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Contenuto della truffaI just read your mail. I was learning Arabic because I was working with partners at Qatar. I am Australian but I live in France since 30 years. Listen to me!! I am a person aged of 61 years and it is not at my age that one becomes dishonest. I have opted for the financing of projects for 21 years and this in good conditions. I don't need to send you the contact of people who have passed by me for projects. I'm not forcing your hand. If you have any doubts, the best thing would be to stop our conversations. I'm not a thief or a scammer. This link means absolutely nothing. Did you see my name in a newspaper? Why are you talking about scam? I am an honest person and all my transactions are transparent and are made in France.
I tuoi commenti / analisiThis gay have stole my ID. He can use my name for new scam. Do not trust him. It is scam loan.
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