Arnaque au don : Cavaco Robert Adriano


Pseudonyme utiliséCavaco Robert Adriano
Contenu de l'arnaqueGreetings

I pray that the content of this email is not misconstrued, despite that the internet world has been invaded and taken over by dishonest people who are nothing but scammers. Please I discourage you from being tempted to overlook or outright discard this email content because this is a different case. Which I assure will be of mutual benefit. Simply put, I have no fraudulent intentions, but that the essence of this message is strictly for our mutual benefit and nothing more. But I rather dwell more at this first contact on the issue of trust, honesty, reliability expected of each us and your capability to handle it at your end without compromising on confidentiality.

However, I would remain wary and cautious until I get an affirmation of your understanding of mail content and its importance or absolutely that convinced you are ready to collaborate with me. I am therefore holding back specifics for security reasons until your response is received. I need an your assurance that never will you share or go public with message content.

I do assure you that we both stand to gain enormously from the expected collaboration in this uncommon transaction of this nature. All I can say for now is that I am a serving soldier in the U.S. Army who has had 6 years duty tour of Iraq and redeployed to Afghanistan after the end of the Iraq war. I am currently serving in Afghanistan and I want to ship 3 boxes containing (14million dollars) to you which are expected to remain entrusted to you for keeps until I come over to join you.

Surprised and skeptical about a mail from someone relatively unknown to you? Not to worry too much. Meantime, I urge you to ensure a visit/view these 2 news websites which gives historical background and insight as well as the source of funds in question which has been of public knowledge since during the Iraq war.

(a) (BBC News)

(b) (CBS News)

I will be vivid and very explicit in my next message should you agree to collaborate with me. Before my next email, it will be appreciated if you advance your interest by doing the following :

1. Confirm that the 2 international news links above have been visited/viewed.
2. Confirm your understanding of my intention to send the funds to you.
3. Give a word of promise to let it remain a secret between us.
4. Provide me with the following information : (your complete names, complete contact address, phone number(s), your age and your profession/occupation)

Once again I plead that you do not share this proposal in mutual collaboration with no one.

Please send your response to my PRIVATE & SECURE email address: (

Cavaco Robert Adriano
Commentaire / ExplicationsEncore un inconnu qui veut m'offrir ses millions de dollars.
Sachant que l'adresse à laquelle répondre est différente de celle d'envoi, sachant aussi que j'ai passé l'âge de croire au père Noël, je peux affirmer qu'un couillon essaie de m'arnaquer.
Hop, poubelle.
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