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PseudonimoChristine Bill
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Contenuto della truffaTakes forever to send goods. Finally sent the goods when I started a PayPal dispute.
I received their so-called “tactical waterproof” pants in two packages from China, although their website state that their company is located at 16 St Martin’s Le Grand St Paul’s, London, United Kingdom, EC 1A 4EN.
The pants were of much inferior quality from what was advertised. I purchase these pants because they were supposed to be able to stretch when I climb in them. The video illustrates that the knees should be able to bend fully when the hips are fully flexed (as in a knee kick).
But when I am wearing these pants, I can’t even bend my knees beyond 15 degrees when my hips are slightly flexed. The range of motion was very restrictive, and the pants disallow any athletic activity in them. The website touted these pants as “perfect for trekking, hiking, climbing.” But I can’t even lift my knees up to make any meaningful climbing activity.
Besides, the “waterproof” pants were poorly made. The pants actually absorb water, but it was supposed to be waterproof.
Some belt loops on the pants were missing, so a belt cannot be properly worn.
Very lousy material was used to make the pants.
I tuoi commenti / analisiI believe this seller is selling inferior products, using a bait and switch tactic to cheat their customers.
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  • Stefan 09/07/2019 a 22:54


  • Max 11/07/2019 a 21:24

    Christine Bill -
    Online scam; They post fake ads and make false statements to PayPal that they shipped an item. No item was ever shipped and they refused to refund, instead they post false statements and try to stretch payment dispute with a bank to a few months, to the point where you miss 48-hour reply window or forget to respond and they win the case.

  • Frank 28/07/2019 a 20:01

    bestellt und bezahlt war ein stromtrooper helm incl elektronik! geliefert wurde eine übel stinkende gummimaske in schlechtester verarbeitung!


  • fujijama 31/07/2019 a 00:21

    ich bin leider auf das Angebot reingefallen, hätte vorher nachlesen sollen...
    hab die Bestellung storniert, mal schauen ob sie darauf reagieren. Wie stehen die Chancen bei Paypal zu reklamieren?

  • OG 07/08/2019 a 12:36

    Tip: Never admit to receiving item from these scammers as they will make you pay for return postage for their junk before they refund. Say it didn't arrive, bin the item, and get a refund that way.
    I made the mistake of saying i had the item and they wanted a ridiculous amount for return postage which they should be liable for legally.

    Their return address doesn't work anyway as months later the trousers came back to my house! I did get a refund but only through a paypal dispute and paypal covered the cost of the return postage.

  • Rusty 27/08/2019 a 05:02

    I bought a product from them but have not receive any information that it has been sent.

  • James 07/10/2019 a 12:39

    This is a complete scam. Product took 20 days to arrive and then it arrives with Chinese packaging and labeling I can't even understand. The pants ARE NOT as advertised and are of the cheapest material. They say they are water proof, tears proof, etc. but it's actually the direct opposite of that. Not only this - the pants are 2 sizes too small! They advertise that they are based out of the UK, but then you receive an inferior product from God knows where in China. When expressing these concerns, they tell you just give the product to someone else because and we'll give you a discount of 15% off for a new item. They tell you if you want to send it back, you need to pay over $20 USD. Believe me, this seller is selling inferior products,... Leggi di più

  • Tony 08/10/2019 a 16:02

    Similar to above, product not as described and cost to return would be as much as the crap product.
    Went through Pay Pal resolution center to no avail.

  • kunde 0816 08/10/2019 a 17:52

    ebenfalls darauf reingefallen große Wwerbung in Facebook, koomplett anders Modell verschickt das absolut minderwertigst verarbeitet ist, selbst aldi würde sich schämen so eine Minderwertige Ware für 5 euro zu verkaufen. Taucht als Scollor Scolor als Christine Hill als Firstloli auf alles der selbe Betrug. Paypal ist das total egal sie haben Ihre Gebühren und das wars. man darf höchstens hoffen 15 euro rabatt auf den viel zu hohen preis zu bekommen auf hosen die man nicht will (auch noch die falsche Größe geschickt) oder auf eigene Kosten zurückzuschicken. dann gibts evtl. den halben betrag zurück (weil die nadeere hälfte für Versand draufgegangen ist Finger weg - alles was tactical pants angepreisen wird ist Betrug! mittlerw... Leggi di più

  • kunde 0816 08/10/2019 a 21:10

    ebenfalls darauf reingefallen große Wwerbung in Facebook, komplett anders Modell verschickt das absolut minderwertigst verarbeitet ist, selbst aldi würde sich schämen so eine Minderwertige Ware für 5 euro zu verkaufen. Taucht als Scollor Scolor als Christine Hill als Firstloli auf alles der selbe Betrug. Paypal ist das total egal sie haben Ihre Gebühren und das wars. man darf höchstens hoffen 15 euro rabatt auf den viel zu hohen preis zu bekommen auf hosen die man nicht will (auch noch die falsche Größe geschickt) oder auf eigene Kosten zurückzuschicken. dann gibts evtl. den halben betrag zurück (weil die nadeere hälfte für Versand draufgegangen ist Finger weg - alles was tactical pants angepreisen wird ist Betrug! mittlerwe... Leggi di più

  • Graham 07/11/2019 a 12:49

    Absolute scam. Same story, waterproof pants received way too small. The email they sent stated it would cost me more to return the pants than a refund. The address the item was shipped from is 20 minutes away and it also took over 3 weeks to receive. Opening a paypal dispute.

  • Bombsquardon 14/11/2019 a 08:14

    This company sucks. I shared same experience as yours and had raised the case to paypal.

  • Kay 16/11/2019 a 23:42

    I bought an "ultimate lens hood" through this company. It arrived. Was completely different from what was advertised. Put in claim with PayPal. Their internet complaint system is down. I even rang them up and was assured by someone on the phone that my case had been updated. I then get an email from PayPal telling me my case had been closed because I had no provided updated information. So go figure that one. You do the right thing and return fake goods only to be screwed by PayPal. As for this company, my dealings with them was not good at all. Make up your own mind, but I would never buy anything from them again.

  • Gregory 17/11/2019 a 00:19

    brought a telescopic lens for my i phone,did not work as advertised,image is blurred,will not stay in place on i phone,after reading comments do not think am going to even try to return said item.

  • Juan 19/11/2019 a 04:19

    HE comprado un reloj el 23 de octubre y hasta este momento no recibo ninguna información respecto al envío de este, voy a esperar hasta fin de mes para presentar mi reclamo a Pay Pal, que es como pagué y confié porque anteriormente compre dos relojes que si me llegaron.

  • regis 03/12/2019 a 13:45

    Tried to buy a 25$ fishing magnet from them, I only wish I'd seen this page sooner...
    5 weeks later I'd still received nothing. I open a Paypal dispute, those scammers send me a tracking ID that showed the package was put in my mailbox like 2 weeks earlier (I've never received anything, even though I order almost all of my shit online and never had a delivery problem other than the occasional delay). So of course Paypal closed the dispute and those fucking chinks get away with my money ! :(
    Oh well, at least it wasn't such a big amount...

  • Coco123 13/12/2019 a 20:39

    This “seller” is definitely a scam. I have been going back and forth with them for months now, even opened a dispute with PayPal and Paypal is taking their side having me pay for return shipping. Of course I am not going to do that, and I will no longer be allowing my transactions to be placed through PayPal anymore.

  • Nicola 20/12/2019 a 22:31

    Really looked forward to fiance opening this gift on Christmas day, it's crap not like the picture these people are scammers STAY AWAY from them. Payed £20 for a fishing lure that was ment to charge up and moove about charge by USB, but its just a cheep fishing lure that didn't come with what it said it came with. I could have bought from a fishing shop for about £6. Really dissatisfied

  • Joseph 22/12/2019 a 12:55

    I also was scammed by this so called company. The pants were to small and after sending several emails to the company to return and refund my purchase, they keped offering, at first ten dollars then fifteen and recently fifty dollars to try to satisfy me? DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS????? My advice!

  • Missy 27/12/2019 a 06:06

    I ordered a smart robot.havent recieved and its confuding for both and this gary@hon somrthing both confirmed my response to me asking for a refund

  • Natalie 08/01/2020 a 14:36

    This fucker Christine Bill now has a new scam website selling NBA basketball players’ figurines at for Usd 50 - 60 after 50% discount. I got the name Christine Bill from my PayPal transaction details. The real website who genuinely sell those is “Enterbay” . I thought I bought the Michael Jordan with super cheap price and end up being conned By this fucker and not sure wether will get my money back. Besttimely advertises their posts of selling these figurines all over my fb and instagram after the system recognised I was interest in their post. And I got scammed By this ducking asshole and team. They blocked me on fb and deleted my comments. I could not warn anyone.

  • Niklas 14/01/2020 a 13:51

    Yes, there scammers. They have more pages, like the

  • Maz 25/01/2020 a 14:14

    Ibling phone cover nothing more than plastic “gems” glued unevenly onto plastic phone cover. Had better items from wish for £1 instead of the $26 paid for this crap. Currently raised dispute with PayPal. DO NOT USE. wish I had read these first

  • rob 12/03/2020 a 17:28

    It's a scam. Sellers from Aliexpress are trying to sell directly now. Many using turn-key e-commerce websites like Shopify. Accepting PayPal but operating in such a way that they can side-step any buyer protection policies. Can't do anything about it because they are in China and just have to offer returns, not actually take them due to high shipping prices from the US to China. Websites are misleading but honest enough that if you don't read between the lines you would think your buying a product from a US warehouse at least.

  • Silvia 01/04/2020 a 22:28

    Yes these pants are not waterproof & as no stretch at all.

  • Lesley gibbs 05/04/2020 a 09:50

    Same happened to me, l bought a hair curler, they sent a cheap hair straightener, no joy from them or paypal. Trying to get in touch with PayPal to ask them not to let them use PayPal because they offer no protection at all.

  • Steve Calvert 17/04/2020 a 00:00

    My complaint is the same as all of the above. I ordered pants that took so long to get here that I totally forgot that I had ordered them. When they finally arrived they were nothing like the advertisement. I contacted the company via email and their response was “It will cost you at least 20 US dollars to send them back so why don’t you give them away or sell them to someone else?”

  • Nick 17/04/2020 a 11:49

    I had exactly the same experience with these scammers. I bought 4 pairs of tactical waterproof pants and when they arrived they were very very poor quality and nothing like described on the advert. They refused full refund so I opened a dispute with Paypal but they were no help at all. Im throwing the product in the bin and Im almost £90 out of pocket.

  • Catchya 27/04/2020 a 09:25

    Scam chinese fuckwiths. Tried the same shit with me. Wrote an Email to cncel the order, Lilly (her name) said to give them a reason or cost for storage, administration, etc. would be charged. Not with me, I bite when you treaten me, I never walk away. Couldn´t stop the paypal payment because instead of reacting on my mail, they send the items. You can tell your bank not to take the money, I did na it worked. The payment was done by paypal on the 24th. Just took backthat money. What kind of assholes they are. Shop is called Eminlia and it was a commercial on fb which is also a scam and a liar, but that´s another case..

  • Mitch 02/05/2020 a 21:42

    I Orderd a coin and haven't received it I'm out over $20. tracking # does not work????

  • tesia 11/05/2020 a 17:04

    i ordered pants from u my order number is#51835 i want my pant ....i will give you 1 week from today 5/11/14 tmiles look up rest to ship you got my address..

  • Al 13/05/2020 a 21:44

    Orderd Sliver dollar collection haven't heard any????????????????????but was charged to my account

    • Lenettoyeur 28/05/2020 a 23:06

      On ? Never received mine.

  • Stephen 20/05/2020 a 22:57

    How is this still going on? It's legal to do this and get away with it?

  • Peggy 29/05/2020 a 02:29


    i will never buy from internet ads again, based on these comments. I just sent them,, an email requesting a return and refund of an E Watch I bought from them. I followed instructions and copies of invoice, USPS tracking and letter from their company. I contacted their company just minutes after submitting my order. I has a funny feeling this was not what I wanted and tried to cancel order. I did not even open the watch package to confirm what was inside. it will be interesting to see what they do.

  • Doreen 06/06/2020 a 19:19

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!! Unbelievable that this so called company is STILL able to advertise and get orders!! I see the first scam comment back in July 2019 and I purchased a playpen tent just 2 weeks ago from them, not knowing this has been going on!!! I WILL be reporting them, posting on Facebook to all my friends and will have them share the posts for all their friends,etc. I will also contact Facebook. I'm very upset about the money lost, it was an expensive lesson, but definitely a lesson LEARNED!!

  • CultAnnthro 15/06/2020 a 17:45

    Scammed! I ordered exercise stretch bands after 2 months received handles only and offer to return them for the sum of $20 USD and 1 `15% refund. Totally disingenuous letter. Bought item under the name Tregrens only later did ChristienBill and Gary, etc show up.
    Thus far Paypal has proved that they will be the bakers for this with no resolution in sight.

  • CultAnnthro 15/06/2020 a 17:46

    Sending Chinese consulate a letter is this company emblematic of the lack of integrity in the way companies based in China should be expected to operate?

  • Boyd 15/06/2020 a 20:29

    I ordered what was supposed to be an Apple Watch series 3. What I received was a cheap smart watch from China. I won’t be buying anything else from any company with so called special offers. I’ll stick to getting what I want from places where I can see what I’m buying is genuine. This is the first and the last time I’m getting scammed.

  • Jackel 17/06/2020 a 08:03

    Absolutely a scam. The tracking number provided doesn’t work. Currently in a dispute with PayPal. Do not order from them.

  • Cem 18/06/2020 a 23:00

    Wirklich Er ist ein Verbrecher.Habe eine IOS Swatch Uhr gekauft,genau wie Kinderspielzueg.Ich versuche das Teil zurück schicken leider nicht geschafft,ich Beschwerde direkt PayPal.

  • Shaun 22/06/2020 a 12:49

    Total scammers, PayPal needs to stop working with them.
    I went back and forth with them after 3 months and the tracking number showed the product was still in China.
    They always reply be patient the product is on its way.
    so I raised a PayPal complaint which took over a month, then I sent the PayPal team the link to these reviews, I had my refund soon after.

  • Peter 22/06/2020 a 15:07

    Achtung Finger weg!!! Bin auf Facebook-Werbung reingefallen. Sollte Modell/Bausatz von Lego Motorrad "Ducatti " sein. Modell wurde auch geliefert, aber minderwertiges fertiges chinesiches Modell, welches ich nie bestellt hätte.

  • CHERYL 22/06/2020 a 17:42

    Total scam!! I ordered an anamatronic toy and i got a plastic toy. They are a total bait and switch scam group.


  • Wayne 23/06/2020 a 12:16

    Dangerous company! Why Paypal continues to allow them to use their service is beyond me. Bait and switch scamming company. Bought two hammock chairs and received one standard camp chair. This company needs to be taken down!!!

  • Auntie Em 26/06/2020 a 22:33

    I ordered two sweet camping chairs and received one small kid sized chair that was completely unsafe to sit in. Advertised as made in America. It was shipped into NY from China. Scammed. PayPal better make this right????. Will be calling my credit card and filing fraud claim as well

  • Pablo 27/06/2020 a 18:31

    I ordered two reclining camp chairs and received two little kids chairs. I ordered on May 21st and received the "bait and switch" chairs on June 23rd. The company rep suggested I give the chairs to a a friend or family member, when I emailed my complaint. They also stated I could return the chairs, at my expense, to their company in "England", but I would pay the postage. Looks like a company in China.

  • Brendan 28/06/2020 a 21:13

    I got scammed by this mob. They stole advertising video from Nemo Equipment then do a bait and switch and send you junk. All sorts of silly suggestions like I sell the Junk to a friend to recoup losses.

  • Alan Freedy 02/07/2020 a 02:23

    Scam stay away from this company. Given me the run around for 3 months. Paypal are looking into them for me.

  • Khristine 02/07/2020 a 10:37

    In April of this year, I ordered a Baby Yoda doll through an ad on Instagram. I paid $49.99 for the item and was looking forward to giving the gift to my nephew for his birthday in May. But nothing. A whole month went by so I emailed and asked about the delay. They responded the next day in the middle of the night, saying it was shipped out, sent me some screenshot with a tracking number through some shipping company (17track) I had never heard of. At the time, it looked like maybe because of COVID it was a shipping issue. But then another month passed and nothing with the tracking had changed. As a matter of fact, I tried the tracking number associated with this 17track site, and on FedEx it said that only the shipping... Leggi di più

  • Sharon 10/07/2020 a 08:55

    I purchased a Baby Yoda Anitronic toy and I received a hand plastic puppet I was furious I sent photos and demanded my money back but of course being a scam I doubt I will receive anything back

    These people need to be STOPPED they send items nothing like the description that is advertised and then they don't even acknowledge they have sone anything wrong

    Absolutely Disgusting and unacceptable

  • Martin 15/07/2020 a 14:52

    this company needs to shut down, I received fake coins. does international law apply here

  • LH 26/07/2020 a 03:46

    In the midst of a PayPal dispute with them as we speak. Admitted to sending the wrong item, and what they did send didn’t even work. They’re offering a 40% refund, which I’ve declined. PayPal needs to shut them down.

  • Ben 29/07/2020 a 16:20

    Bought a camp chair from them. They sent something absolutely inferior and half the size.

  • Ron 31/07/2020 a 04:20

    I ordered the following: A garden bag kneeler and seat from pamonny (Christine Bill gary@ on July 4th. of 2020 and I received a sponge pad and a plastic bag only, I did not receive the metal frame that both those items would be attached to. The date of arrival was August 28th 2020. I am sure that this is a scam and I am very disappointed that PayPal continues to be a part of their operation (in the method use to collect their funds). I will be extra careful before I ever use PayPal again.

  • Rachel 01/08/2020 a 05:50

    I bought 2 smartwatches from them. When I got one of them was broken. I emailed them back and they said they would refund me 15% of the value and asked me to “at least” leave a good review for them. Really??? If I knew I was buying something from China I had not done this. And I also have to tell the quality of the watches are really bad.

  • Phill 04/08/2020 a 22:04

    Still scamming and PayPal letting them get away with it, they use Facebook ads to lure in customers, the dirty ching chongs

  • Mildred 05/08/2020 a 00:20

    I ordered a Garden Kneeler...the pkg took forever to arrive from China and all it was, was a foam pad, No frame. Seller was Bell. Have checked and l see that this is a scam, why is this allowed to continue.

  • Red 05/08/2020 a 20:21

    Took over a month to get it and it's not what I ordered nor was it worth $96 for two large ones. I do not recommend at all. They have very poor customer service and they can't write proper English. Contacting them is only via email, there is no number. Even the instructions said call customer service with issues...guess what, no number provided. I tried to cancel my order after about a week of placing it and nothing received...they just kept telling me to "Be Patient", an email I received on 7/10 said"Takes 3-5 days to ship" (I my placed order on 7/2/20 for my dad's bday that was on the 7/24), "Now out of stock". I reported to PayPal on ..they supposedly did an investigation....never heard back. Shipment arrived today...8/3/20, an entire... Leggi di più

  • Bob 08/08/2020 a 23:28

    Total scam, impossible to deal with, BUY NOTHING FROM THEM.

  • Lori 10/08/2020 a 18:29

    I ordered a kneeling bench from them in July, I received a package in August that only had half of what I ordered. Only the two pads and pockets came in. There was no frame. Upon dispute of an incomplete item Gary@honwin replied that this is what I ordered and I should check the the options they have in their store. I have requested the frame or a full refund. Also notified PayPal of the dispute. I do agree that this is a scam. I doubt I will get any satisfaction.

  • KJAER 12/08/2020 a 11:28

    I ordred a motorcycle bag from them - via the webpage - and recieved a totally different bag. Not useable at all - and only half size. Mailed with their "customers service" - and a long mail correspondance started, where only solution was just offering discounts of 10-50%.
    I couldn't explaind that i was not interesseted. I have rapported the problem to PayPal - and are waiting for a solution.

  • Drd 16/08/2020 a 05:34

    These motherfuckers are ridiculous. Started a claim with PayPal. They gave me 16 bucks back. Was supposed to be $40.

  • Pete 29/08/2020 a 14:58

    paypal allowing this MFer to keep on doing this. WTF? I tell them no product was ever delivered and they tell me be patient out of stock. Paypal lets hit happen for years it looks like. Fuck China and fuck paypal

  • Sashi Autar 10/09/2020 a 07:12

    Yep looks like I have been done too. Been over 2 months now no goods. Wont respond to emails. Transaction has dis appeared from Paypals register so I am thinking Paypal have done this to cut their losses. Its the second time Paypal have defaulted on me. Now to cloe and delete the account and say bye bye Paypal. You are not much of a pal are you.

  • Tom 28/09/2020 a 18:07

    This is scam! Got an EMPTY parcel from . Opened claim with PayPal. The case was closed in my favour.



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