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Contenuto della truffaAddebito su carta di credito senza nessuna avvertenza.
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  • Ron 20/11/2019 a 12:40

    I agree that this is a scam website.
    I signed up to receive a new IPhone and instead got charged for a motivational course.
    The website's contact telephone number (in France) cannot be connected and my credit card has been charged as I stupidly provided my credit card (Visa) details online.
    No invoice was ever provided and ne service was ever requested (or received).For your info, there are two IDENTICAL websites, namely, MUSCOST.COM and FORMINVO.COM.

  • Derek 26/02/2020 a 10:31

    I did not subscribe to or order anything originating in Europe but my credit card was debited monthly over 7 months ( converted from Euros) before I noticed and queried same with my bank who are trying to recover 2 months worth under a dispute procedure ( limited to last 60 days max) but the rest may be lost. I cancelled that credit card in case that number got used again. Lessons learnt.

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