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90 euro ho fato solo il telefono
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  • Soraja 30/03/2019 a 12:35

    Bin heute auch darauf reingefallen. Hatte sich als Umfrage für den YANDEX Browser getarnt und als Belohnung einen Galaxy S9 versprochen. Dass es ein Abo ist, konnte man nicht sehen. Angeblich hat man Zugriff auf 2 - 3 E-Books pro Woche und lernt einfach Sprachen. Für monatlich zwischen 49 - 98 €, je nach Mitgliedsstufe nach einer 5tägigen Probe. Das sah man jedoch nicht. Habe das erst hinterher mitrbekommen. Sofort meine Kreditkarte gesperrt und auf allen ersichtlichen E-Mail Adressen gekündigt und mit Anzeige gedroht, wenn was abgebucht wird. Telefonnummer war in Italien. Da vertelefoniert man ein Haufen Geld, daher besser nicht anrufen.

  • Anton 27/04/2019 a 00:00

    auch mir wurden unberechtigt über 50 € abgebucht, auch hier wurde als Belohnung ein Galaxy S9 versprochen...

  • Kjawad 14/06/2019 a 03:12

    They asked for a $3 fee to enter a lottery for winning Samsung smarthphone. Now they keep taking money from my account.

  • gs 12/09/2019 a 21:37

    I was in the middle of fb when a page of my network provider showed up saying that I was a valid customer and I won a Samsung S10. I had to pay for the postage for the item. So using my visa card I went ahead and paid £1.75 giving my credit card details. When the transaction occurred it came up as efforee and effortalk. THAT IS NOT MY NETWORK PROVIDER.

    This happened just the other day while I was in France. I am back in UK and I called up my bank to report this tonight. My bank blocked this company and marked it as supicious. I raised a dispute to get my money back and also cancelled my current card and get a new one as they took security number at the back of the card.

  • Jane 12/03/2020 a 19:34

    Yes they tried to take money from my account with no notice. I did not buy a product or a service. No emails to confirm a purchase. Fortunately they got very little out of me due to insufficient funds. lol I'm on a low income and would never agree to someone randomly taking money from my account.

    I suggest canceling the

    so called 'subscription', blocking them and commenting here and elsewhere.

  • Choc 01/04/2020 a 04:33

    I have had two payments come out of mybank account and I am not happy please rfund my payments I have not agreed to any subscripyion. If you havr me as signed up please cancel that immediatley.



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