Truffa sentimentale : Sandrine Dubois


PseudonimoSandrine Dubois
Contenuto della truffaTypical fake Tinder account. Did not progress to requesting money, but account used stolen photos linked to other scams. Claimed to be French, around 30 years old, recently out of an eight year relationship, and interested in serious dating. She claimed to be a painter. She noted her height as 1m70 and her weight as 68 kg. She segued from Tinder to Google Hangouts.
I tuoi commenti / analisiThe scammer translated her responses into English. As a non-native French speaker, this seemed initially plausible. I cannot be sure of the person’s motives, but a cash scam seems most likely. Operates slowly. After two nights of conversation, no escalation to anything sexual or financial. Possibly after identity theft or even just lonely. I did not wait around to find out after learning the account was fake. Always reverse image search a person’s picture and search their email address.
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2 commenti

  • Julien 25/09/2019 a 17:37

    même problème en passant par tinder elle se fait passer pour une artiste il veut un contact Hangouts ou Messenger

  • Yougy 28/09/2019 a 16:35

    Idem. Elle est supposément une artiste vivant à Dijon, mais géo-localisation sur Paris. Elle écrit rapidement le premier message. Demande rapidement à passer sur Hangouts. Ça lui en touche une sans effleurer l'autre d'être signalé ici.

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