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Pseudonyme utiliséTreg Finance Company Limited
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Contenu de l'arnaqueFor proceedings, the Single premium Insurance bond is 1700.00 euros which is the cost for the Loan Insurance,which will be use to obtain the Insurance bond(Clearance certificate) for use as surety of the loan value of 500,000.00 euros. And Note this insurance charge cannot be deducted from the principle amount because your loan has been approved for transfer and no form of deduction can be done until the loan is fully transfer to you the applicant .
The bank has assure the company that once this fee of 1700.00 euros is paid your loan amount of 500,000.00 euros will be finally transfer to your nominated Bank account tomorrow which you provided as the borrower as this is the only challenges the Bank have now to proceed the transfer to your bank account. The company advice you act fast as soon as possible so that your loan can be transfer to your account without delay tomorrow, and you will receive an alert from your Bank of successful transfer to your bank account immediately. Get back to us for the payment details on how you're to get the Insurance charge paid for you to receive your loan.
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fake company the scammers apparently have used other people's data ,real company registered and these scammers are! after reading the composition of the fraud you will understand that this is a scheme of crooks so pass by this company.
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  • miccy mason le 22/02/2019 à 12:38

    This is crazy and tells you that cheats are full of all places. It must be clear that I have been looking for a reliable loan to run. I have not found, but the cheats I've found. The last one was today. Treg Finance from London had been hacked by cheaters. The company is about to cease and scammers are now taking advantage of this opportunity. The company is registered and found in the Financials website. The CEO's name was cloned and new www.spage was made. Demanding a loan of € 580 and the money should have been paid to Warsova. According to them, the bank transfer would have been made through Banesco Banco Universal C.A Bank / USA. I contacted them and they told me it was a scam. The program worked to g... Lire la suite

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