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Contenuto della truffaTruffa del 15/09/2019 - Addebito Carta di Credito per acquisto mai effettuato.
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4 commenti

  • Sergio 19/09/2019 a 19:49

    Buon giorno ho avuto un addebito anomalo durante un ordine con questa descrizione CHINAGPAY*YILURONGLTD ZHEJIANGSHENGN

  • VANDANA 20/09/2019 a 21:24

    They posted an ad for a T-fal set for a special sale price of $1.99 I fell for it. I went to purchase through the ad and it confirmed I am paying $1.99 special sale price all the way until the final receipt which instead gave me a total

    $69.43 I immediately tried to cancel by contacting the customer service email address. I got this response:Dear customer,Sorry to hear that you want to cancel the order.We did big discount of this product earlier, but the time and quota of people is limited.There is out of time and quota when you paid it, so we need to charge you original full price or part of it.We updated the information of the activity, but the system haven't changed, there may have a little problem on the site, hope you can understand.As we already shipped it out, can you consider keep it?Looking forward to your reply.Best regards!... Leggi di più

  • Manjit Singh 23/09/2019 a 23:45

    Hello wen come my order

  • Edeltraud 01/10/2019 a 14:22

    Mir wurden 2 verschiedene Beträge von der Kreditkarte bgebucht ohne daß ich etwas bestellt hatte.

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