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Contenuto della truffaDear customer,
Thanks a lot for your patience.
We are glad to inform you that the goods have been shipped.
We have sent your order by EMS which will take 6-30 days.
The tracking no is ********
Please check the status through the link:
Please wait patiently, too.
Best regards!
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I tuoi commenti / analisiI ordered a fujifilm ice blue insta mini camera in February from them. They sent it from China to Hermanus, South Africa. Instead I got a cheap bracelet. (24 April 2019)
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  • Jacko 23/05/2019 a 12:05

    I was sorry to find this out. I ordered Lego from this company and as I read other comments it’s clear it was a scam. The company confirmed receiving my order and promised to dispatch after 6 day I believe. No goods arrived they gave me a tracker number saying the items got lost in post. Offered my 41% refund. I insisted they send me what they had regarding Lego products. Made excuses that out of stock wrong colour not full kits etc. On pushing again I was told they had nothing with regard to Lego.

    I will email them today and try and accept the 41%refund. I will see hoe that works out. I am glade I did not pay a lot of money out. What is the world coming to.

  • Jennifer 16/08/2019 a 19:04

    I ordered running shoes, received the same messages, and received a scarf!

  • Hjjemlyy 27/08/2019 a 07:39

    Same her, ordered two pairr of Hoka shoes. Got a fake Gucci scarf..

  • Rona 17/09/2019 a 14:04

    I tried to order a Hobbs coat discounted to £50 from the website I found it easily through google, while searching for a coat.

    As soon as I'd made the purchase, I realised it was a scam. They advertise Barbour on the header to the website, but don't sell any Barbour clothing. The name of the website did not reflect what the site was selling. ('Home loans?') Their FAQ answers were suspiciously worded. The confirmation email I received on my order was partly in Chinese.

    I checked out some reviews and saw that the person in charge of swhomeloans runs multiple 'bait and switch' websites - scam retails that pretend to own items they do not possess, then they send you some cheap trinket weeks later and claim they were out of stock of your item, and do not refund you.... Leggi di più

  • Andrews 20/09/2019 a 14:22

    I ordered shower head and I received shawl.
    Yes it's a scam!

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