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37 commenti

  • Scott 18/03/2019 a 22:49

    hi guys.... another website
    ive ordered a philips ppa5650 screeneo airmouse from that site €20.99 & payment on my bank account shown as "Bright Forest Technology"
    Had no email confirmation from the company but i have raised issue with bank due to previous comments here.

  • Gezim CAKERRI 19/03/2019 a 12:23

    This is another website:

    I ordered a pair of New Balance of snickers in this site. No order confirmation was given after placing the order. No Thank You for your purchase of Succesful. Nothing happened. My bank sent me automatically the order confirmation. Instead of 64.09 Euro they charged me 102.09 SGD which is Singapore Dollars. Terminal: Bright Forest Technology. For sure this is a fraudulent transaction. Earlier this morning I noticed at address bar that WAS NOT SECURED.
    I called my bank and cancelled/blocked the card. Mine was debit card. Very bad.

    How come major cards such as Mastercard, Visa and AMEX are not aware that these scumbags damage their reputation.

    I DO NOT believe I will ever get the snickers ordered.... Leggi di più

    • Jo1234 25/03/2019 a 20:54

      What was the website that you ordered from.
      Same thing happened to me,
      I have put in a claim for "unauthorized " purchase .
      Still waiting for result. my Credit card has been cancelled.
      These sort of incidents make us all wary of using credit cards for website purchases.
      Sadly I was really looking forward to the hat i had ordered. The cheap fake Ray Bans were a poor substitute. Not worth even a dollar.

  • Ang 20/03/2019 a 06:08

    Yesterday I made purchases from
    I search for charles and keith malaysia and this website pop out instead of original website. It was RM239 and they charged me SGD90.62. After i made purchases there is no order confirmation. Today i tried to visit their website again for confirmation but failed to do so because website's security certificate was expired. I have no way to contact the company. The credit card transaction is still pending. According to credit card company i cannot cancel it i need to wait until transaction is completed and then make dispute.

  • xujiagoods./ Bright Forest Technology 20/03/2019 a 18:35

    El pasado 07/03/2019, compre unos marcadores para plantas de jardín, no las he recibido, no contestan a mis email y no tengo forma alguna de comunicar con ellos, Fraude .

    • Jo1234 25/03/2019 a 21:13

      Debe informar a su proveedor de tarjeta de crédito. Es una estafa.

  • Ben 21/03/2019 a 21:18

    ATTENTION: Cheating.

  • Jean-Francois 25/03/2019 a 17:18 sites frauduleux
    montant de l'achat débité par Bright Forest Technology.

  • Jo1234 25/03/2019 a 21:14

    Many different sites are used
    but charges from Bright Forest technology.

  • nextgraf 25/03/2019 a 22:45
    Aussi un arnaque qui encaisse et communique via Bright Forest Technology.
    Des belles bottes Mustang que je ne recevrais jamais je crains.

  • tartempion-33 27/03/2019 a 11:17

    site en langue Germanique, vente de produits trés divers et sans aucune coherence.
    Descriptif des produits Spartiate, aucune données techniques et aucune réponse aux 3 mails que j'ai adressés
    Prix affichés au choix en € ou $.
    au moment de payer , vous etes facturés en ...dollars Singapouriens par bright forest technology, avec un change...fantaisiste qui ne correspond pas.
    L'attrait du site tient dans la diversité des produits proposés et la gratuité du port passé 15 € d'achat

  • Loulou 27/03/2019 a 12:50


    j’aie commandé un démarreur Lucas m127.
    la commande à été débitée. Je n’Aïe pas de nouvelles !!!
    comment faire ????

  • Cédric 02/04/2019 a 18:05

    ATTENTION j'ai commandé 2 articles (2 véhicules miniatures 1/87) et j'ai reçu une contrefaçon de paire de lunettes Ray-ban.
    Ils utilisent plusieurs sites dont et

    Bien sûr, aucune réponse aux mails...

  • Mick jeffers 07/04/2019 a 10:39

    I have also been scammed by these grubs! Should be able to make Facebook liable for facilitating a fraudulent website.. thought I purchased Skechers which were on a genuine looking site but bank could not cancel the transaction even only an hour after purchase was made. Now just have to see if I get a scarf or cheap fake sunglasses

  • ROTHENBURGER Pierre 07/04/2019 a 15:42

    Commander le 23/03 une paire de chaussure sur le site à prix très attractif. recu à la place des rayban contre facon pour 29 euros.

    Que pouvons nous faire?

  • gege08 09/04/2019 a 20:18

    commandé 2 filtres à air moto sur le site, et reçu une écharpe guicci en contrefaçon, apparait comme bright forest echnologie

  • Anthony 09/04/2019 a 22:19


    J ai failli commandé des équipements motos sur le site

    Bien sur le paiement est au nom de Bright Forest technology donc arnaque.

    Merci à tous pour m'avoir évité cela.

  • Televisión watchdogs 11/04/2019 a 01:30

    I have spent quite a sum ordering desigual products on Instagram.. My sister has leukemia and I wanted to surprise her.. I was sent an order reference.. Chatted with the company over suspicions and was pacified! Today I received a crappy Gucci scarf and not the big order I stupidly placed.. This is just the beginning for these scumbags don't worry.. Watch the news ????

  • Samuel 16/04/2019 a 13:47

    Someone recommended it to me and that he got shoes from it in two weeks but my friend got scammed... do you think the guy who recommended it is part of the scam?

  • Bazza 17/04/2019 a 04:32

    My darling wife supposedly bought me a pair of R M WILLIAMS boots at a reduced price. Only received a tracking in CHINESE and what was received today two weeks after the purchase was cheap imitation Cartier Bracelet all for the amount of $68.00, Not happy, FB and RM WILLIAMS will be hearing from me. Scumbags supreme

  • Yalta 17/04/2019 a 10:59

    Commande faite sur site FECORUG, rien reçu à ce jour. Nul.

  • Jp 18/04/2019 a 20:08

    Je viens de vivre la meme chose depuis le site www

    J'avais commande un outil a 113 euros port compris et sur le coup ca mettais paye san succès mais 2 jours plus tard je recois un message de qui me dit que ma commande est bien prise en compte et qu'ils vont envoyer le colis par Ems

    Entre temps je vois l'argent debite sur mon compte par Forest bright technology

    Le pire c'est entre temps j'ai recu une enveloppe de chine avec un foulard Hermes paris et je ne comprenais pas , mais ensuite en voyant le numero de suivi du colis que j'attendais j'ai compris , il ont envoye ca au lieu du colis et comme ca ils me disent c'est bien livré mais en fait c'est une arnaque...

  • Francisco piñeiro 22/04/2019 a 22:28

    Hice una compra en al parecer el E-mail es eran 131,55 me descontaron 137,79 en el banco y no responden ni se nada de ellos alguien sabe algo de esta gente gracias la compra la hice el 19 de abril 2019

  • Esther 23/04/2019 a 17:35

    Yo he comprado un perchero en la pagina de 45€ y me cobraron 50€, la compra la hice el 31/03 y no me ha llegado nada.

  • Jojo 25/04/2019 a 13:16

    I ordered two pairs of boots not acknowledged tried to chase them no luck my bank did a charge beck so I go my money back

  • M.M 25/04/2019 a 13:26

    Es un fraude, no comprar en
    Pedí unas zapatillas Puma y me llegaron otras muy distintas y de pésima calidad, y también me cobraron de más.

  • Eva 27/04/2019 a 00:00

    Pedí unas converse a esta pagina y me cobraron 30 euros de la cuenta a nombre de Bright Forest Technology, obviamente no me han llegado las zapatillas y solo me llegó una imitación de un anillo de cartier.

  • Shlomo Brill 28/04/2019 a 22:47

    Dear S/M
    I send this mail again because I had a mistake with the number of the order, it is Order No.PS190407024025251.

    Today I received Order No.PS190407024025251 , but it is not what I ordered.
    I ordered a Red Milk Frother of Arendo, and I received a fake Cartier Bracelet which I do not need.
    I paid for the Red Milk Frother of Arendo 79.84 SGD.
    Please correct this mistake which your company did.
    Please answer me.
    Shlomo Brill

  • Jalo 04/05/2019 a 19:10

    Me han estafando, pedí un polo y una camiseta Ralf Lauren y me han enviado una imitación de pulsera Cartier , me pedían 27 euros y me han pasado 29.10 euros, alguien sabe donde reclamar o denunciar?

  • Petrina 07/05/2019 a 09:46

    I order a pair of see by Chloe designer boots for $226 dollars from and received a cheap pair of very ugly boots.
    charge on credit card was bright Forrest. Have contact my bank to dispute payment.

    • Hicham Rxo 21/05/2019 a 15:10

      well done, effectively, you have to protect you...

  • Iryna 11/05/2019 a 12:20

    Scam !!!!
    I have bought on 2 dresses on total amount 113 dollars and got top and shorts that cost 5 dollars maximum!!! they dont respond my messages - - doesnt work. I called my bank and they will try to return money.
    Address and name they shipped from is

    Zhang Xin Hua
    Yangshiqiao village No. 7

    JichnagRoud Tongzhongqu Nantongshi Jiiangsu 226010
    Phone 15051254862
    Name on bank statement is EPL*SYMAOFA
    Has somebody received money back yet?
    Lets try to return our money and ban their bank account.

  • Iryna 11/05/2019 a 12:46

    I dont know if it will help but I reported here -
    Maybe google will ban them!

  • Patricia 16/05/2019 a 20:53

    I ordered a JBL FLIP 4 from, they charge on my bank account 41.88 euros, but on the web site when I buy it was 35 euros, they sent me and email in which it said:
    Due to the foreign exchange rate, the amount displayed on your statement might be a little bit different from the real price.
    Please note "Bright Forest Technology" will be displayed on your credit card statement instead of the website from which you purchased the mentioned product.It's just used for sending bill statement by the seller's payment processor as a tool.
    Im speechless.
    But I dident recived a speaker instead I recived a Louis Vuitton cartier.

  • laguardianarosa1978 20/05/2019 a 18:23

    hice un pedido desde una pagina en teoria de desigual,me han decontado 99.63E mas 2E por cambio de divisa que me han descontado de la cuenta,esto sucedio el dia 7 de abril y recibi una notificacion en el movil que me habian cargado de BRIGHT FOREST TECHNOLOGY EL IMPORTE DE 151.18SGS,de mi cuenta,yo no he recibido nada solo se que los 99.63 mas los 2E me lo han descontado

  • MM 21/05/2019 a 13:36

    No comprar en

    es un fraude!!! FRAUD!!!
    No comprar en es un fraude!!! FRAUD!!!

  • Hicham Rxo 21/05/2019 a 15:09

    all these websites are effectively fake, developped under Shopify services :-((((

    and there are dozens of them on the net !

    reflex consists in cheking in this database or with a Google research...

    and if scammed, advices below :

  • Török Ferenc 11/06/2019 a 13:40

    It's fake website also! I'm very sad!!! :(

  • olga 10/04/2020 a 16:54

  • boo 14/05/2020 a 19:43
    Dos pares de calzado ECCO comprados que nunca han llegado. No responden emails
    que `podemos hacer para recuperar nuestro dinero y que pase a mas gente?



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