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Pseudonyme utiliséJoe Root
Url / Site internet
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Contenu de l'arnaqueJoe ™ (30.05.2018 23:15):
I Deal.Many Customers Every Day, At The First Time With The Same Prices

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:16):
Same Policy

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:17):

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:17):

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:17):
to central africa

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:17):
Gave me Complete Name Of Country

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:18):
ok good

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:19):
When You Need

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:21):
Whats Your Pay Method

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:21):

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:22):
Okau You.Need The Transfer Now?

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:22):
yes cameroon

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:22):
Any Thing first You wana Mention Becues After my Work.i dont Need any Excuess

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:22):

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:24):
don't worry

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:24):
i realy need work with you

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:24):
Okay am.On It

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:25):
i be back withen 5 8 min

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:26):
wait please i can't pick up now

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:26):
i was on it, lol
Commentaire / ExplicationsJoe ™ (30.05.2018 23:32):

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:34):

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:34):
Tracking number (MTCN): 068 236 6861

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:35):

Alico Madison
from italy

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:35):
Total to receiver642838

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:35):
Total to receiver : 642838 XAF

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:37):
Track Your Transfer

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:37):
tommorow morning send me your btc to make the half payement

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:37):
You send the half now

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:39):
wait i check the track

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:40):
Yes Track It first

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:52):

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:52):

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:54):
yes i check pls 1 mn

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:55):

Bit billions (30.05.2018 23:55):

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:56):
first name

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:58):

Joe ™ (30.05.2018 23:59):
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6 commentaires

  • Roxys le 09/06/2018 à 22:43

    its looks like you did this on your own via notepad
    be cues i did the transfer with

    its go through if you need proves i can post it where ever you want stop publishing legitmate person

  • Prince Rashman le 01/08/2019 à 02:27

    Roxys or what did u call your self u are very stupid, this person is saying that this people they scam people and u are saying that it looks like he did that on is own definitely u too are scam, u are among of them. Yes I confirm this that they are scam, and if u want the proof I will give it to you both. Because they took my money off And once again both of you are very stupid good day.

  • Rishi Chatarwall le 07/09/2019 à 20:48

    Prince Rashman

    i dont know what to call you prince or rashman anyway you look stupid to

    you didnt post a proof here i think you are a begger becues begger do this things they go to forums when they didnt get any free moneys anyway you are stupid shit also dont call your self prince call your self a begger man

  • Max Boss le 03/10/2019 à 21:14

    Joe Root is a fucking scammer anyone that believes that shit he says is bullshit everything is a screenshot it’s not hard to edit it make an actual video you Pakistani faggot

  • Max Boss le 03/10/2019 à 21:19

    By the way I have the Bitcoin Platform 7.0 I pulled it a part and am going to make a video on why it doesn’t work and it’s all a scam
    It’s also funny how Joe Root told people after I got his first ICQ account banned that he hacked me which never happened all Pakistani people a broke fucks loses that’s why they do it

  • Joe Root cant hack le 11/10/2020 à 13:36

    You dumb shit I had the license voice platform get your story right you dumb cunt youare the most retarded person if Joe Root was such a good hacker and his other gay friends why can’t they hack people you telling me you can make a voixe platform that you say works and makes them millions or billions of dollars but they can’t even hack to get rid of people there all shit talkers say shit but can’t back it up Leo you are probably Joe Root or one of his gay friends anyway have fun with your fake bitcoin



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