Arnaque au don : United States Consulate To Nigeria


Pseudonyme utiliséUnited States Consulate To Nigeria
Contenu de l'arnaque2 Walter Carrington Crescent Victoria Island,
Lagos Nigeria
DIRECT PHONE NO:234-7050757374
DIRECT FAX NO:5668868743
REF: FCC/10746/VCP3-14

This is sequel to the meeting we had on Thursday with the director of ministry of finance, to inform you that the total amount of your inheritance fund approved by Nigerian Government to remit to you is $2, 155,300.00 only.
We decided to take this issue upon ourselves to safeguard you from these criminal minded individuals whose only interest was to extort money from you.

So you are hereby advised to contact my office on the above email and phone number, reconfirm your full name, mailing/billing information, a direct phone /fax numbers the name of your next of kin and a copy of your international passport or driver's license identification for "record purpose only" and effective delivery of your.
However always keep me posted as soon as you receive your funds, we have calculated and approved the arrival of your ATM CREDIT CARD to be within three working days upon the receipt of the above details.

Mr. W. Stuart Symington.
United States Consulate To Nigeria
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Encore un qui me prend pour une truffe !
Le consulat américain au Nigéria qui a une adresse non gouvernementale et à qui je dois répondre sur une adresse hotmail...
Crédibilité de l'escroc : Zéro pointé...
Pour en Savoir +Que faire en cas d'Arnaque ? Il n'est peut-être pas trop tard...
Alertez vos Amis !
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