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Pseudónimo utilizadooutletjuststop
Url / Sitio web
Contenido de la estafaI was attempting to purchase some vintage Oneida silverware and a price of 43.99USD was stated on the item. I purchased online and received a bogus receipt with the Transaction Order ID: outletjuststop-38. On the credit card statement the amount was 60.66 with a 1.81 Foreign Transaction FEE. The information states the recipient as CONVERT TRADE HANGZHOU CN CN YUAN RENMINBI 386.82 X 0.15681712
Su Comentario / ExplicaciónWhen I had previously browsed the item on another website it was listed as almost 200.00USD in price. A web page with the same photo appeared with a company name of outletjuststop with the lower price. I assumed it was some type of large outlet which included the vendor.
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