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34 commenti

  • Michael 18/12/2019 a 12:35

    I have been scammed by this company

  • Nadine 19/12/2019 a 10:18

    me too. Got a wrong item and now they want me to pay the expensive shipping back or tell me to keep (and pay) the item they sent, which is a faked necklace.

  • Jason 21/12/2019 a 00:58

    Got a fake neckscarf from them

    Full blown scammers

  • Doris 23/12/2019 a 08:07

    received socks instead of boots and now they want 20€ for shipping and 40€, if i keep the socks - scam!

  • Ravinder 26/12/2019 a 01:46

    Yes they are wobblers(scammers), , paid 218 dollars for tools and sent me $10 worth cheap tshirt. Now making excuses of logistics and transportation fault.thats a big scam
    .this clientservicehome is controlled by a reseller name MR Liu Cheng registered in Czech Repulblic .

    • mrmima 19/03/2020 a 15:34

      Hi, Please send me any data you have about Mr. Lui Cheng, I am close to Czech republic and would love to investigate further. cheers

  • Candice 27/12/2019 a 15:41

    Was scammed by this company. I ordered a football jeresey for my son. Immediately my bank called with a fraud alert, showing 2 different charges for 10 dollars more than my item, one charge for the item and the other for a electronics website. I reported both as fraud and my bank declined the payments. I have just now received shipping information for the "item" I ordered.

  • Carlos 28/12/2019 a 12:21

    No quiero un cinturón para nada. Quiero que me devuelvan mi dinero completo.

    Ya te lo he dicho tres veces.
    Cuando tengo mi dinero????


  • 28/12/2019 a 18:02

    Мошенники, воруют деньги с карты, вместо дорогого товара присылают копеечную бижутерию

  • Dee 02/01/2020 a 18:19

    I ordered a chair from them and I get zero information back.. Gave me a tracking ID but nowhere to look it up... How do I get ahold of these people?

  • Emilycrimily 02/01/2020 a 22:32

    Does anyone know how to get in contact with these people? I ordered a pair of tennis shoes and received a scarf! The package says I paid $12 but my bank statement says I paid almost $40 I now can’t find their website or any contact information. I want my money back!

  • Emilycrimily 02/01/2020 a 22:35

    I sent an email back to the email that sent me my tracking ID and also another one that had sent me my order details/ name of the item delivery address. Someone please help me, need to get in contact with someone and need to dugout how to get my money back

  • Sas 06/01/2020 a 17:06

    I did order a coat and a jumper and received an awful fake Dior belt that they want me to keep. It says on the receipt I paid 12 USD but I paid £60. It's awful! Don't order!!!! Has anyone managed to get their money back? Or at least received what they've ordered? The replies I get from them seem like a google translated automated reply

  • Angie 17/01/2020 a 08:32

    same here scammed ordered 2 barbie dolls with horses£ 87 recieved some fake John Ford Sunglasses valued at £15 they offed for me to keep the glasses which i declined then starting by offering me 35% of my money back I have actually go them now wanting me to send the items back before they refund me my full money , I have contacted my bank who are also dealing with this for me

    the site I used was JGBENNETT.CO.UK

    but I have found several more sites all over the world this company uses and will be contacting customs and excise

  • Evelina Pendolino 20/01/2020 a 20:00

    On 02/01/2020 I ordered a bag that passed itself off as Liujo, instead I found myself at home after about 10 days 3 pairs of very poor socks; it is absolutely a scam.

    Furthermore, I did not receive any order confirmation email or any clarification of what happened.

  • Antonio 21/01/2020 a 22:26

    Compré unos zapatos a través de esta tienda china, y me mandan una bufanda de imitación. Reclamo y me dicen que ellos han enviado mi el paquete. Claro, me cobran los zapatos, y me mandan la bufanda que vale 1 euro.Una estafa integral

    • mcastera 23/01/2020 a 17:42

      Pues yo compré unos zapatos en una supuesta web de Camper pero me respondió una tienda china. Me enviaron un pañuelo, reclamé y me dijeron que me quedase el pañuelo de imitación y que también me devolverían el 45% del coste de mi pedido, pero sigo esperando esa devolución..

  • Celeste 02/02/2020 a 16:28

    I ordered some shoes for almost $100 and they sent me sunglasses instead. When I asked for a refund they stated that they couldn't give me the full amount back, because they were a promotional item. They told me they would refund me $37 and I have yet to see anything. Can we report them?

  • Nigel 14/02/2020 a 09:39

    100% scam been sent a scalf, instead of golf shoes. Now they're saying they're out of stock and willing to give a 37% refund. Utter cunts.

  • Vesela 18/02/2020 a 13:40

    I ordered from this site and received a scarf,
    reply from the same email,
    justify the mistake of the courier company, 100% absolute fraud.

    Мust be stopped!!!

  • thomas 26/02/2020 a 09:05

    I just had a similar issue .Ordered shoes... received the scarf and then a similar story, where they only offer 50% refund, referring to their own loss due to courier issues. Am trying to get card payment cancelled via my bank.

  • SILUP 26/02/2020 a 14:52

    A mi me ocurrió lo mismo. Máxima devolución un 45% que tampoco ha llegado.

  • pastrajo 05/03/2020 a 06:19

    The same, i pay 2 videogames figures and I received a Tom Ford fake sunglasses. The website dont works and they send emails with excuses. Sometimes they blocked the emails I sent to them. The only way is ask help to our bank.

    Lo mismo, pagué por 2 figuras de videojuegos y recibí unas gafas de sol falsas de marca Tom Ford. La web no funciona y en sus mails sólo ponen excusas, hasta me han bloqueado emails que les mandé a ellos. Lo único que se puede hacer es pedir ayuda a nuestro banco.

  • Madrid 07/03/2020 a 12:47

    Compré tres muñecas en la web y me mandaron una bufanda. La he devuelto y pedido reembolso y dicen que son víctimas de un fallo de correos solo pueden devolverme el 38% de lo que pagué. Estafadores internacionales organizados!!!

  • Bearsticks 08/03/2020 a 15:12

    It is the old adage in the book "that if something looks too good to be true it usually is", and I, like a lot of others fell for it hook line and sinker!!! I bought a bracelet for my wife which was advertised for $48 reduced from $399.00. What a steel, so I ordered it. First of all they said the could not ship it because they were on holiday! I complained and said that they should have said that on their order page. However they said don't worry it is now in the post. When the delivery came it was addressed to another person at my address and when I opened the package I found three pairs of socks allegedly Burberry, but likely counterfeit!! I have complained and demanded my full refund. And what do you know, they have now stopped... Leggi di più

  • Miriam 22/03/2020 a 17:57

    Scammers full stop as took money and given nothing in return

  • Terry 27/03/2020 a 15:42

    Same problem like the rest of you I ordered a pair of Ecco golf shoes and same I got a scarf. I asked for my money back they keep sending me order products to pick from and there is no prices on the products which are dearer than the original product .no question it's a scam .what can be done about these scammers

  • Ted 02/04/2020 a 11:53

    They pulled me too. I ordered my wife's shoes because they had a good price and full numbering and I got BURBERRY socks, obvious fakes. The package was addressed to my address but the name was Hanno Schade and the package was sent from Chen Zhijun Foshan .... China We were talking about holidays and a logistic error, they offer a 35% refund. I wanted to make my wife happy and there was no shoe number available in Europe
    Mnie też naciągnęli. Zamówiłem żonie buty bo mieli dobrą cenę i pełną numerację a dostałem skarpety BURBERRY ewidentne podróbki. Paczka była zaadresowana na mój adres lecz nazwisko było Hanno Schade i przesyłka od Chen Zhijun Foshan....China Była mowa o wakacjach i błędzie logistycznym, proponują zwrot 35% kwoty. Chciałem żonie zrobić przyjemność a w europie nie było już dostępnego numeru butów... Leggi di più

  • Roberta M. 05/04/2020 a 17:57

    Hello everybody, I'll tell you what happened to me because of this site .
    I ordered a couple of shoes air jordan 1 from this site because they had a good price paying 100€ and after about 3 weeks I received a fake burberry scarf. At the beginning I I thought that at the exchange center had confused my parcel with another person's parcel, so contact both China post and also Seprun site for an explanation of what happened. The china post site immediately told me that it was impossible for this exchange, and that I was possibly scammed and to contact the site where I placed the order, the Seprun site instead told me that he is sorry for what happened and that if I want to make an exchange between the scarf that came to my me with another pair of shoes. I rightly accept and shortly thereafter they sent me a site that... Leggi di più

  • BARBRA 22/04/2020 a 15:19

    Hi everyone, I have also been scammed. I bought a pair of Adidas and received a pair of fake sunglasses instead coming from China. After I placed the order, I received 2 emails, the first one right after the order from and another one a couple of days later with the tracking details. After I received the wrong parcel I tried to get in touch with the on this email address however they never got back to me. I read in some of the comments posted above that some of you actually managed to reach these people and in some cases to get a partial refund. May I ask everyone how you managed to reach them? Can you share the contact details you have used? In my case they have completely vanished.... Leggi di più

  • mcgiver 30/04/2020 a 18:28

    I too was scamed orderd tools got a scarf 88 dollar s

  • javi76 06/05/2020 a 19:26

    Tambien me han timado, compré 2 legos de Harry potter , a los 2 dias me descontaron los 43 euros que costaban, y 6 semanas despues he recibido una gorra .

  • anonymous12 21/05/2020 a 19:58

    luckily I didn't spend alot - but I spent £12 on a denim shirt and after 2 months I received a cheap looking scarf. I complained and they told me they can't send a new one because they were out of stock but I can swap for another shirt for a different site they gave my. None of them looked appealing to me so I just picked the best one I can find to recoup the money and they replied with the below; I have filed case with my bank so hopefully get my refund that way. Just remember to save every contact you have with them.

    Dear customer,

    Thanks for your email.

    We checked that the price of this item you chose is GBP60.

    The value of your order before is GBP12.0, so you should pay another GBP48 for the price difference.

    The item you ordered is a promotional product, and we did a big discount before.... Leggi di più

  • Steviep 04/06/2020 a 15:36

    Oh dear, seems I have fallen foul of this. Ordered Lego Millennium Falcon in a flash sale advertised on Facebook for the kids as it was £26 (plus £20 P&P). Sent tracking details, followed it, chased up a couple of times as it has been 2 months and they replied from the address This morning I got clearly their favourite at the moment - 3 pack of Burberry socks (all different sizes). Checked the tracking and my Lego item has now been delivered.....NOT. I am not sure how to get the money back but I emailed them straight away and will see what the response is.......very grumpy and upset kids in lockdown

  • JeffT 04/06/2020 a 19:56

    Absolute scam. I bought a pair of trainers through Speedyapparel which transpires to be these people. Paid over £40 and waited 3 weeks. Received a small packet of covid facemasks. Nice touch.

  • Claudia 18/06/2020 a 21:42

    I ordered 2 bikes at the amount of 81,00 euros and they send me after 3 monthes 10 surgical masks. They are thieves and they often change their website so it si not possible to talk to anyone.

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