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Pseudonyme utiliséDirect Deposit Service
Contenu de l'arnaqueDirect Deposit Service Communication
Action Required

This message is in reference to M.

Dear Client

Your bank returned the Direct Deposit Service debit for the payroll dated March 6, 2019 in the amount of $8330.68 due to Insufficient Funds.

Automatic Redebit on March 13, 2019

$8330.68 + $100.00 Intuit Handling Fee

Intuit will automatically attempt to redebit your company bank account for the above amount on March 13, 2019. All of your services will remain suspended until March 15, 2019, assuming the funds are successfully collected.

Please follow instructions to resolve this issue.

We appreciate your business and prompt action in resolving this matter.


SBD Risk Management
Intuit Payroll Services

*All bank returns are reviewed by Intuit. These reviews can keep your account on hold past the expected hold removal date indicated above. If you have paid the balance due and cannot send transactions due to a Risk Management hold, please email us at for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This notification is being sent to inform you of a critical matter concerning your current service, software, or billing. Please note that if you previously opted out of receiving marketing materials from Intuit, you may continue to receive notifications similar to this communication that affect your service or software.

If you have any questions or comments about this email, please DO NOT REPLY to this email. If you need additional information please contact us.

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Même dans l'Arizona on trouve les mêmes escrocs.
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