Social network truffa : +85253885997 showed a front lace wig that was brunette/bla


Pseudonimoshowed a front lace wig that was brunette/bla
Url / Sito
Telefono+852 5388 5997 (ou 0085253885997) (Ulteriori informazioni)
Contenuto della truffaThey show these gorgeous wigs that are suppose to be front laced with
human hair as the description of the material in the wig,
.What I got was some half done wig that looked like a costume wig.
The number is also bogus. I don't want my card charged fraudulently.
I have no recourse to send this back for a refund.
I tuoi commenti / analisiThis is a scam for sure and I am so sorry I fell for it...Just do not want anyone else to be scamed.
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  • +852 5388 5997
PaeseR.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong
ComuneR.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong
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