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PseudonimoLi Shi Co., LTD
Contenuto della truffaPayPal , you paid $25.98 USD to Li Shi Co., LTD
I tuoi commenti / analisiI made an online purchase for a wig from Luna Wigs March 28th, paid through PayPal. I received a thank you with my full name for the purchase. I was told that my shipment from Luna Wigs was on the way, that it would take express shipping 5-12 days. I hope that I will receive my product.
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  • Jan 11/04/2019 a 01:11

    I ordered brown and got gray. How can this company keep getting put on line and using Pay Pal?

  • LaVon 23/04/2019 a 02:05

    I placed an order April 9,2019. have yet to receive it. Is this a scam?
    is there any way to get money back after using PayPal?

  • Catherine 03/05/2019 a 19:24

    EveRealWigs is no better. I ordered two wigs, paid $48.75, got two ugly wigs, sent them back for a refund, to date, I'm still trying to get my money back.They got the wigs back, but I have not gotten a refund.

  • june 08/05/2019 a 19:54

    need to return a wig but cannot find any shipping details and address to return and claim my money back

  • Will 09/05/2019 a 23:04

    Here's what I think the Li Shi business plan consists of: They sell a picture of a wig for ~ $38, they ship you what is essentially a bag of hair from a local address (in my case it came from Peter Manning 1025 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210) to keep shipping costs low. When you contact them to complain, they inform you that for full refund you return the product and offer to let you keep the hair and refund 20% (~$5). They don't give you a return address yet. Continuing on, their next offer is 30% (~$11), and still no return address. Now I raise an issue thru Paypal, and they finally provide an address for return, "CaiYunXuan 1188,Wanling Apartment, 1st Floor, Xicheng Industrial Zone, Xixiang Section, 107 National Road, Longzhu... Leggi di più

  • Plum 14/05/2019 a 00:37

    I made a purchase on April 10 and up to now I can’t receive the hair

  • Rick 14/05/2019 a 07:18

    I purchased pants from them.

    Size way to small.

    Also offered $3 refund on $30 pants. A bunch of scammers.

  • Carole 22/05/2019 a 17:46

    I bought a blonde wig & got it. I was sent a second brown wig, which I returned. I was charged for both. I can not reach anyone to get a refund on wig NOT ordered! This is a SCAM for sure.

  • XXXX 31/05/2019 a 23:15


  • San 19/06/2019 a 00:23

    I never received my order. They offered 20% discount. For what? I never received it! I disputed the charge with my bank.

  • Elsie Thompson 24/07/2019 a 15:25

    good morning this is Elsie i order a wig and on july 5th they they took 25.98 out my a ccount and they send me a message that the wig was on its way i havent receive it yet so your need to send it or im takeing further action.

    from Elsie Tthompson

  • Elsie Thompson 24/07/2019 a 15:34

    your needs to send the wig or im takeing further today your needs to close your business if this is a scam your needs to mail my refund 25.98 because i done close my account so your wont go back in my account Elsie Thompson 4006 courthouse rd Heathsville va 22473

  • chef 13/12/2019 a 15:38

    i ordered from them , ordered 3 in fact received them 4 weeks later but they are ugly and very very invoice inside to return them..sent 2 answer, now have involved paypal..the company answered and suggested I take a partial reund as it would cost more than $20 to return..I paid $118 andthey offered a $20 refund instead to save me having to mail them back!!!!!

    are they nuts.? so i reused and said i want full refund..also told them no invoice in package to return now awaiting info on how to send them back, evidently the address on the envelope is not their return center..will keep you updated...if any of you used paypal get them involved !!

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