Arnaque au don : Mr Kelvin Williams


Pseudonyme utiliséMr Kelvin Williams
Contenu de l'arnaqueAttention:

Good day, am by name Kelvin Williams. Your payment file has been recovered, It was made known to us by the intelligent unit that you have been dealing with the wrong people. That is why you have not been PAID your compensation amount of $25million dollars till now. We urge you to stop dealing with those People, and stop further communication with them. They have no access to your funds, so therefore they cannot pay your compensation. Moreover You do not need to pay endless fees before you receive your payment. To enable us carry out proper verification of your payment file kindly confirm and fill the form below:

Full Name:
Direct Phone Number:
Contact Address:

Again you really have to stop communicating with them. Do get
back immediately you receive this email.

Most sincerely,
Mr Kelvin Williams
Commentaire / ExplicationsBon, encore des sous à gagner (ou à perdre plus être juste).
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