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BEST SALES-Beautiful Curly Hair Wig (50% OFF) - BROWN$19.88
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7 commenti

  • Lintmp 30/07/2019 a 22:36

    My Mother that has passed away purchased a wig on May 9,2019 .She was trying to return the wig because it wasn't the right color. She never got a response and now I'm trying to return the wig in her name

    Invoice ID c63225455519844.1 synthetic wig/shaded biscuit

    the price was $39.76 + $2.99 FOR SHIPPING I would appreciate a response

  • Darlene 24/09/2019 a 21:41

    Its a scam you will never get your money back, may as well donate the wig

  • teeteeeee 10/12/2019 a 16:44

    scam scam scam so sorry I also was taken by these scamers

  • Susan Matson 11/01/2020 a 19:58

    I have had the same results with this company. They are very much in the business of selling cheap wigs that in no way resemble what you ordered and then requiring YOU to send the wig back to China to get a refund! The shipping charges are as much or more than you paid for the wig and my research has shown that they have multiple addresses and will state it was never received, so no refund! The seem to be a well organized "scam" company that is making a ton of money on unsuspecting Americans and PayPal for one is supporting their requirement to send the awful wig back to them at the buyer's expense. There are similar complaints on LISSH CO LTD all over the internet. They have and are doing business under different names such as Leggi di più

  • Patti Faulkner 19/02/2020 a 15:27

    I want to return four wigs they sent I only order one I can not get in touch with them with what direction I go in can you help. I call PayPal with no help. HELP PLEASE, I cannot throw away money like that. The wig was not what I order any way. PayPal has already made 2 payment them.

  • erin 19/02/2020 a 16:20

    my mom also received 2 wigs that were nothing like the picture shown. please reply with instructions to get them returned and refunded

  • Monica Jones 30/04/2020 a 01:51

    Purchased a wig and havent received it at all.



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