Arnaque au don : +22991049337 Mr.FRANK JO E


Pseudonyme utiliséMr.FRANK JO E
Téléphone+229 91 04 93 37 (ou 0022991049337) (+ d'infos)
Contenu de l'arnaqueContact ATM Payment Office

Good Day,I have deposited the check to the ATM OFFICE. All you have to
do is to contact them at: ( they
will give you direction on how you will be receiving your payment by
ATM CARD daily. My agreement with them is $10,000 daily until the whole
of US$12.4 Million is withdraw complete.

You are not expected to pay for the delivery fee or stamp duty fee or
any certificate fee because all the fee is already deducted from the
funds once the remittance is done. The only fee you will send to them
before the delivery is activation fee which i do not know the amount.
when you contact the ATM office, try to ask them how much is activation

Email them with

1. Your Full name,____________________
2. Your home Address,__________________
3. Your current telephone number,_______
4. A copy of your ID card,_______________
5. Your age/sex,________________________
6. Your country,________________________
7. Your occupation,______________________

the contact person is Dr.JOHN BROWN, this is their phone number;+229-

Thank you.
Commentaire / ExplicationsJe ne connais pas cet individu (pseudonyme et adresse mail qui ne correspondent pas)
Encore une arnaque venue d'Afrique pour avoir vos données bancaires...
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  • +229 91 04 93 37
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