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Contenu de l'arnaqueDear customer,

Your order has been successfully paid. We had received your order.

We will process your order as soon as possible.

It usually takes 3-7 business days to process, please wait patiently.

The information of the payment is below:

Payment No.:PS1901252237390120

Credit Card type:master

We will ship your goods as soon as possible. If the logistics company give us the tracking number, we will email you immediately.

Please wait a few days patiently.

If you have some problems please reply this email.


Best regards!

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Dear customer,
Thanks for your
is an auto-reply email, please do not reply.
We are extremely
sorry that we cannot give you immediately assistance.
Because we will be
out of the office from (1st, Feb. 2019)
until (12th, Feb. 2019).
We will respond
when we return.
Please kindly
During this period, please do not send us any messages. If you have some
problems, please send email to us again on 12th, Feb. 2019.
2. Orders: Orders
made before 2-3 days or during this period will be postponed, please do not
worry if you have not got the tracking number, your order will be processed
ASAP after we are back.
3. Shipment: Orders
made earlier have been shipped, generally it will take 6-30 working
days via EMS. Please wait patiently!
4. Signed:
If the shipment status showed delivered and you didn't receive, please contact
your local Post Office to get more information about the parcel by using the
Tracking Number.
5. Different
price: Due to the foreign exchange rate or bank
handling fee, the amount displayed on your statement might be a little bit
different from the real price. Foreign exchange rate sometimes high, sometimes
low. So the amount cost will be difference.
will continue to provide services once we are back.

Thanks for your
patience and consistent support.
Commentaire / ExplicationsVendono scarpe Salomon a prezzo stracciato e quando effettui il pagamento spariscono, senza mandarti email di conferma. Spesa richiesta 40€, scalati e arrivato niente.
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