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Telefono222639031 (ou 00480222639031) (Ulteriori informazioni)
Contenuto della truffaHo ingenuamente sottoscritto questo abbonamento, senza sapere nulla dato che non ho ricevuto alcuna mail che diceva di aver sottoscritto un abbonamento, per un annuncio che diceva che si potesse vincere un telefono a 1€.. una specie di concorso!
I tuoi commenti / analisiNon ho il coraggio di fare l’estratto conto perché ho appena letto che è una truffa
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Tipo di numero di telefonoNumero di telefono fisso
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  • +48 22 263 90 31

6 commenti

  • Lou Lou 25/05/2019 a 05:13

    This is a lying site to make you join they site not to buy what they advertise just be aware of them I already contacted they customer service to cancel my order and account and also advised my bank

  • gloria211 11/09/2019 a 15:37

    I've got a basic tariff of subscription on the website Have been using this coaching program for 2 months already and can say that I'm totally satisfied with provided services connected to home repairing.

  • MarMari 12/09/2019 a 09:29

    I'm using a junior tariff on this website and I think I'm going to continue using this site coz it's got a lot of useful stuff to it for my hobby. I upgrade my skills each week thanks to this. 4/5

  • Alex 12/09/2019 a 09:43

    Happy to find such a great program cause I really love different homemade things and I adore developing my skills in creating new stuff for our horme. My wife cannot believe that I can make such useful wooden things by myself. Thankss for the new opportunities!

  • Copello Gianluco 12/09/2019 a 11:56

    My friend told me about this coaching program month ago and I was very sceptic about it at first. But when I decided to try it was like a new world for me! Just try to use a junior subscription for 50 dollars per month (it's not a big amount actually) and you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • Ket75 12/09/2019 a 16:21

    I've never thought I could make something beautiful just using my hands, some simple tools and WOOD (and yes, I am a woman)! But these books and so qualified coaches on helped me get to know myself better. I didn't even recognize that it's such a pleasure to work with your hands. And afterwards you can use all of these wooden home supplies along with other household items which were bought at the shops. Nothing but magic!

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