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Contenuto della truffa!! Attention !! Do not use "add to cart". Contact us for product availability (with exact product title or ASIN) at: ✉ ➜

If you want to buy, contact us (with exact product title or ASIN) at: ✉ ➜
Contact us before "Add to shopping cart" (with exact product title or ASIN) at: ✉ ➜
Contact us for further information (with exact product title or ASIN) at: ✉ ➜

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  • Guiem 25/01/2020 a 10:14

    I just ordered GTX 1080TI from them, the price is low, I don't know if it's a scam, I contacted amazon about it, they said it's a trust seller but I'm not sure, I think they got hacked. After my order someone tried to phone me, I didn't answered, I'm waiting for the next.

  • Cubemastering 26/01/2020 a 10:15

    Hello Guiem,
    i'm about to buy a Dell monitor from them ( Since i've found your testimony could you please tell me how is your experience with this seller .
    Thanks in advance
    Jerome ( Paris-France)

  • asd 26/01/2020 a 14:33

    I have contacted them to buy an Angel juicer at lower price. They answered me quickly by email, asking for payment by bank transfer, so outside of the amazon platform but still pretending that I can benefit of the a-z Amazon guarantee. Does not make sense to me, I am not buying it from them.

  • Cubemastering 27/01/2020 a 09:55

    Hi asd,
    exactly the same thing happened to me : asking quick payment by bank transfer wire in a different country (Spain whereas the original selling company is based is Germany). They sent me a mail saying that Amazon has sent me the product with a DHL tracking number but i didn't made the wire payment ! It smells a strong SCAM

  • monsieur mousseux 28/01/2020 a 14:16

    I have just sent them a message through The product I was interested in was offered for £200 less than Amazon is selling it for; The Freaky & Nuts shop is a shoe shop in Germany. I haven't tried using the address, but I did try to connect with website, but it doesn't seem to exist. The whole thing stinks. I can't at this stage say that they are running a definite scam, but my experience alongside the others described here makes if pretty safe to say they are running some kind of illegal activity.

    • monsieur mousseux 04/02/2020 a 23:00

      Just adding that I have not received a reply to my message. Avoid at all costs.

  • Ali 29/01/2020 a 03:48

    Total scam i also receive a email from them saying that all their transactions benefits from the a to z garantee. If you buy without contacting them they will just refund you and cancel order, but by contacting they will try to make you pay buy transfer! They know have 7 reviews, 6 "good" - totally staged and 1 stating what i just said "no reason given, just refund and cancel.

  • Wirdo 03/02/2020 a 08:47

    Here is the mail I received after contacting them for an IP camera :

    "Hello, The product is new in its original packaging, plus operating instructions in different languages, German, French, English ... The price of the product includes shipping costs throughout Europe. If you are interested in buying, please send me the exact product title or ASIN or LINK of the desired product and the exact price that was listed. In order to process the order at this price we need the following, the name and the delivery address and a telephone number. As soon as I receive this information, I send the order to Amazon to start the transaction with Amazon ... Delivery is via UPS or DHL and usually takes 2-5 business days. The entire process is done through the Amazon A-Z program. My right of return is the inspection period... Leggi di più

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