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Contenuto della truffaPurchased a pair of Birkenstock sandals from this site for a total of $27.42. My bank account immediately reflected international charges of $30.29 AND $34.68 from a vendor called EPL*ZUCOSI CO
I tuoi commenti / analisiScammer used add for discounted footwear to obtain payment info and make faulty transactions to victim's accounts, taking more money than the purchase cost with no intention of sending the item purchased.
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  • kapitan 14/05/2019 a 09:38

    I have buy a piece for 4,95€ and immediately my account was lighter for 48,9€

  • Elena 14/05/2019 a 09:53

    I confirm, I purchesd for 60 euros and charged 80 euros, I did not receive the goods and they did not anwer my contact mail.

    • Ayu 10/07/2019 a 09:37

      have you contact their Cs by chat ?
      I feel the same as you yesterday, I do chat them and they answer it. they said will refund my money. even if I doubt it but I still wait beccause they said will refund on july 28th. hope it real.

    • drfahadkhan 02/08/2019 a 09:14

      similar website gave me 31st july but no any response even website is not responding... now my bank may not accept my dispute request..

  • tiidii 14/05/2019 a 21:47

    Yes. I bought a dress 33,65€ and my account has charged 39,25 and 44,94€. I do not believe I never get the dress.

  • Oshikuru 14/05/2019 a 23:14

    I've tried to bought and Ebike. They ad said you only had to pay the shipment, as it was a giveaway. The total amount was USD14,91. In the end I was immediately charged twice in YUAN. 366, 66¥ and 322,44¥ respectively. When you convert it is more than USD100 and they do not respond my email. All the scam started due to Facebook ad, which redirected me to the website. The site stills on now as it happened today, May, the 14#

    • Ayu 10/07/2019 a 09:40

      i feel you. me too dollar the price only 3 dollar but they charge me $130 without notification.

  • Hicham Rxo 15/05/2019 a 13:33

    There have been fake sites Nike, Adidas, North Face, etc .. It is therefore necessary to count with it now, creatd the 11th of May in China, reproduced in a completely fraudulent and industrial way

    No, no, no, beware of, and especially their ads that are found on Facebook and Instagram, which are legally dissociated from the content of these scams

  • Maria 20/05/2019 a 09:24

    I was scammed two unauthorized use of my debit card can a bank help us to fight the fraudulent act of scammers??? Or bring back the money to our accounts

  • Michelle 26/05/2019 a 01:42

    I was scammed for Northface Clothing. Immediately charged credit card with another amount. Stating they are outlet store in the US. No contact for email enquires. Facebook advert for

  • Jayden Marc 26/05/2019 a 14:56


  • Aini 28/05/2019 a 09:57

    Happen to me as well..I ordered 2 bags for Rm129 and I was charged rm152.75.and I did not receive my bags...there were no emails informing about the transaction.The website that I surfed was made to epl zucosi co.

  • tony 30/05/2019 a 16:56

    I was charged twice for an item $59US 2 amounts of $96AUS and $106AUS by "EPL*ZUCOSI CO". Tried to contact them but they are bogus. Cannot log into their website to check if my item was shipped. I think the item is kaput. I'm going to check with the bank tomorrow to see if I can recuperate my money.

  • Craig 31/05/2019 a 10:48

    I was stupid to believe a Salomon shoe sale at 80% and spent $60 but charged $68. shoes not sent and refused to answer any emails. I only just realised when the money went to Zucosi on bank statement and I googled their name

  • Hicham Rxo 31/05/2019 a 13:12

    it's a rare way of hacking more money than we decided to do this, and it's the definition of swindle, that means "overscam"
    > you must see this with your bank and your insurance !

  • Colin 05/06/2019 a 00:44

    I bought a watch for an advertised price and then my account was charged $86.56 which was not mentioned in the ad.

  • Kiran kumar 05/06/2019 a 16:39

    I ordered a watch with the amount $4, after generate the billing total $90 charged, so if u have to know any ifo about this then conact by mail id

  • cintia 14/06/2019 a 19:03

    e com quem fala sobre isso e uma fraude por eles nao responde nenhum e mail

  • Pal from Hungary 19/06/2019 a 11:09

    I ordered a Nike Air Max shoes on 07/June, I was charged by around 120 EURO ( 484,54 CNY + 542,19 CNY ). I have not received the shoes yet and I sent 3 emails but no answers at all ! I will report it to all available website. I want to get my money back !! Pls help anybody who has experience with this seller ( seems they are in China ) and advise what can be done in this fraud case ?

  • Pal from Hungary 19/06/2019 a 11:11

    web page is:

  • Vikki 21/06/2019 a 11:34

    Everything is a scam if no phone number to contact them...never trust that either ...but most places businesses that are legit have phone contact.

  • Chrissie 22/06/2019 a 20:59

    Ordered a Phase Eight dress three weeks ago and have never received it. There were no order confirmation or tracking no. given. My account was charged five pounds more than it should have been so changed my bank card. I have sent e-mails but received no reply to any of them. As stated by others, there wasn't a telephone no. or any other way to contact them. When I followed the company up it turned out to be a furniture warehouse in China - not Phase Eight.

  • Vanderley 25/06/2019 a 15:04

    Comprei uma patinete elétrico numa promoção tava saindo muito barato, e apareceu em meu cartão duas compras R469.00 R350,00 no banco onde tenho o cartão disseram que só a Mastercard pode cancelar a compra pois isso é desacordo comercial, não respondem e-mail e nem chat golpe mesmo.

  • Marina 25/06/2019 a 18:34

    Заказала посуду T-fal. Купила по объявленной цене! Списали с карточки 487.71CNY!!!!! Я не получила посуду, отправила 5 электронных письма, но ответов нет вообще! Есть ли возможность вернуть свои деньги?

  • Hicham Rxo 26/06/2019 a 14:47

    linked to a nightmare email,

    search in google : you do not use to add "scam" to find hundreds of scammed people by these chinese crooks..

  • Jane 03/07/2019 a 09:47

    This is scam!!

  • F 03/07/2019 a 11:19

    I ordered 2 North Face jackets.

    Immediately was charged twice by 2 different Chinese addresses.
    I contacted my bank and had my credit card cancelled.
    3 weeks later a parcel with the tracking number (that was for the jackets) arrives.
    The parcel contained "Gucci" sunglasses (with a price of $15 on the package).
    I have contacted bank to try and recoup my money. Problem is I saved the scammers emails in spam, and the emails have now automatically deleted, so not much proof except my bank balance.
    This scam was on facebook. Lots of other big name brands also advertised.
    SCAM all the way ????

    • Hicham Rxo 10/07/2019 a 15:24

      totally a scam....

      search this damned name in Google : it will confirm this.

  • Birendra bouria 16/07/2019 a 10:41

    I have purchase a projector vankyo native 1080 p. Payment done excess than showing amount. Delivery not received till date. Please do something and reply me on

  • Ryan 16/07/2019 a 14:05

    I ordered Asics shoes at Php 1,500 plus. My credit card was charged twice for a total amount of P3,800 plus.

  • Traktera 16/07/2019 a 15:21

    W A R N I N G ! I bought two perfumes which I never received. The compmany does not reimburse my costs. Costumer service 24 h/day. Haha!!I What a scam and bluff!

  • Asuman 23/07/2019 a 09:19


  • dimitris 23/07/2019 a 09:32

    ORDERED A Liverpool CL tshirt and they sent a canadian scarf too

  • Mercia 20/08/2019 a 15:15

    I purchased a Dyson hairdryer in June 2019 and was also charged more on my account than what it was advertised for. I have been sending numerous emails to the email address, but have not received any reply.

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