Arnaque sentimentale : +19408590109 AlarickEthan sur POF (Hugues Edger Edmond)


Pseudonyme utiliséAlarickEthan sur POF (Hugues Edger Edmond)
Téléphone+1 940-859-0109 (ou 0019408590109) (+ d'infos)
Contenu de l'arnaque[15:13, 11/3/2019] Hugues: hello honey i how are you doing today i was the immigration my darling woman and i charge to pay 14.500euros my love for the coustmes duty and insurance and i have got only with me 11,225 dollar but the exchange rate had change and makng the fees higher than what i have got wihich was initial fees andnow they wont let my good be clear because i don’t have the complete fee which is 2,586euros left to pay which is what i owe at the moment, wasn’t able to reach you there was an argument between i and the custom officer which lead in to a fight and i was held for the whole day yesterday so sorry i couldn’t reach but now don’t know how you can help with this, please honey
[17:45, 11/3/2019] Marie: unfortunatelly i cannot help you
I guess you can talk with your bank
[18:00, 11/3/2019] Marie: Or pay with your bank card
[18:01, 11/3/2019] Marie: It seems easy ????
[18:18, 11/3/2019] Hugues: yes exactly i thought it would be easy to use my card to pay but it was declined severally when i made payment with the my card
[18:27, 11/3/2019] Hugues: i called my bank to find out the issues with my card transaction and they said i had exceeded my transfer limit
[18:35, 11/3/2019] Hugues: i had made multiple transfer international and it was block for security reason and would need my physical authorization for clarification
[19:22, 11/3/2019] Marie: I'm really sorry to hear that you have problems with your job but I'm sure you'll find a solution with your agent.
[19:42, 11/3/2019] Hugues: hobey i plead with you and promise to pay every penny i have invested a lot in the and can not let the my goods be put on ban
[19:43, 11/3/2019] Hugues: i promise to pay back on every penny
[19:45, 11/3/2019] Marie: What do you mean ?
[19:49, 11/3/2019] Hugues: i mean i really need your help with this and then i can pay you back as soon as i leave here then i can work on my banking issues
Commentaire / ExplicationsBonjour j'ai rencontré cet homme sur un site de rencontre appelé POF le 18 janvier 2019. Après quelques mois de discussion sur WATS'APP je reçois les messages figurant ci-dessus pour me demander de lui envoyer 2,586euros.
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  • +1 940-859-0109

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