Truffa di lotterie : Filmore hadzi


PseudonimoFilmore hadzi
Contenuto della truffaI'm aware, 104947, is your password.

I need your full attention for the up coming 24 hours, or I will make sure you that you live out of embarrassment for the rest of your life span.

Hey, you do not know me. Yet I know all the things about you. Your present fb contact list, mobile phone contacts plus all the online activity in your computer from previous 129 days.

Including, your masturbation video clips, which brings me to the main motive why I am writing this particular email to you.

Well the previous time you visited the adult porn web sites, my spyware was triggered inside your computer which ended up documenting a beautiful video footage of your masturbation act simply by activating your webcam.
(you got a seriously weird preference btw haha)

I have got the complete recording. If you think I am playing around, just reply proof and I will be forwarding the particular recording randomly to 6 people you know.

It might be your friends, co workers, boss, parents (I'm not sure! My system will randomly select the contacts).

Will you be able to gaze into anyone's eyes again after it? I doubt it...

But, it doesn't have to be that path.

I would like to make you a one time, no negotiable offer.

Purchase USD 2000 in bitcoin and send them to the below address:

[CASE-SENSITIVE copy & paste it, and remove *** from it]

(If you do not know how, google how to purchase bitcoin. Do not waste my important time)

If you send out this 'donation' (why don't we call it that?). Right after that, I will disappear for good . and never ever get in touch with you again. I will delete everything I have got about you. You may carry on living your normal day to day lifestyle with absolutely no concern.

You have got 24 hours to do so. Your time starts as soon you read this mail. I have got an special program code that will notify me once you read this email therefore do not try to act smart.
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