Nanchang.

  • BASK el 30/07/2020 en 18:56

    Going through the same thing. I have tried several times over the past week to recoup my money from this seller for an adjustable ergonomic table I ordered and received something that is totally useless. They are trying to talk me into keeping the what they sent and give me 12.00. This is so frustrating and disappointing.

  • Tammy el 30/07/2020 en 21:07

    BASK, Least you have a company to deal with. The two I was given don't have websites or numbers to contact anyone!!

  • marinarn2002 el 05/08/2020 en 18:23

    they send junk for the mis represented items they advertise and refuse to take returns or refund the money

  • Renae el 14/08/2020 en 06:46

    They’re doing the same thing to me as we speak! They’re trying to offer a fraction of what I paid and telling me it will cost me $30 to send it back! I’m not sure why they’re still allowed to be in business but we must stop them and PayPal is still allowing them to use their services.

  • Roselle el 17/08/2020 en 02:51

    I received a smaller, cheap version of what was advertised and I sent it back 2 days after receiving it and opened a complaint with Pay Pal's Resolution Center. I still have the USPS receipt, but they are saying I don't have documentation.
    Couldn't upload it in the Resolution Center although it was the correct format--out $45.98 plus the $14.90 I paid to send this piece of junk back.

  • Mark el 19/08/2020 en 16:39

    I had the same issue with 2TB SSD USB 3.0 jump drives ordered in late May. Took them 6 days to acknowledge they shipped the product. And, 5 weeks to arrive.

    No labels on the device. Came in a small plastic zip lock bag describing a USB cable. The first drive failed after writing only 60GB (3%) . Second drive never worked. Third drive had the performance of a USB 2.0 , 15 year old technology with 1/10 throughput rate. After two days of use, writes to the drive take forever. Definitely very poor performance and failure rate extreme.

  • Dave el 26/08/2020 en 04:27

    Scam all day long. I paid 30 bucks for an electronic measuring device that goes on a saw. Eventually was sent a seamstress tape measure in a small baggie with nothing else.

  • twwt el 18/09/2020 en 20:02

    The PayPal resolution center has totally failed me.  And now I find that the message center has closed the thread I started conveying my disappointment in the fact when I previously reported my dissatisfaction with the way my dispute was handled.  All they did was forward the very same offers (four of them) made previously by the unscrupulous vendor. who sent me something I did not order, was significantly different from what was pictured on my receipt, and was valued at about a tenth of what I had been charged so they could say I had received "free shipping."  The 4th and final offer made by the vendor was that they would issue a full refund once I paid for returning it to them in China and it was received in perfect condition.  I refused ... Lee mas

  • Frederik el 08/10/2020 en 13:22

    Ich habe auf besagter Seite ein Modelschiff gekauft. Doch angekommen ist ein billig Bausatz der keine 5 Euro wert ist.
    Nichts auf der Seite kaufen !!!!!

  • RAYMOND el 14/10/2020 en 05:51

    Fake addresses, Fraud!!!!

  • Elizabeth el 16/10/2020 en 08:07

    I ordered a Halloween decoration for my brothers birthday, that was today, it still tells me tracking is in China. I ordered it on Sept 22 to get here, but I guess its all a scam as was two other orders made from other China vendors. So far 61.58 + 38.98 + 33.49 im so pissed I did disputes thru paypal



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