Arnaque au don : Mr.Joseph Moses


Pseudonyme utiliséMr.Joseph Moses
Contenu de l'arnaqueHello My Dear Good Friend,

Good day, i`m happy to inform you that the business we had in the past is been completed. Though, you had tried to help me transfer the sum of twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($12,500,000.00) into a foreign account but it failed us. However, I wish to inform you that the above mentioned fund was later transferred through the aid of a foreign partner from the United States. Now I have to compensate you with the sum of $500,000.00 which has been arranged in a check written and signed in your favor for trying to assist me in the past despite it failed. But to my surprising this morning we got a message from Mrs.Rose Buu; who inform us here that you are Dead. What is going on Are you Truly Dead? Yes/No. If (No) comply with instructions and receive your compensation fund immediately.

Meanwhile, you should be advised to contact my personal assistant in person of Ms. Lucy Bratts, so that she will help advice you on how you can receive the funds; ($500,000.00usd only) in a Draft check.

Re-confirm to her your details to her E-mail Address;; so that it will be used for verification of your payment file as to confirm it is the right you who has contacted or called and not a wrong person:

Meanwhile you have only two options to receive your funds immediately (1) bank to bank transfer (2) delivery via ATM Card so make up your choice on how you want to receive your funds immediately and let me know with the information requested from you below so that i can processing your transaction and make you receive it immediately without any more delays so that you can reward me for all my effort on this transaction as soon as you receive it before the federal government of Benin will cancel your transaction and transfer the funds into our treasuring account as unclaimed funds.i have done all the necessary documents on your behalf to make sure you receive your fund immediately because i don’t want any more delays again on this transaction

Options (1) bank to bank transfer

Bank Name.......
Account Name.......
Bank Address.......
Bank Account No.......
Bank Routing No........
Bank Swift Code No.......
Your Telephone number..................

Options (2) delivery via ATM Card to your home address

FULL NAMES: _______________
CITY: ________________
STATE: ______________
ZIP: __________
AGE: _____.Sex:_________


Waiting for your urgent reply.

Best Regards,
Mr.Joseph Moses
Commentaire / ExplicationsJe vais finir par être riches avec tous ces dons tombés du ciel...
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