Donazione truffa : +442920093535 Helena Gilbert Joe, barrister David Logan


PseudonimoHelena Gilbert Joe, barrister David Logan
Telefono+44 29 2009 3535 (ou 00442920093535) (Ulteriori informazioni)
Contenuto della truffahelena gilbert joe the cancer patient about to die in seven month, a widow lost her husband in 2005, want to donate USD2.3 million, asks to contact her lawyer named David Logan, barrister in uk, with email id as stated by
I tuoi commenti / analisiDont fall pray to such things (fraud alluring emails, calls, messages)as it a kind of social engineering and phissing, leading to bank frauds and identity theft, other legal complications. Dont know whether they are indians or from abroad, but the way they draft emails or messages, it really involves lot of spelling mistakes and sentence structuring. They exploit the human tendency of inherent greed and dishonest instinct. Why at all any person donate such a huge amount of money. I have learnt it all and never fall pray to such things. Keep yourself and your information safe as it is called credentials. So acknowledge its meaning as well.
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Tipo di numero di telefonoNumero di telefono fisso
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  • +44 29 2009 3535

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