Autre arnaque : YJF*romapinec.cCN CHONGQING


Pseudonyme utiliséYJF*romapinec.cCN CHONGQING
Contenu de l'arnaqueCOMMISSION FACTURETTE CB 0CEJ72W 07/01/2019 07/01/2019 1,63
030119 CB****
030119 CB**** 0CEJ72W 07/01/2019 07/01/2019 71,06
553,42CNY 1 EURO = 7,788066
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48 commentaires

  • Jack Dekker le 16/01/2019 à 03:00

    Paid for item via credit card, didn't get any reply. Been waiting 3 days, still no reply, no confirmation of order.

  • Do le 16/01/2019 à 12:09

    I paid 30 e for Instax Fujifilm Camera mini 8 and i get after 15 scarf „louis vuitton”

    where should i report it? Its fake company

  • Barbara le 17/01/2019 à 09:37

    I ordered lego and paid via credit card. Money was withdrawn from my account but didn't get any reply form the store . I contacted store but also got no response.

  • Ian le 18/01/2019 à 18:48

    I had a charge on my credit card bill on 4th Jan from YJF* CHONGQING for £34.90 ($50) which was never an order from me (currently in dispute with card company). Lo and behold I received a pair of fake Ray-Ban sunglasses from China today! I did order something at the same date from MKUMASALE,com for a very similar amount of money which has not appeared on my bill but makes me think it is tied in somehow.

  • Marcos le 19/01/2019 à 15:54

    I bought a bose headset from them for 50 usd but they have charged me 4 times. No reply and no email of my order number. The site disapeared and my credit card company will not reimbourse/cancel this 4 operations that they have made by themselves without my authorization. Just sad. Do not by anything from instagram or facebook adds. I've lost 200 usd. Leason learned but in the worst way.

  • Tom le 21/01/2019 à 10:46

    same here, ordered a bike softshell for 41,69€ via credit card (YJF* on January 2nd 2019, received the RayBan sunglasses today, but with different sender:

    Deng Ru
    No.63 Xinsing road changzhou
    district wuzhou guang WuZhouShi
    WuZhouShi GUANGXI 543002

  • Sandra le 21/01/2019 à 18:06

    Eu fiz uma compra a 20 dias no site XLPZJONlINE no valor de 52 euros e no meu estrato bancário aparece que a transf foi feita para yjf CHONGQING

  • mikebuercart le 21/01/2019 à 22:17

    Buyed medicines for my cats, never received an email confirmation , i paid € 21,80 and the bank credit card transaction via VISA says : YJF* CHONGQING CN YJF* 00000 CHONGQING CN
    CNY 165,72

  • mikebuercart le 21/01/2019 à 22:42

    Buyed medicines for my cats, never received an email confirmation , i paid € 21,80 and the bank credit card transaction via VISA says : YJF* CHONGQING CN YJF* 00000 CHONGQING CN
    CNY 165,72

    For information about the website (behind CloudFlare DNS Servers) :

    Please don't stop reading : send an Email to and file a claim

    Go here and write you are been frauded :

  • mikebuercart le 22/01/2019 à 10:26

    People please submit your Complaint here as I did :

    I contacted all the parts I could and the website should be down now.

    Do not stop, file your complaint

  • Jessi le 23/01/2019 à 15:54

    Found a charge on my card for 169.79 and for the website. Try emailing and email gets returned. Currently changed my card and put a despite in. Highly doubt I'll get my money back. Very frustrating..

  • PakMing le 25/01/2019 à 10:58

    I bought Fluke Networks JR-SYS-2 JackRapid Punch Down Tool from on 18/01/2019, i paid USD$112.90 and credit card transaction via VISA says : YJF* CHONGQING CN CNY 841.08, I send many times email to them, but never get any reply.

  • Tangerine le 25/01/2019 à 15:28

    Cuidado con la página de calzado
    Me registré en la página como cliente y pedí unas zapatillas de montaña por un valor de 65€. Todo quedó correctamente registrado, me indicaron Nº de orden de cobro, unos días después, Nº de pedido, indicándome la web de seguimiento del transporte. tras comprobar que recibí un pañuelo de señora en el buzón con EFECTIVAMENTE EL NÚMERO DE PEDIDO, compruebo que el cargo lo realiza:
    Me vacía la tarjeta por completo intentando cobrarme 531.04€, suerte que tenia solo 71€, que es lo que me han cobrado.
    No responden a mis correos, he realizado denuncia a la Guardia Civil, también he cursado incidencia en mi banco para que investiguen junto a la Guardia Civil.

  • Joy le 25/01/2019 à 16:41

    Same here. Ordered $35.00 cleaning product from maybe au i had the impression it was based in oz but the original link started on ebay, turned into some dodgy truck company in nsw au and then turned into iimasale ...and next thing i know my account wss debited $111.38 by yjf* chong qing. I rang bank half hour after fraudulent transaction ANZ to cancel transaction as it was still processing and hadnt completed, Bank was useless as they're using indian call centre for australian bank. Couldnt understand him. 2 days later transaction completed. Money gone from my account. I rang bank and they had no record of my previous call. Im so angry with the scammer and the bank. They are going to hell for this. Im going to make trouble for this rotten scammer. I went back to the iimasale website and see they charged me 2x $70. Two seperate billings. Total $140.00. Their date was sunday but here in oz it was monday. Iimasale ignoring my requests for help. So the website went stupid as soon as my card was entered and it flipped out with some issue. Then i see they charge me 4 x for product. I only wanted one. They took $111.00 out of my account. Their 2ndtransaction was sitting waiting to be processed. I had to cancel my card. Figures dont add up but it adds up to a loss for me. Also check they sell a few electronics. This scammer is busy with lots of branches.

  • Kristýna le 25/01/2019 à 21:59

    Zdravíčko...Tak jsem se taky nechala napálit!!!Objednala jsem si instax mini 9.Obdržela jsem e-mail,že je má zásilka na cestě a přišla mi fake peněženka LV.

  • Susana le 29/01/2019 à 17:13

    La página gancho que tienen es , a través de esta página pedí una mesa de centro cuyo importe de 69 € no se correspondía cn los 75€ q han cobrado . No responden a los correos. Estas páginas deberían estar cerradas y no deberían permitirse .

  • Valérie le 29/01/2019 à 17:19

    Faites opposition à votre carte bancaire auprès de votre banque et tentez de négocier le remboursement en rassemblant toutes les preuves de l'arnaque. Sinon, menacez de quitter cet établissement bancaire pour la concurrence, ça fera peut-être bouger leur cul !

  • Volker G. le 29/01/2019 à 21:38

    Handschuhe bestellt, bezahlt >>> Sonnenbrille (potthäßlich) von Ray Ban nach 3 Wochen geliefert.
    Keine AB, kein Kontakt möglich! Habe sicherheitshalber meine Kreditkarte sperren lassen !!!

  • DJ le 30/01/2019 à 12:14

    Scammer Scammer Scammer alert. I consider myself to be very well-informed and cautious around on line shopping, but their fake on-line shopping site fooled me. Made a fool of me! The site is How did I miss that there was physical or email address??? Placed an order for tractor rims. Never received a confirmation or tracking number. Now $77.82 CDN has been charged to my card by YJF*romapinec. Bank dispute process has been initiated.

  • Julio le 31/01/2019 à 12:13

    Compré unas botas y me mandaron un pañuelo

  • Badiday le 31/01/2019 à 19:45

    Same here I bought shoes from their website, fake shopping website and it turns out that they took my money twice .product not arrived.

  • Karina le 01/02/2019 à 01:26

    I bought instax fujifilm cameras and I didn't get a receive,

    My credit card transaction is yjf* 02388505858


  • Mark le 02/02/2019 à 08:24

    Opened a bank dispute. Jail for them!

  • Shashi le 07/02/2019 à 09:15

    This is happened with me too.
    Any solution on this for getting back our money?

  • Karen le 07/02/2019 à 15:53

    I bought some Christmas lights from “cooper” the postage was almost £10, which I thought was a bit steep, and it said they would be delivered 5-7days. I assumed they were in Uk, judging delivery time and name of website. I got suspicious when I got an email from them with a PayPal invoice request to pay extras postage... when I didn’t pay by PayPal and had already paid the postage. I refused and asked for my items to be cancelled and was never refunded. I got a dispatch email, but nothing ever arrived. Keep messaging them, but they don’t respond. I’m going to try to get my bank to do a charge back on them to get my money back.

  • Marko le 07/02/2019 à 16:46

    Ordered pair of shoes on the 25th of January. Received a cardbox Louis Vuitton. No reaction to my mails. How do I get back the price of 54,27€?

  • Dominique le 07/02/2019 à 16:47

    Salut à tous les amis

    Je m'appelle Dominique Fremont, j'habite Toulouse en France. J'ai été arnaqué d'une somme de 23.000 euro et j'ai contacté plusieurs organisme de sécurité en France comme la Police, la Gendarmerie et même la Police interpole en France mais aucun effort n'a été fait de leurs côtés, donc une amie qui a aussi été victime de ce genres d'escroquerie après avoir lui expliqué ma situation pour ce qui m’arrive, elle m'a conseillé et m'a donné l'adresse E-mail d'un Inspecteur de Police d'un organisme cyber anti-Criminalité à contacté pour trouver de solution à mon problème, chose que j'ai fait en me mettant en contacte avec cet inspecteur de Police et finalement je suis soulagée et tous ces fonds que j'avais perdu m'ont été remboursés. Pour cela, je vous donne l'E-mail de cet inspecteur de Police et je vous invite tous, vous qui avez été victime d’arnaque en cote d'ivoire, au bénin ou plusieurs pays de l’Afrique, veuillez prendre contacte avec cet inspecteur de police qui m'a aidé à récupérer mes sous des mains de ses bandes d’escrocs. L'adresse E-mail de cet inspecteur de police qui m'a aidé pour cette affaire est: CENSURE (ARNAQUE)

    Ce inspecteur de police est très bon dans ce domaine: si vous avez été arnaqué sur la toile d'une : grosse somme d'argent, d'achats non conformes à la photo, de virement bancaire, de chantage sur le net, de faux maraboutage et faux,paypal, de fausses histoire d'amour pour soutirer de l'argent, de vente de voiture..etc....., si vous le contacté, il trouvera facilement vos escroc et une fois qu'ils seront arrêtés, vous serez rembourser de tous vos frais suivi des frais de dédommagement et moi par exemple, j'ai été remboursé d'une somme de 28.000 euro au lieu d'une somme de 23.000 euro... Lire la suite

  • Karen le 07/02/2019 à 16:48


    I have just called my bank and passed on all details, they have already put the money back in my account and are retrieving payment from the company. I paid on my debit card. Worth doing to ensure you get your money back no matter how small the amount. Hope this helps someone else.

  • francesco le 10/02/2019 à 14:58

    la yjf*romapinec ,com in data 21-01-2019 mi ha truffato 28.99 euro x un'acquisto di una borsa acquistata sul sito di Desigual. mai ricevuta.

  • Eveli le 14/02/2019 à 21:39

    Ahojte.Pridavam sa ku ostatným oklamaným ľuďom.Kupovali sme hodinky ,ktore mali pôvodne stáť 25€.Ale z účtu mi bolo stiahnuté cca 50€.Hned som volala do banky,ale zial platba bola stiahnutá a nedala sa stornovat.Pytala som sa ,ze preco mi bola navýšená suma.Takže platba bola stiahnutá v čínskych jenoch potom nasledne isla cez americky dolár a az potom cez euro.Som nahnevaná ,ze som naletelela tejto podvodnickej stránke.Dufam , že sa im to raz vráti.Podám trestné oznámenie a ziadam o vrátenie peňazí.

  • Carlos Dores le 19/02/2019 à 13:17

    On 11 and 18january I made two ordered,
    2991 YJF romapi CNY TC 0.131770
    2991 YJF romapi CNY TC 0.129743.
    Until today I don't receved the material.
    I want a explination today.
    Tomorrow I'll sentido to my banking and I'll suspend the payment.

  • Foschi mirna le 19/02/2019 à 16:45

    Comprati cappotti Max Mara mai arrivati

  • Giedrius le 20/02/2019 à 08:02

    I saw a pop-up at Instagram.
    On 2019-01-28 I ordered a Hair Dryer which cost 50 eur, but they charged me 61 eur. I received an email from that they got the payment and I have to be patient. Next day I got parcel number and they said to be patient. After 3 weeks I got not a hair dryer but a cheap Louis Vuitton scarf fake. I complained to their email and they have replied that express company mixed my order, and that the item which I received also has a high quality and I can resell it to someone. And they would try to give me the max refund of product's value as compensation.

    LIARS, scammers.
    Yesterday I was at my bank, blocked the card and filled complain about this fraud.
    Lesson learned, do not buy anything from chinese without intermediary like Aliexpress or Alibaba which could send your money back.

  • CARMEN le 22/02/2019 à 12:12

    ES UN FRAUDE. Compré un rascador para mi gato de 55€ hace un mes y nunca llegó. Intente seguir el envío con el número de orden que me facilitaron, pero no aparecía. Les escribí al menos mensajes a todos los correos que proporcionan en la página, pero no contestaron.

  • Evie le 22/02/2019 à 23:40

    Ordered a pair of van shoes on the 28 December and iv not had a confirmation email yet iv email the email address and hear nothing cost me £19.00
    Vans eur website yjf romapinec took the payment
    What do I do next?

  • Heloísa le 23/02/2019 à 07:13

    Recebi um link no Instagram da Hp sobre impressora portátil fiz a compra foi descontado valor maior e nunca chegou o produto.

  • Abdul le 25/02/2019 à 08:01

    fuck the YJF*romapinec.cCN CHONGQING, I never transaction at jan 20 2019 with my credit card.

  • daria le 07/03/2019 à 17:20

    I ordered sneakers Nike air max 270 and instead of it I got scarf Louise vuiton - fake of course! I am in shocked! I paid 120 euro. 02388505858

  • kheselden le 07/03/2019 à 21:08

    ive experienced an ad on instagram for sewing machines. i received a louis vitton scarf too. b*stards. reported to action fraud and speaking to the bank as i speak

  • kheselden le 07/03/2019 à 21:40

    me again..... my bank have refunded my money to me in full. You guys need to do the same and make a complaint to Action Fraud. The more complaints they get the more likely they are to sort this out.

  • Azuan le 18/03/2019 à 09:17

    Bought LEGO on 17 Jan 2019. but still not received it. even no information on that.Cost about USD$ sad YJF*

  • Danielle le 29/03/2019 à 07:24

    I bought a photo printer from YJF* through a facebook ad, and I had bought another item of another site through facebook, I received the second item but not the first. It also advertised for $25 but took $86.59 out of my account. I didn't get a confirmation email, and it's been 2 months and I still have received it.

  • Maja Nikolova le 31/03/2019 à 22:56

    Ordered a 2 pair of shoes on the 4 January and I pay it by credit card but I do not receive enything.
    What do I do next?

  • john le 12/04/2019 à 14:09

    hi, i ordered Salomon shoes on facebook and after month i got a scarf worth nothing

  • Juliana le 15/04/2019 à 22:22

    Nunca chegou a encomenda que pedi e paguei por ela...63,68€ Deviam apanhar estes sacanas que andam a enganar as pessoas....

  • ashok le 27/04/2019 à 10:41

    i paid 2 month back almost i am trying to reach but no response yet.
    Pl return back my money if you are not able to deliver the material. +971567267804

  • Michael le 11/05/2019 à 16:22

    I ordered two pairs of Salomon sneakers early January and received fake Ray Ban sunglases. As I saw their ad on Facebook I contacted Facebook several times to stop their advertisements. No reaction from Facebook at all and the ads continued for months...seems that at least Facebook is making money with YPF Romapinec!!!
    I advise everybody to cancel their credit card as months later thousands of Euros were charged to my credit card from various companies in Australia and Canada! Guess they sell the card numbers for fraud!

  • Declan le 25/05/2019 à 20:21

    Definitely a scam. The same thing happened to me. It has completely shattered any confidence I had in ordering over the internet from China. I ordered three items for £220. They sent me a fake pen worth £2 and said it was a mix-up but the pen was worth as much as the items I ordered so I should keep it.. furious and no legitimate Chinese authority to complain to. DONT BY ANYTHING FROM CHINA!! The website i ordered from is called and the reference on my credit card is YJF*romapinec.cCN.

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