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Contenu de l'arnaqueInternet Payment Transaction Declaration

Transaction details as below:
Transaction Date: 09-14-2018
Transaction Order ID: shopeu8973-398-20180914
Transaction Amount: 29.93(EUR)
Card Number: 516795XXXXXX5153
1. We hereby confirm your order is successful. The Merchant name will be on your bank bills.
2. According to the foreign exchange rate of the bank, the amount showing on your statement will be a bit difference from the price on seller's website.
3. This email is sent automatically by our system. Please do not reply to this email. Emails sent to this address will not be answered. Thanks for your support and understanding.
4. Any questions please feel free to contact the website instantly.
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  • Elizabeth le 16/10/2018 à 20:59

    have made a order for the pass one month now, have not received my order no email or text massage.what is going on.have send email no reply.if I don't have my order please please let me have my money back.

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