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Pseudonyme utiliséAleksi Heino
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Contenu de l'arnaqueIs his other mail:
He says that he wanna sell Skoda SuperB 2009 year 170PS and He lives in Finland 96100 Rovaniemi and the car now is is not usable for him anymore. I've got sell him money for him 4500 euro and spedition company (Cora-Logistics) will transport the car on my adress. He cheated me. Please tell me , what can I do to recoup my money .
Votre Commentaire / Vos ExplicationsHe tell me that he's working in Juhani Architects Center Tukkipojantie 196100 Rovaniemi Finland. Everyone who was cheated by him, let me know,
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  • Mischa le 13/01/2019 à 00:07

    Bitte nirgends hin Geld überweisen. Die Anzeigen bei etc. sind Betrug!

  • Siniulian le 28/01/2019 à 08:29

    I found a Kia Sportage an and he want to give him 5000 euro. Email me 2 picture with id card and family. I understood that was somethig strange, car was cheap. And a found your message. Thanks mate! There is a fraud.

  • Dan le 14/06/2019 à 12:44

    Same pattern, same pictures sent, same asshole behind, another name: Henrik Ensio
    In my situation he used this company as an intermediate:

    No money sent!

    I immediate got suspicious.
    I had no damage, now I found this site...

    • CRISTINA.TRAIANle 08/07/2019 à 11:57

      My husband and I bought a van from this man. He use the manfreight-cargo comapny as an intermediate. We paid 5000€. Can somebody tell us what can we do to get our money back?

  • Black le 16/07/2019 à 19:46

    O my god from same person im damage 3.800 euro mit das van this henrik ensio is scam a pay him this money 04.07 2019 what are you doing have your money back

  • tokio le 28/07/2019 à 22:34

    Now this person tries to "rent" a apartment in Spain, and does the same process: he lives far from Spain so he can't show us the apartment, and he needs to make sure we re actually really really interested in renting the house, so we have to pay BEFORE seeing the apartment (pay trhough AIRBNB), just to ensure we are interested, and when he receives the money, then he shows us the aprtment! Obviously we didn't pay, it was so weird and suspicious...

  • hansbahnhof le 14/08/2019 à 17:44

    Tries to sell Classic Porsches via newspaper ads in Germany (Darmstadt), claims to be a finnish dentist called "Dr. Nuuk Karani Sarenka". Sent the same "family photos" as pictured above an a fake id plus other fake documents. More about the whole "Dr. Sarenka" story on my blog:

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