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PseudonimoSara Garcia
Url / Sito
Contenuto della truffaSCAM - Advanced payment for a rented flat in Barcelona
I tuoi commenti / analisiI booked a apartment for Barcelona via the Internet page (not existing any longer) and paid the money upfront based on the signed contract of the agency Dream Travel Barcelona to a Privatperson in Madrid (called Karen Franchesca Chavez Falconi). No contact since 1 week + no communication to anybody possible + the Internet page doesn´t exist any longer.
The contact Name was Sara Garcia - the Name is sililar to another mentioned scam in the Forum unter !!!
My bank Manager is informed but if the amount was already credited to the spanish account is it gone. A announcement at the Police will follow right now. Any further things i can do?
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  • darrent 22/05/2019 a 11:07

    Hi, I am also a victim of this scam, through Exclusive Spain travel.vthe same name Sara Garcia, but I was asked to pay to an account in Madrid. Same result, have a booking agreement but the site has disappeared mid April and I've lost €1100. Hope you have luck in tracking them down.didnt realize that the visit spain site was fraudulent too.there is a Facebook page called dream travel Barcelona, I have messaged them as they are mentioned in my booking agreement but they obviously deny any knowledge. Good luck in chasing them down

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