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5 commenti

  • Billiejo Ewer 12/06/2019 a 23:57

    I purchased a kyak they have taken the money out of my account. I have sent a couple of email with no luck

  • Margaret 15/06/2019 a 22:18

    I have purchased a kayak they charged me for 3 of them and took the money out more than they were suppose to. I've sent emails but no replies. What can I do in regards to getting the money back in my account? Who do I contact regarding this site of scaming? It saud would have kayaKS in 4-5 days and it's been 10 days. I ordered it in June 5, 2019.

  • Tommy 17/06/2019 a 15:23

    I ordered 2 Kayaks on June 08. I received zero correspondence. I opened a dispute with paypal June 16. to get my money back. Seller responded with a brand new USPS tracking # dated June 17. I've never seen the post office ship a 13 foot Kayak before. I have very little faith that this is legit.

  • PhD 20/06/2019 a 18:31

    I don't know about but I went on kayak store and it seems to be routing me around with my password and email and won't let me purchase the kayak for $99 so I'm not sure if this is a scam

  • Odell61 14/07/2019 a 00:13

    After ordering on the 9th and the 11th for kayaks FLASH SALE $99 my communication has been null. I should have known better but they really made a site this time... And to and PayPal in the mix sure made it feel real. I wonder if anyone has contacted PayPal yet?
    yea! I did a few emails to.

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