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I tuoi commenti / analisiBought a wig that was nothing like what was shown. No hand tied lace front, hair that came out easily, wrong color, hair that was straight and too shing insstead of short and fluffy like it was shown. Cant find an address to send it back and nothing on line to contact except an email address that doesn't . exist. If I would have known it was from China, I wouldn't have ordered it as I was scammed before with some watches
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158 commenti

  • Dawn batson 25/10/2018 a 16:38

    Please return my money, I have yet to receive my product. And after review info these comments, you product is inferior. Please cancel my order and return my money to my card. Thank you A S A P

  • Anita 26/10/2018 a 00:59

    How come I received a black wig in my order

  • Deb 30/10/2018 a 05:16

    I JUST received my item. Supposed to be a Wig, but I am not sure what I received is. It is NOTHING LIKE WHAT I SAW IN THE AD OR ORDERED. AND NOT WORTH what I paid for it. The information they sent on emailing them for a return ... takes you no where. It's all fraudulent.

  • Mick 05/11/2018 a 17:51

    i brought a Cosmo off of a site call EVERYONEDAYS off of Facebook but i was delivered a toy robot called coco, so i email the company thinking they had mad a mistake but they insist its the right item, so i ask for the return address so i can return this but have not received any reply after sending 6 emails, contacting my bank now. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE

  • Geneice 15/11/2018 a 00:35


  • Me 18/11/2018 a 19:11

    Received two pieces of crap they call wig.s What a scam. NO PLACE TO RETURN ITEMS.

  • Chery Tiller 20/11/2018 a 21:48

    I received my wig plus another wig I did not order., One is dark brown I ordered a light brown with grey and the other one is black and I didn't order it. I am trying to find a return address but haven't found one yet.

    The e-mail goes to a fraud report sight so I'm unable to return them and get my money back.

  • Linda Schmotzer 29/11/2018 a 18:07

    On 11/28/2018 I received two empty bracelet boxes with the two watches I ordered.

  • Jo Ann Harvey 03/12/2018 a 17:54

    Ordered the deformation car, the package it can in threw USPS was damage. The box in which the car is in is damage. Their is NO remote control in the package.. the car is of no use to me. Would like to return the car. And want my money back.

  • Lily 03/12/2018 a 22:58

    I received to wig that are NOTHING like what i ordered... No place to send them back too.... I want my money back. This was money and time wasted.... These are not even wigs. . it barbie hair... What a waste... Im so upset, Im trying to send this hair back but their no info ... Can someone help me pls....

  • Angela 16/12/2018 a 01:18

    I ordered a regular size flat iron and they sent me a tiny flat iron!!!! What am I suppose to do with this?! I want my money back

  • Irma 17/12/2018 a 19:33

    Me llego el reloj pero no me llego my free jewerly

  • Nell 20/12/2018 a 03:49

    I bought a flat iron and it's nothing like it was in the website. I want my money back

  • Melinda C. Kennedy 20/12/2018 a 15:17

    I got this watch that is not working. I .want my money back

  • italia 22/12/2018 a 06:32

    hi there i ordered professional steam flat iron and received a Ruida professsional curling iron.This is not what i wanted these are gifts for my kids very disappointed i want the steamer please

    italia Ronning

  • David 27/12/2018 a 22:13

    I did receive the two items I ordered. One item is fine. The second item was missing parts and one of the lights did not work. I only wanted a replacement not a refund. Found reply@emailcxs.cp, Parked Free on Go Daddy. Phone number not working. Going back to shopping in retail stores only. To many Scammers only a few on line companies can be trusted. What a shame what this world has turned into.

  • ROSE 30/12/2018 a 02:47

    Ordered 2 salt & pepper wigs with deep push waves, I got 2 almost WHITE wigs that are straight with a bend at the ends. Ad shows black female combing and pushing waves. I'm older and it showed it came in SALT & PEPPER also. They don't have any pepper in it, and the hair is straight!

  • Charlotte Collins 02/01/2019 a 19:11

    I bought two wigs from this EVERealWigs site on Facebook on December 23, 2018, received them by express delivery on December 31, 2018. They were nothing like what was shown on their site.One was suppose to be a short Black-Golden curly hair wig , invoice ID: c7426532704326.1, $19.88 + $15.99 express shipping spending a total of $35.87, from merchant LI SHI CO, LTD, email: The other wig was blonde should have been a Hot 10-Brown short curly hair wig, Invoice ID: c7423947407430.1, $19.88 + $15.99 express shipping spending a total of $35.87, from merchant LI SHI CO. LTD, email: They were both purchased through PayPal. No hand tied lace front, hair that came out easily, wrong color, hair that was in some type of curl, balled up inside a plastic bag, instead of the short, curly, nice style and fluffy like it was shown. Cant find an address to send it back and nothing on line to contact except an email address that doesn't . exist. I tried to email them but got no responses. If I would have known it was from China, I wouldn't have ordered it as I was scammed before with some $99.00 pair of pink earrings that I never received until I filed a complaint.
    I am filing an official complaint and want a complete refund back to my debit card. I have already notified Facebook and reported that this is a fake site and a scam.
    I am just done with ordering fake items and dealing with scams.
    Charlotte Collins, Very Dissatisfied Customer

  • Bren 04/01/2019 a 22:04

    Same thing happened to me, I finally received a wig yesterday that is not the correct color nor anything near what I ordered....I think this was taken from a road kill in China!

  • Arlene 06/01/2019 a 02:48


    The exact same thing happened to me. Where you able to get your money back?

  • LEINE GARRIDO 06/01/2019 a 20:21

    I JUST received my item. Supposed to be a Wig, but I am not sure what I received is. It is NOTHING LIKE WHAT I SAW IN THE AD OR ORDERED. AND NOT WORTH what I paid for it. The information they sent on emailing them for a return ... takes you no where. It's all fraudulent.

  • angie 11/01/2019 a 17:31

    I received 3 wigs from you company curly wig No.025 order No.2342 in brown and Order #2292 No.017 short curly Black,Order No.2290Curly Wigs No. 002 in Black.
    I received a wig that is gray, one was brown and black and the other one was a gold color. Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter. I have tried so many email address, but know one is responding to them. I want my money back, but I got scammed.

  • Charlotte acuna 13/01/2019 a 23:19

    I received the unicorn and it is not what I ordered it was supposed to be a riding zebra for big kids I want my refund back.

  • Tasha C 16/01/2019 a 20:48

    I hope this is not true for my order. I have three attorneys in my family and my dad is a judge who went to school with the district attorney. I pray this is not the outcome of my $80 purchase and that I will not be the next fool on this site reporting as a scammed customer. I'm tracking the package now. Fingers crossed. I rather have a quality wig arrive late than a hot mess wig on time.

  • Kim 16/01/2019 a 21:09

    I ordered the hair straightener and Kohler two and one and it does not work does not turn on defective. I would like one that works

  • maddog 21/01/2019 a 21:18

    definite scam I ordered 2 r/c tanks received 2 cheap anti-stress balls

  • Carolyn 22/01/2019 a 01:33

    The wig looks nothing like what I ordered. I payed thought PayPal . I want a refund.

  • Lynn 23/01/2019 a 20:18

    I also received a wig I do not want. All information is a scam. What do I do with the wig I don't want? There is no information about a return?

  • Suresh Tailor 23/01/2019 a 22:49

    I bought a Posture Corrector and it's nothing like it was in the website,
    so i want my money back

  • Karan 24/01/2019 a 21:44

    Bought a posture corrector and was not even near what they showed on line. Rip off big time. I want my money back!

  • VettieB 25/01/2019 a 18:55

    My order came in very beat up boxes and was not what I ordered at all!!! They sent 3 tiny flat irons!!! This is a huge scam and I want my money back! We need to get these losers off line!!! How can I get my money back? These defective items came from CHINA!!!!!

  • Mary Graham 25/01/2019 a 20:32

    I ordered a blue tooth and a smart ring.

    neither of them work.

    I signed on to the website they sent to make a return and it takes me to a scam site.

    I want to return but I am now out $40 because there is not a phone number or contact address.

  • Carolyn H Derocher 26/01/2019 a 01:56

    Ripp off scammers got us all bought a spinning iron, that's what the add said and I got a mini flat iron !! That not what I wanted but it's what I got! Took over two months to get here! Just send it to those crazy USA people and ripp them off ! No return policy it's a hoaks and we all have been had! As they are laughing there asses off at us all the way to the banks! Yes also I would like my money back too but let's get real here it's never gonna happen folks! We've been scammed????????????????????????

  • Pamela 28/01/2019 a 16:33

    Ordered a guitar tuner/capo. It looks good but have tried 2 new batteries in it and it doesn't work. Even took it to a guitar repair person to have it checked out and he felt that it was not made correctly. There doesn't seem to be any way to contact this company (the site they show for returns doesn't seem to be operative)! Definitely a scam!

  • raw967 28/01/2019 a 17:49

    Ordered 2 wigs. I don't know what the hell this is they sent me. But its not what I ordered.

  • Dhameerah Abdul-Zahir 29/01/2019 a 13:23

    Not very happy with this purchase. Please refund my mother. What is the correct mailing address?

  • George 31/01/2019 a 22:16

    I bought 2 items they are both junk and missing parts I dont know why facebook doesn't check out these scam artists or maybe we should all advertise junk and make hundreds of dollars

  • Paula 05/02/2019 a 00:46

    I purchase a curling iron that is not compatible with us electrical outlets. I would like my money back.

  • Olga 05/02/2019 a 02:00

    I purchased a so-called TYME Hair Staightener recently and need to return it as it is defective. The iron won't even open. I want a return label and a confirmation #, and want money refunded. Had I known it was going to come from China or any Asian country, I would not have ordered it since I've had some other items come damaged like a wig that that came apart completely and clothing that were made for Asians who are tiny and made of very cheap material. Why is everything made in Asian countries where it's impossible to return. I am not at all happy, and now this hair straightener doesn't even work. Please help!! Olga Andujar.

  • CASSIE 05/02/2019 a 15:48


  • Debbie 06/02/2019 a 21:47

    I ordered 4 of the cork top lights to use in bottles. Today I received a package with just one in it.
    I think I paid for all 4 and would like the other 3 or a refund for them.


  • herschel 07/02/2019 a 15:04

    I order back brace give small size , im 6'2 285lb think it's to small u think? I want my refund where do I return to?? name an adderss,

  • waniee 08/02/2019 a 03:36

    I ordered a backpack purse in the color of black. When I finally received my ordered it was the wrong color. I have been trying to find the right information to send this package back so that I can get exactly what I ordered or just refund my money back to me.

  • s miller 08/02/2019 a 16:31

    Well looks like I have ben scamed also. Stupid me...… I haven't received my order and from the looks of this report I wont! and if I do it will be rat hair.

  • crys 11/02/2019 a 19:33

    SCAM company. Ordered an automatic curling want & it was a plain flat iron. Can't get a hold of anyone @ the company.

  • Ann 11/02/2019 a 23:34

    How about deleting this company from Facebook so no one else gets scammed. Please send all these comments to Facebook and wherever else they are advertising.

    The company I ordered from is
    Take down their website!

  • nick 14/02/2019 a 07:00

    Fucking fake. I pray you rot and die a miserable life. Here and after death too. Mark my words. God will fulfill it.

  • helen 14/02/2019 a 16:29

    Was sent a Blond wig . Not the wig I ordered. Would like to return

  • Sandra Jontiff 15/02/2019 a 01:56

    I ordered a curling hair iron and I received a flat iron. It isn't at all what I ordered. I will be returning the flat iron and would like to get credit back for my purchase.

    Thank You,
    Sandra Jontiff

  • shannon 15/02/2019 a 10:15

    strait up fraud, false advertisement i received the product and they were absolutely nothing like what what i ordered.

  • Donna Blackwood 17/02/2019 a 00:45

    Received an ugly brown back pack and pocket book combo. It smells so loud of a chemical odor and is cheap quality of fabric. I want my money back.

  • Karen Stubblefield 19/02/2019 a 21:53

    I ordered a miricle cleaner for spots in material, no instructions. No receipt. Scammed I am sure, just plain junk.

  • Barbara 20/02/2019 a 14:43

    I order 10 LED FLAMEBALE torch that you stick in the ground instead I go 10 LED FLAME BULB that I have no use for. please email me at very upset.. Thanks and God bless.. hate to report you all but will if have to..

  • Beatrice 21/02/2019 a 18:34

    I ordered 3 wigs. What I received looks nothing like the pictures. Nothing anyone would wear. This website is a scam as it was listed for contact for refund. I want my money back. Please stop ripping people off.

  • Xavier 24/02/2019 a 13:45

    I ordered a back and neck brace combo and it came to me in a Plastic form, and not what I saw in the advertisement illustration. When I open the package I knew immediately it was a ripoff. I want my money back. Every dollar of it. Please do not let this company advertise one thing and send another.

  • Lyndypops 25/02/2019 a 16:15

    What a scam. I ordered a curler wand via Facebook and it is NOTHING like advertised. It is just a cheap everyday straightener that doesn't even have a UK plug!

    I also would never have purchased it if I had known it was from China.

    Can't believe I have been scammed.

  • Tiffany 28/02/2019 a 17:06

    I ordered a lace front wig and got a nappy synthetic wig I want my money back

  • Dixiebabe1 01/03/2019 a 22:57

    The wig I received is nothing like what I ordered. It is a reddish brown too shiny, does not look like real hair at all, plus the hair comes out of it if you touch it. It's a piece of junk. I want my money refunded & want an address where I can return this thing.

  • BJB 02/03/2019 a 19:24

    hi, i am BJB . i am not a robot, or am i trying to pull a scam . i am shocked to be reading all these reviews. but i, too received my wigs, and two of them look nothing like what i ordered. how do i return these 3 wigs for refund or exchange. item: luna 40ll -burgundy, luna 003 short wavy golden, & luna 019 short curly- brown. these are not like the pictures at all. please send return address as soon as possible. thank you.

  • Style 05/03/2019 a 02:27

    Order a wig it was not the one i order i need a refund .no address to where I need to send it back.Scam.

  • EG3 07/03/2019 a 21:51

    Sent the wrong item,it's suppose to a phone charger/holder for the car that grasp the phone...Don't purchase...

  • Angiewise 11/03/2019 a 19:32

    The Professional flat Iron I received is completely broken. I already sent pictures to the Whats app number in the card.

  • Guylou 13/03/2019 a 21:48

    I ordered a curling hair iron and I received a flat iron. It isn't at all what I ordered. I ordered via Facebook and it is NOTHING like advertised. It is just a little cheap everyday straightener. How about deleting this company from Facebook so no one else gets scammed? Please send all these comments to Facebook and wherever else they are advertising.

  • RA Rudy 13/03/2019 a 22:49

    I received my wig .nothing like what I ordered.very dissatisfied .it was suppose to be out of California, but it came from china.never ordering from this company again.fake as they want to be.very thing they said about the wig they lied about.don't order from them same your money,wish I had.

  • Jacqueline 14/03/2019 a 00:13

    Received two wigs, and they are not what I ordered. Look like grandma wigs. This company should be taken off the internet. I want a refund but can't find out where to send it back too. This is a terrible rip off scam. Never order from this place again.

  • Joyce 14/03/2019 a 10:07

    I'm adding my story to the long list of people being scammed. Got my wig, looks like "halloween "wig. or child's dress-up wig. I would not wear it out in public. We will never see our money again. We should just look at it as the price of education, to do our research next time. I only hope other people will read our stories and beware.

  • Bettye Gish 15/03/2019 a 22:30

    I ordered a back brace in a size large. What I got was far from large, a baby might have fit into it,but doubt it.

    I would really love to send it back,

  • Lenora 20/03/2019 a 04:43

    i did not read up on this first, I just received my wig today 3/19/2019 was supposed to be a blond and black wig. but instead I received a black wig that look like a Halloween hat for Lucy look a like in black. do anyone know where to send it back to and get a refund?

  • Francia 20/03/2019 a 14:21

    I never receive my order please can you send my money back

  • FREDERICKA 22/03/2019 a 16:17

    I bought a wig from a site called WhatsMode and it looks nothing like the one that I ordered. In my quest to return it I have run into this site which judging from the comments it is safe to say I will not get my money back.

  • DebP 22/03/2019 a 16:45

    Same results, I ordered a curling iron & received a flat iron. Must take off FB so no more people get scammed. Going to be very careful from now on before I order to know where I'm buying from. Hoping I bought through PayPal & they can at least get my money back

  • Catherine Stephens 23/03/2019 a 17:09

    Yes I just received that order and it turned out to be a flat iron I ordered a star pro iron and this is called HUI FA appliance. Should have known that it was scam ! But you buy it thinking what a great deal and now youfeel stupid for believing that!!!???? Needs to be taken off Facebook for sure!

  • Upset customer 27/03/2019 a 21:06

    Recieved a wig today and itlooked NOTHING like what i ordered online!!!! RIP OFF!!!! I want my money back!!!

  • rosemary173 28/03/2019 a 19:01

    I returned the iron tryme is cheap no work for my hair and the box is no good conditions I need returned my money I send back your product

  • Kalisa 31/03/2019 a 18:52

    I ordered the hair straightener and curler thru Facebook because I am disabled and I thought of the convenience and how helpful it would be for me with my condition. I received a hair straightener which I already have . Box broken as well. Product Not what I ordered . Live only on my SS . Send me what I ordered and I gladly return what you sent me . Very dissatisfied customer and this is the first time I have ever had a problem buying something via internet.

  • Becky 01/04/2019 a 17:07

    This company should be taken off the internet...Bought 2 wig that thru Facebook and it was nothing like what was shown, just disgusting, I don't know who in the hell would wear something like that!. Cant find an address to send it back and nothing on line to contact except an email address that doesn't exist. I want a refund but can't find out where to send it back too. This is a terrible rip off scam. Never order from this place again with out doing my research! Please let me know where to return these two items back and want my money refunded back as well! Also will post this comment on fb so other people aren't scam. Very DISSATISFIED customer!

  • cc 01/04/2019 a 18:23

    bought 2 wigs' one was okay, didn't like the other--really didn't expect6 much at the price. Couldn't find a return address. found this site and was amazed at all the comments. what is so aggravating isn't loosing money. but with so many complains why is FACEBOOK and PAYPAL still supporting this company----they must know by now that this is a fraudulent company. i place the real blame with them

  • bb 02/04/2019 a 16:58

    I can't find any address or phone # to assist in a return of funds. They sent wrong wig.Short lace wig that was ordered.instead a grey long one is what i got.The fallout will be great. when it happen to this illegal Scam.

  • pameladii 03/04/2019 a 00:49

    I got my order today and it is not what I paid for...I would not order anything else from here

  • Jen 03/04/2019 a 20:45

    Just received order, totally disappointed, need all info to return material (WIG). ASAP

  • 3S 04/04/2019 a 14:19


  • Cheryl Brown 05/04/2019 a 22:21

    ordered duplicate product. need to get a refund, packing/return mailing label to return to sender.
    Thank You
    Ms. Cheryl Brown
    281 Country Village Drive
    Smyrna, TN 37167

  • alice 06/04/2019 a 02:47

    out of 6 wigs ordered only 1 is even close to what was pictured. all the rest are wrong color and or style. send my return address to my email. thank you

  • Nell Barnwell Hay 08/04/2019 a 05:21

    I ordered a cover for my phone and it's too large. How and who do I return this item and get reimbursed?

  • Shirley 09/04/2019 a 18:06

    I ordered 8 torch light and got 8 bulbs that you need electricity to you

    I wanted the solar to put around my house. I want to return these and get the torches I ordered. Please respond.


  • Ci 09/04/2019 a 18:48

    I ordered a backpack/purse. The description claims that it is made of leather. It arrived approximately 45 days after I ordered it and It is definitely NOT made of leather.

    It is made completely of Vinyl. Please reply back with instructions on how to return it and get a refund.
    Thank you.

  • Tammie 09/04/2019 a 21:15

    I ordered the torch lights to go around my house and all I got was the bulbs... I WANT MY MONEY BACK... WHAT A RIP OFF..

  • Cindy 09/04/2019 a 21:25

    I’m so disappointed! I received the wig I ordered today, and it’s nothing like what was pictured. I read all the reviews, and they must have been fake because the color, quality and style are nothing like what was shown! The return policy states that “If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase and need to return, we’re here to help.” HELP!!!!!!!

  • Tina 10/04/2019 a 18:33

    Just received item. Cover was on wrong side and plastic cover was broken. Trying to figure how to retorn.

  • BECKIE 11/04/2019 a 18:01


  • Linda 11/04/2019 a 20:21

    We ordered led solar torches-got 8 screw in light bulbs, no paperwork, have been trying to get money and RA number since 1/31. Reply from them is they have no order or info on me, I'm to send them my order number or paperwork-all I have is payment made from PAYpAL, REFERENCE #, AMOUNT & DATE

  • Linda 11/04/2019 a 20:27

    Have bought 3 wigs from this same 4029357733, got 2, wrong size , color, ect. NOTHING like what is featured in ad, charged for 3 different wigs,all 3 paid thru Paypal, never got last one. The two I did get, I was told to take pictures, then they would decide if any refund was forthcoming. Every order was advertised by a different name but all went thru same account.!!!!!!!

  • dee 11/04/2019 a 22:39

    Ordered the first wig and it was the wrong wig but rt color. I'm trying to reach this company

  • Brenda Woods 12/04/2019 a 20:52

    I received my Go Duster today with no spray even though it says its included.

  • Deborah 13/04/2019 a 23:02

    You sent a bag and no machine to take the air out.

  • Sharon Hayes 15/04/2019 a 19:25

    I ordered a car organizer and received a thin pocket holder instead. Need an address and email address to take care of this. This is a scam.

  • Tom DeRosa 16/04/2019 a 14:36

    I ordered the car organizer but I too received a thin pocket holder piece of crap.
    what a scam. I'd send it back but it's not worth the postage and I doubt that I'd ever get a refund,

  • Dan Farrah 16/04/2019 a 21:03

    It is a scam. I ordered car organizer but I got holder instead. I will not order anything that has anything to do with China.

  • Jan 18/04/2019 a 21:19

    I ordered a cell phone cover for a S9+ from an add on Facebook.....I did get a cover in the color I wanted but it way to short.
    Be carefully of Facebook adds!!

  • Madeline Hendrix 20/04/2019 a 05:39

    I ordered a phone case for my Samsung note8 and it does not fit my phone. The side buttons do not work when I put my phone in it and it only has glass cover on the back nothing on the front and aluminum around the edge .The ad showed full glass prtection on the front and back of case.

  • David S. 22/04/2019 a 16:56

    I ordered torches you stick in ground and what they sent me was light bulbs. This is a scam to bait you in to get flickering patio torches and sent you light bulbs. Yes I want my money returned to my card. These people are running their advertisement on Facebook. would that be cohorts in crime?

  • OUTRADGED 22/04/2019 a 23:33


    I ordered a afro wig but what I received was not fit for a clown to wear. It is NOTHING like the ad and NOT what I ordered. The envelope that it came in has the following address.

    19907 E Walnut Drive South, Suite B, City Of Industry, CA 91789
    ******NOTE: This label pasted over the china label ****** Contact your credit card company

  • Hilda Radcliff 24/04/2019 a 13:46

    This was my first and last experience ordering anything online. I should’ve known if it came from China by the length of time that it took I was going to be trash. I would never put this on my head I can’t even tell what it’s made out of. As far as getting money back it is virtually impossible I will be reporting mine to the Better Business Bureau I hope everybody catches on that this is a big big scam and I am so finished with the whole business

  • Randy Thompson 25/04/2019 a 02:35

    This company needs to be turned into the better business burrow what i ordered is not at all what I ordered no where close I am going to take this and get this company shut down I see all of these bad comments

  • merle Bishop 26/04/2019 a 02:20

    merle Bishop 10421 villa ridge dr. las vegas, nv. 89134 please send shipping label to return pants ordered 5x large got a 2x pants in this is second time you sent me wrong size please respond asap 702-379-0776

  • roseC 26/04/2019 a 19:51

    I ordered the bottle lights, buy 10 and get 5 free, only received 9 and charged for 10

  • MAC 26/04/2019 a 20:47

    Want to return compression hose but need the address to send it to. Please send info to email-

  • Teenie 26/04/2019 a 23:27

    I received a wig and it was not the right color and I just find out now that it is a scam. It is just a shame for people to be so heartless

  • ted 27/04/2019 a 02:20

    Bought a wig that was nothing like what was shown. No hand tied lace front, hair that came out easily, wrong color, hair that was straight and too shing instead of short and fluffy like it was shown. Cant find an address to send it back and nothing on line to contact except an email address that doesn't exist.

  • Pissed person 27/04/2019 a 21:33

    This wig is a hot mess. I will never shop online again especially if it’s from China. I need made in USA

    straight scam

  • Mimi 29/04/2019 a 02:49

    I ordered a wig called Allure from Jon Renau in Spring Honey. I received a long red wig. No way to contact Jon Renau.

  • kmelub 30/04/2019 a 02:45

    I SAW a combination drink, cellphone and accessory holder with an extended drink holder. What I GOT was two plastic pieces of shit that were basically just pockets, no drink holder or anything else. These people are assholes

  • Maggie 03/05/2019 a 19:40

    I bought a wig online on Facebook. I received it today, it is nothing like what I ordered. I wouldn't even wear this as a Halloween costume wig. One big rip off. This guy is getting rich off of us.

  • Lynda 04/05/2019 a 19:25

    I ordered a wig and what I received was not the one I ordered. The wig was ok....just not what I ordered.

  • sayed gamal 05/05/2019 a 14:11

    you are big thiefs take pur money and stolen my mony please

    if you not sent me my order

    back my money

    you sent me some thing I donot know what it is it

    I donot know what you are

    if you are good company do your work will and donot stoll about money

  • DeLois Lopez 06/05/2019 a 19:06

    I ordered the car inserts for your conceal and all I got was a leather pouch

    no coin holder which went a the end of one or cup holder at each end
    Order #.

    I am very disappointed was really looking to having these in my car

  • MARGE RUSHFORD 07/05/2019 a 16:20


  • Hicham Rxo 07/05/2019 a 17:08

    it's a scam site that has been around for a long time and a lot of reports are now on the Internet.
    For those who have been scammed, a group action could be envisaged (by creating a facebook page for example to stay in contact with each other), after having denounced and be protected.
    And some useful resources below :

  • paul 10/05/2019 a 22:00

    I received what looks like black mesh. Have no idea what it is or what to do with it.

    Would like to return....please let me know.

  • B jones 15/05/2019 a 22:02

    The wig isn`t what I ordered. It is not even the right color. Face book should not let these people advertisevlies like this.

  • Netter 16/05/2019 a 16:34

    I am trying to send back two wigs I did not order. The wigs aren't even in my range of colors. Don't know where this business even got my account info.. Like many of you, I feel this is ridiculous, having no way to find this Company or to be able to contact them regarding a problem. I'm trying to find out what they used to charge me for this sale, and payment method? I also want a refund and way to get rid of these items.

  • Annie 21/05/2019 a 23:34

    I ordered a pair of pants in size XL. I just got a tiny pair of pants - very small. I believe this is the same company that sent me a sweater that wouldn't a normal human being. I can't get in touch with them to return the items. I pay with Paypal. Do I have any recorse?

  • Carla 23/05/2019 a 04:20

    2 of the watches come with the second minutes hand and need you change them all of them. Also they look old. The color are scrach .

  • Michelleweb 23/05/2019 a 06:04

    Ordered from Junniyee silicon reusable bags and received them but the quality is poor. In my shipment is a slip explaining return policy with which looks like a scam. I contacted Junniyee and hopefully they will respond and accept my return, I will also contact PayPal as well.

  • Teen 25/05/2019 a 00:01

    I ordered a wig was sent the wrong one nothing like what they showing and the color was wrong and you can't returned because they don't send a return label nor address, or number for you to call them regarding the item.

  • Gail 27/05/2019 a 19:34

    This is a joke, when you order with american sizes and you think you are ordering from an american company, as soon as you don't get it within 3 days you know it has to be coming from china and the clothing item with be tooooooo small. There is a note saying they adjusted the size however, I take a size 10 and this pair of pants won't make it over my knee caps. I can't even figure out how to sent it back as a return.

  • Elvera Barcelona 01/06/2019 a 01:47

    I did not order this ugly mobile phone holder. i want a refund or I will repory to my bank, u did not send a slip,

    I believe you scammed me,

  • Brenda 03/06/2019 a 23:50

    i ordered a flat iron, but this is not what i ordered, the flat iron that i Received don't get hot at all. I would like my money back, so send me the information on how to send it back . Its not good to scam or mislead out of their money.

  • Jane 04/06/2019 a 04:19

    I am under the 30 day return policy, and when I opened the package, I realized the barrel of the iron was going to be too small. Looking at the video on Facebook, I think the gold/purple iron would be more suitable. I need to send this black one back under the 30 days of receiving it. Please let me know how to return to you for an exchange. Thank you

  • Mark 07/06/2019 a 13:03

    My chainsaw sharpener arrived late and with another piece / part I didn't order, nor could I identify. No instructions or way to order additional parts were included. I've requested an address to return for a refund....good luck to me....

  • Dee Dee 10/06/2019 a 22:55

    I order a wig twister it does not function at all I can't get in touch with anyone the company is out of Japan I would like to get my money back that was paid through pappal

  • Tap 11/06/2019 a 16:05

    I ordered a chain saw sharpener when it arrived it was missing the tab to keep it shut. After looking at other videos online, it will not work on every chain saw bar. It looks like you have to have an Oregon bar for it to work. No phone number to contact for return or replacement parts.

  • Fran 12/06/2019 a 19:53

    Silicone reusable bags won't close. I'm out all that money!

  • Kathryn 14/06/2019 a 02:31

    I ordered a wig that I would like to return. Need return address. Would like a refund.

  • Sheila 15/06/2019 a 18:20

    Reading all the negative comments. I too want a refund. The wig is nothing like the pic. Wrong size and color. Inferior workmanship. Please refund money!!

  • Elaine 18/06/2019 a 20:42

    This is a scam! I ordered a t-shirt that’s to help you stay cool...the neck line and arms are not hemmed! Did your people just stop sewing? Product #HF21953541HUIXL PLEASE SEND ME MY MONEY BACK! No one would wear this!

  • Frances Martin 22/06/2019 a 23:20

    I ordered a lace front wig it came today it's nothing like what I order it looks like a witches wig I want my money back.How do I return this shit???...STOP RIPPING PEOPLE OFF..WE SHOULD GET WHAT WE ORDERES NOT WHAT YALL WANT TO SEND US..I ORDER A 12 INCH WING AN I ENDED UP WITH A 22 INCH WIG...I NEED A ADDRESS SO I CAN RETURN THIS AND GET MY MONEY BACK

  • Pahira 25/06/2019 a 03:12

    I ordered a carving tool and only got half the order wheres the other half

  • George kay 25/06/2019 a 16:59

    My item does not fit.size not what it it supposed to be want my money back

  • Charlie 27/06/2019 a 21:38

    What is the address to return a wig? Horrible looking. Nothing like the picture. Hope this is not a scam. I feel I've been taken!

  • Kel 30/06/2019 a 21:42

    I ordered a guitar trainer. The item is totally wrong and an inferior product is the best that I can say. YES, I was scammed.

  • Sarah 01/07/2019 a 11:53

    I received my pill boxes, but they are not suitable & I wish to return them ?

    This is the only link that’s given to contact

  • Zoey 01/07/2019 a 18:08

    Ordered two wigs one was wrong color both look like mannequin wigs. Sad to say I was ripped off. Have been a PAULA YOUNG customer for years just wanted something different. I'll never stray again.

  • john 01/07/2019 a 18:54

    just received wig, add showed ash this wig is pure white. I would like a refund.

  • Isla 07/07/2019 a 23:43

    Pants waaaay too small. I want a refund

  • Pat 10/07/2019 a 00:59

    Did not receive wig shown in advertisement, received Chinese crap......scam

  • Edward 11/07/2019 a 20:11

    I'm contacting I Lawyer to make sure people like you can not rip anyone else off. contact me back if not you will hear from my lawyer.

  • Holly johnson 13/07/2019 a 23:20

    The two wigs don't fit they don't look like the picture I wasn't happy, please send me the return information to get a refund.

  • Kay 16/07/2019 a 16:18

    Hello I order the workout pants from online. I just want a bigger size. I like the pant I want to know is there anyway I can exchange them.

  • ana canup 16/07/2019 a 17:25

    After placing an order for a wig on the site from facebook I finally received the item a month later. I had ordered a wig and it is crap, way too small and on top of that it is the wrong color. I order red with blonde highlights and got salt and pepper gray and black color (Horrible) bad quality, bad color, bad everything. Please return my money ASAP. this will not happen to me ever again.

  • Carol Cirar 17/07/2019 a 19:16

    I ordered 6 sets of Junnilee silicon reusable bags The slider does not slide It is way too tight to move Also when you seal the bag before the slider the air leaks out Not a good product

  • Hunter 19/07/2019 a 19:59

    I received the color objectics for my tire with NO BATTERIES, That's not the deal with these, what do i do now ?

  • jimmie 28/07/2019 a 13:59

    imglifeshop send me 2 pair of underwear to small would like to send tham back and get bigger once

  • Robert 01/08/2019 a 22:29

    I just got my dent puller, and have no glue to attach them . Can you help?

  • Joni jackson 07/08/2019 a 16:12

    I placed an order Bpoi29254 for $31.85. Apparently from China for six is very small kids size. Just looking to get my money back via PayPal. Like everyone else followed the instructions on the card that came with the order to no avail. I can’t believe I’ve gotten scammed again!!

  • Hector 08/08/2019 a 17:52

    I received it, late but received. But it's not like the ad. Zoom is not working properly, and beside there is no way to see it with my cel phone. Please advise of send my money back.

  • Denese 15/08/2019 a 03:47

    I received two rugs that are not even as good as the dollar tree rugs. paid 77.90 for both, Tried to return cost to return is 75.80 they say they do not have a US address. They want to give me 50% off my next order and I get to keep these shit rugs. I'm appalled that this going on there are so many complaints.

  • James 15/08/2019 a 13:02

    I ordered a pair of shoulder harness moving/lifting straps. the video showed 2 people using them, carrying large heavy items. What I received was a single lightweight strap, came in a small plastic bag. At first I thought it was a free promo gift from the company, then I realized that "this was it!" No packing list, no receipt, nothing but a cardboard tag telling me nothing except for this email address that took me nowhere. This cost $19.89, the strap is worth about $3.

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